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  1. Ooh, I'd love to see a Buff too! Would be way better than beating that Crown H into an A.
  2. UMM carries a set of beading tools. No affiliation. I suppose It Depends on the specifics if a beading tool is sufficient. One would definitely work for a rivet, as all you see if the countersunk head in the hole. A Dzus fastener though, could have more detail; if the detail is just the slot (e.g., this one on a PV-2D), then a blade or scribe would do. What did Tamiya do for the detail?
  3. Did you look at the CMR site? While the 122 kit isn't there, 2 other Seafires are. They show the instructions on the kit pages, perhaps that will be sufficient?
  4. Sigh, Alcad Exhaust Manifold was so easy. Too bad it was soo wrong...
  5. Now Revell NA and Revell of Germany are both owned by Hobbico. I too have had good replacement parts service in the past. I do hope that isn't gone, as suggested by this thread... :(
  6. Dang, I found Whirlybits at Linden Hill Imports, but they don't even list the 1:72 212 conversion, let alone one in 1:48. It would be fun to do a 212 and/or an S61N as I flew on both to North Sea platforms from Scotland and Norway. Seems Linden Hill is the best source; any other good sources?
  7. Hmmm, trying to think as I flew BA 212s from Aberdeen (and IIRC, Submurgh) '80 through '84. The seats were definitely not what you'd find in a UH1N. I wish I could recall more clearly, but some "airliner type" of seat is correct. HTH
  8. Yes, PT boats had 3 engines, 3 screws, all right-hand turning. More info is available at ptboats.org.
  9. That's awesome! I wish my first build was that well done!
  10. Archer Fine Transfers has Dzus fasteners for 1/32 and 1/48 scale. These are rub-on transfers, so they provide surface texture. No affiliation; I have their products for 1/48 tanks.
  11. dnl42

    HVAR on P-51D/K ETO

    I too would like to see a source for air-to-air. I was under the impression that the HVAR and its predecessor, the FFAR, were both developed for air-to-surface use by the USN. The FFAR suffered from too low an airspeed, especially after it was fitted with the larger warhead.
  12. Mmm … bacon I get Really Good Bacon from Sprouts Farners Market. Get the bacon they package in meat trays, not the vacuum packed stuff.
  13. Just found this at the LHS--didn't even know it was out! Since I was at Grumman at the time the X-29 was being tested, I had the 1/72 Hasegawa in the stash. But, I'm really much happier with this, as I do 1/48 and 1/144. Here's the box The sprue The fuselage is complete, except for the underside The markings are for the 1st aircraft, now hanging from the ceiling at Wright-Patterson
  14. Ask, and it shall be given you. Here's a link to the old AM support page on the wayback machine that contains that document as well as others. Of course, I thought to look for this after I scanned all 28 pages of the original and assembled a PDF document. If you really want the instructions for the 480030 (Red Wrath) boxing, I just happen to have that...
  15. Wow! Thanks for finding the build URL--that is A-MA-ZING! I second your nomination!
  16. I've been there, they do have an outstanding selection of kits and accessories.
  17. Hmmm, it looks like there's something going on at the wing tip. See the sharp color demarcation at the wing underside leading edge?
  18. Starting on the Mirage 1/48 PZL P.23A Karaś. The A was primarily used in a training role by the September Campaign. Sigh... Tipping a bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement on your build is, well, very bad for success of said build...
  19. Those are vacu-formed. They're actualy quite nice when well-molded as they're very thin. You do need to be careful cutting them out, though. It may be useful to carefully mark the cut line with a felt marker; make sure you stay away from the to-be-clear portion if it's a Sharpie or other permanent marker. Make light cuts with a sharp blade and then carefully trim with a sanding stick. In my experience, the first one you do is more scary than anything else. I'm sure your grandfather taught you to be careful and patient--that's all that's really needed here. Well, that and a steady hand. :)
  20. Cool, the LHS has those. They look good. Will have to give them a try!
  21. FWIW, Brookhurst Hobbies, here in the OC, has several of the AFV Club F-5 boxings... No interest, they're just my LHS.
  22. Yeah! They added "Find by Scale"!!! Thank You Squadron!!!
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