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  1. Anybody have the Twobobs 48-166 F-16C/D Polish Jastzrabs they'd like to part with? PM me.
  2. In case you get no bites, here are some resin bits... Ulatracast's 1:48 Spitfire oage lists a De Havilland (48112) and three Rotol (48113-48115) propellers that could all be found on a V. In particular, the Rotol Metal Wide Prop is indicated for the Med, while Rotol Wood Prop is the most common V blade. Quickboost's 1:48 page has a De Havilland propeller, (48 268)
  3. Finally! Back to work!!! Here's the Lewis MG mounted on the gun ring. I replaced the flat mounting ring from the PE set with an 0.025" brass rod--I just didn't like the flat look of the PE arm. I also finished up the fuselage by making the gunner's mount circular once again (see Sept 11 post) and mounting some PE plates. Finally, I have the engine mostly painted up. The pushrods are a part on the cowling. That will have to do for a while, I'm off to NYC for my honey's 30th HS reunion this weekend, and then to Kôln for a conference. I'll be in Frankfurt next weekend; I'll check out Hobbytreff am Zoo and P M - Modellbau.
  4. dnl42

    Extra EA-300

    Thanks for the pointers!!! There are some really unique models there, mostly in 1:72. Sadly, I do 1:48. Well, at least some are available in 1:48 from others, like the Roden Pilatus Porter and Valom AN-2.
  5. dnl42

    Extra EA-300

    Hmm, Google was not my friend looking for this kit. Who's the manuf? What scale? Do you have an URL?
  6. Agree, this is truly awesome work!
  7. Nothing like banning your customers...
  8. Artur, truly an outstanding job! You brought the model to life.
  9. Yah, I've read reviews for both the X-1 and the Hurricane, and also have the Hurricane. The Hurricane is very nice for the price.
  10. Here is an example of the Pegasus Hurricane from this forum.
  11. Here's the ready-to-install cockpit And the instrument panel Here's the fuselage joined and ready for trimming Dang... Just noticed the rudder pedals are still on the fret...
  12. Hmmm, I used Windsor & Newton with Mona Lisa Gum Turpentine. Visually, it looks good, but, well, it's awfully gummy to the touch. I'll try the odorless thinner and lighter fluid.
  13. MAKE SURE you make the time to get to The Military Shop. IIRC, he's open 11AM to 6PM on Saturdays and Noon to 5PM on Sunday. Actually, make sure you get to Brookhurst Hobbies and Military Hobbies, too. :) I make it a point to try to get to The Military Shop each week. I probably get to Brookhurst once a month and Military Hobbies a couple/few times a year...
  14. I use Wonder Wire, it's a 0.006" carbon fiber. It's stiff, so you run it point to point for each wire. Here's an example: On this model, I used a pair of dividers to measure each wire to exact length. Cut on a hard surface with a sharp knife. I then just used white glue at each end. The really nice bit is the material is stiff, so no pretension or sagging to worry about! I'm now drilling a small (#78) hole at each end with the intention to cut a little over-length so I can just pop the wire into the holes. I'll still use white glue, but this will look better. Snail mail to Precision Enterprises Limited, PO Box 97, Springfield, VT 05156. Google is your friend for phone orders.
  15. From Poland: IM and resin kits, PE, decals, and paint.
  16. As stunning as those pictures are, and they truly are, there's no substitute for being there. After moving away from the area in '89, my wife and I returned to the city three years ago and visited the site--words cannot describe the overwhelming sadness. We'll visit again at the end of this month. If you ever get the opportunity to visit the site, please do.
  17. Working on the engine, prop, and fuselage. The exhausts for the engine suffered from mold misalignment. So, had to trim about 20%-25% off on each side, leaving them a little wonky looking. I made the mistake of cutting them off the sprue before cleaning them up, so it took some effort to hold them with my fat fingers while I cleaned them up. Cleaning up the engine was easy. That's all glued up and ready for painting. Still waiting on the profile book, but in the mean time, I did find a picture of a J-5 on the net, so I may just go and paint that up. The prop also needed cleaning up. Most of the blades cleaned up fairly well, but the blade roots were clunky. Spent some time cleaning those up based on various photos I found. Also filled in a sink hole on the hub. Will check again when I get the profile, but I think it's fairly good now. Worked on the fuselage next. Scraped off the plastic interior framing. Cleaned up the misaligned coaming around the pilot. Placed the PE cockpit in and saw the fuselage was too wide--i.e., the outside of the PE was about 0.042" from the inside of the fuselage on each side. Thought about putting some plastic strips between the PE and fuselage, but they would have been about 2" wide full scale. So, bit the bullet and narrowed down the fuselage by sanding away the centerline of each fuselage half. The cockpit now fits well, but the observer/gunner's location, which was circular, is a little pointy now at the centerline. Luckily, the PE gun mount will cover this up. Hopefully, this doesn't cause problems with the wing struts... Filled in the locating holes for the plastic step (using PE now) and a sink hole on the right-rear. Also calmed down the rough surface detail (it looks a little excessive to me). In doing this, I mangled the rudder control cable guides just aft of the observer/gunner, so I cut some 0.030" rod to length, drilled the ends with a #78 drill for the future Wonder Wire, shaved off the old bits, and glued in new pieces (see 1st photo). Also drilled holes in the forward rudder cable exits.
  18. dnl42

    Wood glue

    Agree. Any of the yellow wood glues. Definitely not Gorilla glue.
  19. Yes, you're probably right on the aileron horn. They would be 1.75" (45mm) thick at full scale, so that seems a tad over size. Built the Vickers MG (Part S48-098). Did the magazines last night. Each was supposed to be formed by wrapping a band around a 4.5mm disc. I used a 3/16" (4.8mm) tube from Evergreen that I chucked in the ol' Dewalt and sanded down to the correct diameter. Sliced to 1.5mm thick using The Chopper from NWSL; set the stop and rolled the tube under the blade until I had a good score, then sliced clean through. Wrapped the band around, placed the top disc on and then attached the handle. Et voila, 3 magazines... The weapon itself was built tonight. Folded up the main body, then noticed there was no bottom. So, I sanded some flat stock down to thickness and trimmed it up to fill the body and provide the bottom (you can see the little bit of white in the photo). A 0.02" rod provided the barrel. Built the handle (5 layers), and attached it and the other little bits to the body. Getting the sights on the barrel was quite the trick, but I finally managed to get it right. I'm happy Hmmm, I need to redo one of those magazines... BTW, the cockpit PE (Part S48-001) also has the top plate for three magazines, but the directions in step "L" are a little, hmmm, scant. So, anybody else that builds the S48-001 set now knows they need to put a 4.5mm diam x 1.5mm thick disk underneath the magazine discs in that set. Those are then placed in the box that sits next to the gunner on the cockpit floor.
  20. Bought "Lublin R.XIII Variants Aircraft Profile" on eBay. I should have it late this week; will wait till then to finish up the cockpit. Built the wing next. Sadly, the upper right wing was badly fractured. The fracture was completely through, like a tear. Here it is after a lot of sanding and scraping to get the upper and lower panels to mate properly. The wing roots had rounded edges, so I glued a thin strip into the, um, valleys. Will sand that smooth. Also thinking about sanding down the fabric texture, which seems very overdone to me... Also may thin the aileron control horns. I wonder why the PE set didn't have replacements? Perhaps the profile will tell me...
  21. You might find page, The Complete Future, helpful.
  22. The throttle had a body and 4 individual levers. The body was folded up nicely, including the rounded top. I picked it up with some tweezers to figure out where to put the 4 levers and, well, that was the last I saw of the body. I do find I need to study the Part directions fairly carefully. Even with that, I still find that some bits only make sense as I'm actually building the thing. Once it's built though, it's a pretty neat unit to replace the crude bits in the kit.
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