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  1. Hmmm, Don't see the F/V Northwestern at either RoG or RM...
  2. Dude! That is a truly amazing Jug! It looks like you hogged it out of a bolt of aluminum and sat there polishing it to a mirror finish. If you can get past the NMF, the rest of the model is just as amazing!
  3. dnl42

    Dehavilland Dove

    GIYF - Google is your friend. Try this
  4. This technique, "raking light photography", is used to show surface detail, e.g., of Impressionist paintings. As you can see, it's very effective.
  5. That's some outstanding work! If this is any indication of the rest of the build, you're going to have a world-class model.
  6. Yeah, the control horns on the ailerons, rudder, and elevator have been bugging me. They're a scale 2" thick. I'm going to use 6 mil Wonder Wire for the control wires, so I'm thinking 12 mil horns would be about right. I have some brass shim stock at that thickness. I've got 20 mil rod that I could use for the wire ends; perhaps I'll just butt them to the horns. I also found some potential stock for the cockpit coamings... For the 3-color camo, I've enlarged the Mirage color sheets to the right size; I'll just cut the masks from that.
  7. Bravo! An amazing set of builds with a really informative article! I'll definitely be watching for more from you!
  8. dnl42

    P-40N Canopy

    Very cool pictures!!! Don't miss this 2nd page. of Dan Collier's P-40 parts...
  9. Painted the under surfaces with a mix of aluminum and grey. Looking at the rudder and elevator hinge lines v. the Profile, which shows a fairly large gap, I decided I didn't like the effect of the solid web between the stabilizer and elevator and fin and rudder, so I cut them apart and put in 0.18" brass rod for hinges... Much better... :)
  10. An excellent job on a favored subject.
  11. For anybody that would like to see the mooncat's actual thread, it's here...
  12. Congratulations. You've earned my complete respect for your outstanding modeling skills. The realism is just, well,
  13. Back to the USA! Köln and Hamburg were nice, but quite rainy on Thursday and Friday. Saturday in Frankfurt was nice enough that I was able to get around. Visited Hobbytreff am Zoo; while there were some Heller and a few other kits I hadn't seen, it was mostly like I find in the several LHS around here I frequent--I guess that just confirms the global nature of our hobby Anyway, back to building. In Aircraft Profile #231 and Mirage's color plates, what I 'spose is a wing-mounted generator is quite clearly visible. Found some sprue about the right size and shaped it for the generator body. Made the one-bladed prop from PE fret and used 0.025" rod for the shaft. With the pre-shading also done, looks like I'm now ready to commit paint to plastic.
  14. Anybody have the Twobobs 48-166 F-16C/D Polish Jastzrabs they'd like to part with? PM me.
  15. In case you get no bites, here are some resin bits... Ulatracast's 1:48 Spitfire oage lists a De Havilland (48112) and three Rotol (48113-48115) propellers that could all be found on a V. In particular, the Rotol Metal Wide Prop is indicated for the Med, while Rotol Wood Prop is the most common V blade. Quickboost's 1:48 page has a De Havilland propeller, (48 268)
  16. Finally! Back to work!!! Here's the Lewis MG mounted on the gun ring. I replaced the flat mounting ring from the PE set with an 0.025" brass rod--I just didn't like the flat look of the PE arm. I also finished up the fuselage by making the gunner's mount circular once again (see Sept 11 post) and mounting some PE plates. Finally, I have the engine mostly painted up. The pushrods are a part on the cowling. That will have to do for a while, I'm off to NYC for my honey's 30th HS reunion this weekend, and then to Kôln for a conference. I'll be in Frankfurt next weekend; I'll check out Hobbytreff am Zoo and P M - Modellbau.
  17. dnl42

    Extra EA-300

    Thanks for the pointers!!! There are some really unique models there, mostly in 1:72. Sadly, I do 1:48. Well, at least some are available in 1:48 from others, like the Roden Pilatus Porter and Valom AN-2.
  18. dnl42

    Extra EA-300

    Hmm, Google was not my friend looking for this kit. Who's the manuf? What scale? Do you have an URL?
  19. Agree, this is truly awesome work!
  20. Nothing like banning your customers...
  21. Artur, truly an outstanding job! You brought the model to life.
  22. Yah, I've read reviews for both the X-1 and the Hurricane, and also have the Hurricane. The Hurricane is very nice for the price.
  23. Here is an example of the Pegasus Hurricane from this forum.
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