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  1. Just got Kindle versions of The Good Shepherd (basis for the upcoming Greyhound movie) and Mission Beyond Darkness for $0.99. Amazon had other $0.99 offers.
  2. Foam-tipped swabs are used when cotton threads cannot be tolerated https://www.amazon.com/Lab-Swabs/b?node=2620830011 And for cosmetics https://www.amazon.com/Swabs-Foam-Keyboards-Cosmetics-Cleaning/dp/B004Q2C0MO
  3. Yeah, been there on that kit.. I was able to get another sheet from Attack Squadron, strip the model, and redo with a lighter paint. Grey is a tough color to print, as it's printed by utilizing the white beneath. You might try contacting Brengun as they are now producing the kit.
  4. Here's the authoritative WHO site https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 They publish a daily situation report https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports Worldwide cases exceeded 100k by Mar 7, 200k by Mar 19, and 500k by Mar 28 (today).
  5. I have seen occasional glitches; one of them required intervention by postimage staff. OTOH, your browser could be the glitch source. You could try restarting your browser. If you're running Windows, a reboot may be in order. If the glitches still occur, contact postimage as there could be something horked in you're account.
  6. Just made a quick check, and I don't think any are missing. I have ~900 photos. They're generally 1024x768 or smaller, mostly 640x480. Any observations on what's missing or what's left?
  7. This is coming along nicely! Looks like the foil is working for you. If you want to try something else, take a look at the vacuum seal from Costco's coffee cans. They are 5 mil Al sheet discs that might be ideal for this. Malleable enough to form yet strong enough to hold up to some handling. I've formed all manner of parts with this material, including slats. I'm happy to share some if you don't have a ready source. LMK in a PM and I'll see if I'm allowed to mail something out.
  8. Not an expert and no images, but AFAIK, the canvas covering prevented foreign object damage (FOD). Don't know why it wouldn't be present.
  9. Joe is right. This forum is for (mostly) non-operational scale models. If you Google for these motors, you'll find RC model sites that are more appropriate. FWIW, these are 2-cycle glow engines. Probably for flying model aircraft, but they could have water-cooling heads for fast model boats. They need a fuel supply and a battery to start. Once running, the battery is no longer needed as their glow plug maintains enough heat to continue to ignite the fuel. An RC hobby shop would be able to help.
  10. A sheet of glass usually provides a fine warp-free flat surface. A sheet of abrasive paper, grit-side up on said glass, is great for truing parts.
  11. [Sorry, I fat fingered a response to another thread here...]
  12. I'm so very sad for your loss. Peace to you and you're family.
  13. Inmates in a maximum security prison are referred to as "clients"? O.M.G.
  14. I'm not aware of any organization that allows a supervisory relationship to exist between related or involved people. A co-worker relationship is not at all uncommon in my direct experience, but the fields are different than your focus.
  15. I just put a blob of glue on and then paint it. The knobs on the ends of these 1/48 boat hooks are CA that I then painted.
  16. I find Mr Color consistency can vary. Older paints are thicker. Mr Surfacer is most certainly thicker. That's why I thin to a consistency, not by a ratio. Also, there's a Replenishing Agent for Mr Color, which reconstitutes thicker paint by replacing volatile compounds. It's supposed to be better than just adding more thinner. I've started use this when I open an older bottle.
  17. I thin a lot--to about 1% milk consistency. But, I also wonder how you sprayed it? I spray all Mr Color, well, all paints, with: 1% milk consistency; 15 psi; 0.25-1.75 inches. Always make sure the paint is wet when it hits the surface. Use a glancing light to watch this while you're doing it. Thin coats to get coverage and then a final wet gloss coat. I use a 0.5mm nozzle for primer (thinned Mr Surfacer 1200), base coats, and clear coats.
  18. I have most, not all, of the decals from the Eduard kit. I'm happy to mail them to you.
  19. Take a look at https://aviation.hawaii.gov/aviation-photos/1940-1949/ Be aware my Chrome browser refuses to load some pages and photos due to poor coding and security issues. Probably works just fine on Windows and Internet Destroyer... I've got an image with a filename suggesting it's from Morse Field showing a Goose (OA-9) in the foreground with a line of NMF P-36s behind it. All the aircraft have a dark cowling. I know the 6th Pursuit Squadron, based at Wheeler Field, used a red cowling. Not sure what unit these aircraft are from nor what color the cowling could be. HTH -- dnl
  20. Ooh, I like that! I hope I can remember it when needed!!!
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