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  1. I have a resin copy (copied from an assembled original) of the Tamiya F-16C NSI (small mouth) intake 1/32nd scale. Along with that J's work aggressor camo mask, Twobobs CATM-9/120 missile decals and ALQ-188 pod from Aires. All as a package 55 euros.
  2. FS Twobobs Decals 48128 Patriot Prowlers 1/48. 18 Euros.
  3. Official US Navy CVN-77 belt buckles for sale. 40 euros each.
  4. Discontinued from Eduard, 48620 item. 25 euros including shipping anywhere
  5. That is a very fine work on the weathering! Well done. Please allow me to mention that you have used the wrong seats. I think you have used the SJU-5/A seats instead of the correct SJU-17 NACES. The -5/6A is used on the legacy Hornet older versions. Also I wouldn't use the AIM-7 on the left pylon its more likely they carried and AIM-54 or nothing on that station. Apart of those I believe its a great model!
  6. Fantastic work! Love it. Is there an option in the kit to keep the canopy open and closed without glue?
  7. That is wonderful news Chris! I was expecting that you would release that a long time ago. Any estimate on the date that they will be available?
  8. Been away with some health trouble will be back soon.
  9. FS Revell 1/48 Tornado GR4. A kit that becomes very rare lately. Sealed, sold for 60 euros.
  10. Thank you. We are working on those projects. Hope to have them soon!
  11. Looking for at that set Rhino Models 1/48 F-4E/F/G/EJ PHANTOM SEAMLESS INTAKE SET for Hasegawa at a reasonable price.
  12. Yes I know I need to order them for a friend in the US
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