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  1. I tried this, once. It was OK. I've since gone to building full coverage with light coats of flat white. If a gloss coat is needed, then a couple of light gloss coats followed by a final wet gloss coat. Works like a charm. Also for yellow.
  2. Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove Military Hobbies in Orange Tony's Hobbies & Toys in Baldwin Park Pegasus Hobbies in Montclair The Hobby Warehouse and the multiple Hobby People are all gone, as is that place on Bellflower. IPMSOC has a meeting this Friday at 7:30 at the La Quinta Inn in Buena Park. The theme is D-Day.
  3. Not sure where to put this, so I chose this sub-forum. I need some disks to make the control knobs of my Hasegawa 1/48 Jeep. If you have a Waldron Subminiature punch set, would you mind punching some discs using the smallest punch? I believe that's 0.018in. The material should be thin, perhaps while paper or aluminum foil? I'm happy to pay you for your efforts. PM me if you can help TIA -- dnl
  4. Sounds nifty, but no pictures visible.
  5. Wow, nice build! And definitely a win-win!!!
  6. Bravo! That's quite an outstanding effort.
  7. Yeah, same here...
  8. @swbailey, thanks! I am particularly proud of this one!
  9. Just in time for the D-Day 75th Anniversary theme tomorrow night on June 21 at IPMSOC! Hobby Boss 1/48 LCM-3. Scratch building includes the entire ramp control system (bow sheaves, equalizing sheave and channel, cable guides, ramp lock release cable, thwartship cable sheaves and guides), cargo hold engine compartment vents, Mark 21-1 mounts, water barrel, bilge pump, boat hooks, life preserver ring rack, navigation lamp mast. rudders, and skegs. The control console was mostly rebuilt, the wheel was reshaped, and scratch engine throttles, ramp winch clutch, gyro compass repeater, and magnetic compass were added. Thachweave Products' hand-woven TW02 fenders were added as was part of the Eduard PE set.
  10. Just as I was about to put on decals and the clear coat, I realized I forgot the bow fairleads. I fashioned each of the upright parts out of strip stock by drilling a hole in in the strip a little below centerline, cutting at the right or left edge of the hole on one side and further away on the other. After gluing each upright to the bottom strip, some shaping with needle files finished the parts off. With that, it was time for decals, flat coat, rigging the ramp cables, and then final assembly. I went with a red hull based on the prototype image. It's clearly not black or hull color, so I went with red. The port bow, with ramp lock release cable above, ramp cable below, equalizing sheave and track, and the excellent hand-woven fender from Thachweave Products. One of the boat hooks, Mark 21-1 mounts, conning station, water barrel, life preserver ring, and vents. Bilge pump and a better view of the ramp cable run athwartship. The other boat hook is forward of the bilge pump, just barely in this view. And again the conning station. Just in time for the D-Day 75th Anniversary theme at IPMSOC tomorrow night.
  11. @Stefan buysse and @swbailey. thanks! I'm trying to get this done for the IPMSOC meeting this Friday. Fortunately, I'm down to the last few bits. Rigging the cables will be the most fiddly bit...
  12. The conning station is truly done, now! Staring at pictures of the mast, I eventually figured out it had 4 legs and a light. One picture showed the shape at the top. I made my version from a couple of short lengths of Evergreen tube and a rod so it was solid at the top and hollow on the bottom. I then chucked it in a drill and used sanding blocks and files to shape it. The light lens is a bit of clear sprue from another kit. Another photo showed a wire wrapped around the forward-port leg running top to bottom; I used 0.2mm lead wire for that. I decided to go with an orange life preserver ring as it's clearly not the hull color in the image, and looks similar to the lower hull, which I assume is red (it's neither hull color or black). I cleaned up the kit's version of the ring by removing the molded-on hand hold ropes and then painted the ring and some paper strip with Humbrol #18. I used some tan rigging thread in my stash. To eliminate the thread's stray hairs, I rubbed the thread across beeswax and then used a heat gun to singe off the hairs and melt the beeswax into the thread. Some CA attached the paper bands and thread to the life ring. I made the life preserver rack with strips from PE fret and 5 mil Al sheet. A training film showed the fire extinguisher was shiny, so I went with Alclad White Aluminum Some color photos had a brass valve atop, so I went with Humbrol #54. I also added dial faces for the gyro repeater and magnetic compass.
  13. Hey, this is a hoot! Your WIF shares a shape with the 1st-gen BMW Mini Cooper. Apparently the designer was pressed for time on a full-size mock-up and slapped 2 suitably cleaned and trimmed Coke cans into place for the exhaust tips. Supposedly, one of the reviewing execs said he liked the shape. Don't know if that shape is still present, but my '02 Cooper S had them.
  14. A contemporaneous video showing loading and takeoff is on youtube (also linked from the kickstarter site). Here's some more info:
  15. There's some info on the Kickstarter site for That's All Brother. It cites departure at 2233.
  16. She's Navy Blue! I just placed the conning station and Mk 21-1 mounts on the hull for visualization. I meant to add the lifting eyes before I painted the hull, but, oh well. I'll add them and touch them up... I finished the conning station. I added the magnetic and gyro compass bits out of Evergreen plastic; the cables are lead wire. I also repainted the wheel with Humbrol #54, which is a brass color v. the copper color of Game Color's "Brassy Brass".
  17. In the primer? Hm. Not sure what that could be, perhaps Mstor is right and there is an issue with the primer itself? FWIW, I give the plastic, resin, and metal a good wipe-down using 91% Isopropyl before priming.
  18. "confirmed that F-35s conducting standard fighter training maneuvers"
  19. Excellent advice! Gloss yellow and gloss white both need to be applied carefully. Just as Mstor wrote, first build up light layers to get coverage, then apply a thicker gloss coat.
  20. This was at the Grand Canyon West airport (the Skywalk location)
  21. Wow! This is some seriously impressive work! All the more because it's a flight-worthy model! I'm going to love watching this come together.
  22. Dang, that was a tremendous effort on a 1/48 B-29! Again, very well done!
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