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  1. But his is already got the Aires SJU-17 which is far better than Eduard's.
  2. Great attention to detail and very explanatory build. Will definitely help my Corsair project.
  3. Superb work on the landing gear. Are you going to add rivets to the fuselage and wings?
  4. My set just arrived. Superb detail and casting as always! Well done Chris.
  5. That is great Chris! Definitely getting a set!
  6. This is very hard to believe
  8. Now available with F-16 Aggressor Squadron placard.
  9. I didn't know that Gregg. Will search for that topic.
  10. You are absolutely correct Darren. In June/July 2017 I was on the CVN-77. The "War Party" have just received their brand new Super Hornets. They were from the latest production batch and all had the new nose gear door with the reinforcing grid. All other Super Bugs of the Air Wing had the older version. VFA-31 jet VFA-87 jet
  11. I have noticed that from 2016 onward many F/A-18E/Fs have their exhaust nozzle segments ("turkey feathers" in simple words) replaced with a newer version. The original segments didn't have the cut at the end. Now the nozzle looks almost identical to that of the F404 engine used on the F/A-18C/Ds. Its very common to see one exhaust with the cuts and the other one without them on the same jet, even on the same nozzle some segments are the older ones and some are new with the cuts! Now that would be interesting to replicate on a model, I thought to use one exhaust nozzle from the Aires Super Hornet and the other one from the Legacy Hornet. Any one has more information on this development on the F414 engine?
  12. Three sets of Alpine Miniatures unstarted. All three as a lot 38 euros.
  13. Totally agree! The 48ers offer great prices and fast shipping. I am going to order some stuff for my Echo.
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