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  1. Hi, I am in search of Fireball FMD-11-32 Arctic Cobra decal sheet,1/32 scale. Since Fireball is out of business, there is no way to order via the site. Does anybody have this specific decal sheet, or guide me to someone, an online shop or retailer who has it? Thanks in advance... Emre
  2. Thanks Sharkey, I checked the websites. I'll definitely visit the shops!!!
  3. Hi everyone, I'll be traveling to Japan and South Korea in April. I am already aware of the kit prices in Japan and not really fancy to buy from Japan. However, i recall hearing about the chance of purchasing kits with reasonable prices in Seoul. Do you have any recommendations for hobby shops (plastic modern aircraft and helicopters) especially in Seoul? Any recommendations would be welcome. Thanks in advance... Emre
  4. hi, would you let me know for the UH-1N's shipping cost to 32579, Fl? thanks.. Emre
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