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  1. Thank you guys for all the information!
  2. Hey folks I am thinking to start an F-14A in 1/48 using the Tamiya kit and Fightertown decals "Tomcats At War Pt1 REDUX". I was reading the Osprey Combat Aircraft No 70, "F-14 Tomcat Units of OEF" and found an interesting load out. AIM-54C and AIM-9M on the port wing station, AAQ-25 and AIM-9M on the starboard and two GBU-16s on the forward BRU-32 pylons. The jet I am considering to do is either the CAG bird (montex AJ100) or the CO jet (montex AJ101) as seen in October 2001 at the start of OEF. However I am a bit confused about the bureau numbers. Osprey gives the AJ100 as 16127
  3. Apology accepted. My business is small. I mainly sell my books, (well know all around the world) and models, accessories etc. There is no such thing "registered Eduard seller". Any legal store can order from them. I have done it in the past many times. I know the Tornado is sold out. I asked to get it in my shop more than one month ago. That is what I explained at the beginning of this post.
  4. I am a legal store selling models, accessories and books. I pay my taxes and had never disappointed any customer. What do you mean by "selling his stash"? I think you should get back your word sir, its insulting!
  5. I am in the unfortunate position to say that Eduard's sales department treated me with the worst possible manner. I asked information on the new Tornado 1/48 at the beginning of February with the intention to order it for my shop (scaleindetail.com). I was never explained the terms of pre-ordering although I specifically asked for it. I was only told the price. And when the time came for me to complete my order, they said that they are no longer accepting orders for the Desert Babe. I complaint by sending them the e-mails we exchanged but no reply at all. I called at the sales department and t
  6. Eagle Aviation is in the privilege to announce the release of the Jaguar's attack aircraft Control Stick 1:1 replica. Available at http://scaleindetail.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=349 The legendary Jaguar attack jet, a true masterpiece of engineering, a marvel of the skies! Acquire a piece of history on your desk. A superbly detailed highly accurate replica of the Jaguar’s control stick in physical size, 1:1 scale attached on a real oak wood base. Each copy is hand made to perfection using the finest materials. Original copies are numbered and comprise the si
  7. I received my copy superb as always! Great job!
  8. I am looking for a set of the Mk 1 Design 1/72 F-15 C/D/E/K P&W Exhaust Nozzle Set (Closed) at a reasonable price. I can trade or pay for it.
  9. For sale rare Fightertwon decals 1/32 32013 VF-213. Rare! Asking for 35 euro, no trade, please.
  10. I just received a reply from them. They said end of january will have the issue resolved and I should remind them.! I got really angry! Can't they keep a not on to whom they are supposed to ship replacements? They offered exchange with another product. I will measure the F-14D nozzles if they are the same in diameter I will ask for that
  11. I am very much frustrated with Aires attitude on my matter. I e-mailed them twice and I still haven't got an answer. They e-mailed the shop I bought from and said that they would contact me, but they never did. So I e-mailed them twice. Still no response.
  12. I didn't know that! Thank you.
  13. I cannot argue on that. However all the AMRAAMs on board CVN-77 three days after the event were AIM-120D variant. I walked all around the deck and didn't see a single AIM-120C not that it makes a difference on the model!
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