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  1. Very nice! I especially like the rigging and wood effect. Was the wood done using oil paint as is oft described? BTW, you may want to re-post these in the Classic Aviation forum, or at least refer to this thread over there. :) Again, nice job
  2. FWIW, yesterday I saw the kit behind the counter at Brookhurst Hobbies. Was in one of those labeled white boxes that Tamiya uses for limited boxings, e.g., like the Beaufighter & Universal Carrier in my stash.
  3. That gaf-sammler site has a link to fabulousfulcrums with some more good pix. I've got the Revell 1:32 along with a bunch of PE and resin that I had intended to build into a Polish Fulcrum , but it's just not my scale. If anybody is interested in the Revell kit along with the other bits, PM me... I recently got the 1:48 Eduard kit along with some CAM decals to build exactly the bird I want.
  4. dnl42

    PZL-37 Question

    Is it a B I or B II? One difference is the oil coolers that I described above. FWIW, they look a lot like the oil cooler on the PZL.11, here's a 3-view showing them on a B II. Let me know and we can go over other features.
  5. Welcome aboard! Just to be clear, you don't attach photos to the post. You include links to online images in your post. Use the "frame" icon in the reply toolbar to make the image visible in your actual post. I use my personal website to host my pictures that I display, others use Flickr, Photobucket, or some other hosting service/site. Use the icon that looks like a chain link to point to an online photo that somebody else posted on some website. The reader will need to click on the link to see the image. But please use that--and only that--for images you don't have a right to reproduce on this site.
  6. dnl42

    PZL-37 Question

    Depending on how much info you want, you may want to get a copy of Monografie Lotnicze 100, PZL.37 Łoś, by Bernâd, Braniewski, Cynk, Glass, and Kopański to see the detail I describe below. I assume you're asking about a 37B Page 38: Photo showing oil coolers inboard of engines. See below for size. Pages 67-78: Drawings. Strips are are on the inside fins and rudders above the stabilizer, underside of the stabilizer and elevator, as well as underside of ailerons. On the 37A and 37B I, the oil coolers are 0.204" wide, 0.221" long, and .025" thick in 1:72; they're 0.098" inboard of the nacelles. The 37B II has larger oil coolers, they outboard cooler is 0.38" wide and the inboard cooler is 0.192" wide, they're 0.032" apart. The outboard cooler is 0.089" from the inboard of the nacelles. Same length and thickness as 37A and 37B I. Pages 86-89: Photos showing flaps down. The ribs on the inside of the flaps are prominent. Page 185: Photo of port side tail showing inboard side of starboard fin and rudder. Page 216: View of starboard rubber walkways on the wings (near the fuselage). Page 250: Close-up of the starboard walkway. Page 276: Drawing of upper surfaces with only starboard fin and rudder visible. Also looks like there may be a single strip on the upper mid aileron. Page 277: Drawing of underside. Looks like they are are on the inside fins and rudders above the stabilizer, underside of the stabilizer and elevator, as well as ailerons. Page 279: Close up the starboard upper fin and rudder. Page 333: Rear photograph, inside port fin and rudder.
  7. Here are some pix of paper tanks and one being hung. You can clearly see the striations mentioned above and that they're empty when hung from the wing. And for contrast, here are some metal tanks; note the horizontal seams.
  8. I would guess it's the "45° USA Gothic", like here
  9. Just received the Nazca decals. EX-CEL-LENT! Along with the actual livery, a sheet of panel, engine, and other details are provided that will really make this model shine! Thank You Nazca team!
  10. Alan, I'm certain you pasted in the correct URL, but it seems this web site insists that "ARC" always appear in upper case! So, to everybody who reads this, click the above link and wait for the "File Not Found" page, then click the black "Research Our Records" menu item near the top of the page and then click "Archival Research Catalog (ARC)" in the "Search Online" box. Or, just copy the URL, paste in the your browser's address bar, retype "ARC" in lower case, and finally hit return! :) Alan, thanks for the intro. Excellent work, as appears to always be the case.
  11. Yes, it's been a sad time these past months, watching the end of March approach all together too quickly. Gary offered more than just a place to buy modeling supplies. He was personally quite an expert on military subjects and modeling. He got to know his customers well, and would often get things in that he knew we just had to have. I and many others made it a point to get there once a week, to check out new stock, and just hang out. During one of those last two weekends, somebody asked "What are we going to do after you've closed?" The immediate response was "Get some models actually built." Sadly, that is likely true. Quite a testament to the importance of The Military Shop as the heart of a community of modelers...
  12. Doh! Took me long enough to figure this one out.
  13. DOH!

    Nice one, April 1...

  14. Hmmm, the last time you could possibly have done that was about 21 years ago.
  15. I have several of your engines and I find them just stunning. Truly outstanding work!
  16. dnl42

    1/48 Skyraiders Which?

    Ooh ooh! I did a Spad very much like that around '73 or so. I was really proud of that effort. I'd love to do that again, but this time in 48th. Is there a kit or aftermarket decals available with that scheme?
  17. Working on getting the fuselage ready for paint, as well as redoing the landing gear with the Eduard bits. I've also been looking at landing gear doors and radiator shutters. Even though Building the P-51 Mustang always shows the doors either fully open or fully closed, 315 Squadron clearly shows the doors drooping; looks like the droop was asymmetric. I'm going to have to shorten up the actuators as they are molded fully open. The photos in those two books and online mostly show the radiator shutter closed when the aircraft is on the ground. I assume the interior was the underside color? Was the inside of the shutter bare aluminum, primed, or painted silver? Given the wheel wells, other than spar and longeron, were painted silver, I'm inclined to silver paint here too.
  18. I've bought decals and PE over the years from Jadar, back from when you had to provide your CC info dispersed over multiple emails. But never a kit, as I wondered about what shape it would arrive in. Can you comment on the packing? TIA
  19. Just ordered the decals from Nazca. I'm going to be in Kobe in a couple of weeks, wonder if I can pick up the Hasegawa kit then? I found an example of the Hasegawa kit withe the Nazca decals here; looks good!
  20. Might "these" be a Contrails Models conversion from B-52H to B-52B?
  21. The Balls Three decals from Fine Art of Decals arrived today. OUTSTANDING! Also, I sent an email to Contrail Models asking if they were considering a B-52B conversion for the Minicraft B-52H. They replied that I was the 3rd person to ask, so if you're also interested, please let Contrail know!
  22. Hmm, interesting disagreement between the linked photo from acepilots.com v. the two inline photos from bsheep.com. Let's look at the acepiolots photo, linked again here. Some of the kill markings are clearly "backward" with respect to some of the others, i.e., row 1 col 4, row 2 col 3, row 3 col 3, row 3 col 4 v. all the rest.The profile image below the Cutting Edge decal sheet appears to be consistent with this. On both of the above two bsheep pix, however, they're all oriented the same way.
  23. That could be. I have only been able to find the Hasegawa plastic and the Authentic Airliners resin. Also, I found the Nazca web site, and they reference Authentic Airliners.
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