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  1. decals

    Is this sheet still available superscale 48738?
  2. Thanks but I can't find that on their web site
  3. FS Iranian Aviation Review issues 1-6. 24 pages each. Photos, text and profiles Asking for 32 USD shipped anywhere
  4. Looking for Furball F-8 MiG Masters 1/48. Would buy or trade the whole sheet or If someone is willing to share some of the markings I am fine.
  5. FS 1/32 jets with extras

    One more item added
  6. FS 1/32 jets with extras

  7. F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers

    Great built! So delicate finish. Well done
  8. FS Eduard F-4C 1193 1:48 F-4C Phantom II "Good Everning Da Nang" Asking for 80 USD plus shipping
  9. 1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat - VF-41 Black Aces

    Superb finish!
  10. Mirage 2000 Under The Skin

    Sorry for the late reply buddy! I totally missed that! The Eagle is still under design. The Mirage 2000 will probably be out this Fall with the pre-order starting within this summer.
  11. FS 1/32 jets with extras 1. Trumpeter 1/32 F/A-18F complete kit with some bags open. Plus Aires exhausts, Quickboost 32 130 ECS pipes, Eduard EA-18G exterior, EA-18G interior, F/A-18 ladder and Fightertown Decals 32016 Jolly Rogers. Price 190 USD 2. Trumpeter 1/32 A-10 complete kit sealed. Plus Master 32-059 GAU-8 and pitot, Speed Hunter Graphics Big Scale Hogs and Eduard Sniper pod. Price 160 USD 3. Academy F/A-18C 2191 complete kit sealed. Price 110 USD 4. Tamiya F-16CJ 1/32 complete sealed. Price 145 USD Shipping at cost. 22 USD to everywhere economy international (no tracking at your own risk). Other shipping options available. Cheers Yannis
  12. "The end of the film" - the new legendary book by Eagle Aviation

    Got your order Andy. Will be ready on Monday
  13. "The end of the film" - the new legendary book by Eagle Aviation

    thanks Joerg! Nice picture
  14. "The end of the film" - the new legendary book by Eagle Aviation

    Its 12.50 euros standard and 15 euros registered Andy. Thanks for asking