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  1. I just received a reply from them. They said end of january will have the issue resolved and I should remind them.! I got really angry! Can't they keep a not on to whom they are supposed to ship replacements? They offered exchange with another product. I will measure the F-14D nozzles if they are the same in diameter I will ask for that
  2. I am very much frustrated with Aires attitude on my matter. I e-mailed them twice and I still haven't got an answer. They e-mailed the shop I bought from and said that they would contact me, but they never did. So I e-mailed them twice. Still no response.
  3. I didn't know that! Thank you.
  4. I cannot argue on that. However all the AMRAAMs on board CVN-77 three days after the event were AIM-120D variant. I walked all around the deck and didn't see a single AIM-120C not that it makes a difference on the model!
  5. I embarked the carrier just three days after the shoot-down. This is the configuration you are looking for. Furball sheet is correct however just for the history they were not using the AIM-120C but the latest version the AIM-120D.
  6. They know about the problem but they still sell it, expecting modelers to properly use it! Wow! Excellent! Thank you Gabor anyway! Lets hope they will come up with a solution.
  7. Now I get it. You may be right. I will try it.
  8. It doesn't work Joerg. The diameter of the inner nozzle is way to big to slide into the burner can. And apart of that why should I go into all that trouble since I pay for something that is supposed to work well and improve my model?
  9. Me too. Whenever I have asked for replacement they always sent it very fast. Lets hope they come up with a solution for that as well.
  10. Well I hope that a sales manager has at least basic knowledge of the products that his company sells! That when you sell an item intended for assembly the parts should actually fit together.
  11. You may be right! I will send him new pictures .
  12. "Part has different shape but its correct!" He doesn't have a clue of what he is talking about!
  13. But this is exactly what I did! You can see the pictures on page one of this thread. Pictures with arrows indication the problem.
  14. What the heck! What is talking about? In my set the burner can is not rounded, its polygonal! And the diameter of the nozzle is way wider than that of the burner. And on the pictures he sent I don't see the nozzle fitting into the burner can, it sits on top it!
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