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  1. WOW. can you please explain how you weathered it, perhaps with a picture or two. Id like to try this on a mig I have in the future!
  2. Here's the finished shots bar the missiles. they're a bit far out to examine detail unless you've got a large display. enjoy. . . . onto the Canberra immediately!!
  3. . . FINISHED Photos next time :D
  4. SO lets spoil what we just did, and revisit the camo. We wanted a really accurate pattern, there's no way you can get it right the first time. After glossing it was Only as we were about to place the roundel we realised this was also way off. From the airliners link on first post. Thats it for now, weathering in my next post, it will be quite a transformation!
  5. wow seriously nice!! was it difficult to create all those lighter jagged grey lines?
  6. MORE to come but here's a sneak peak for now to keep you interested
  7. from airliners.net link here: http://www.airliners.net/photo/UK---Air/English-Electric-Lightning/2043462/L/&sid=4f065a21096b954b60eb434dfa5ea52e As with our previous few models we like to pick a specific aircraft and attempt to do it as accurately as possible at a given point of time (normally dictated by decal availability) We had gone with the box decals for BE/xs923. We had no instructions from 12 years ago but after finding them online we saw they were mostly inaccurate as is often the case with aircraft that have been modified throughout their life. the picture below is how and whe
  8. So, as the description says this kit was done when we were boys maybe more than 12 years ago. My brother and I decided we would complete all the models we had so that we could just focus on one at a time in the future but... Somewhere in between completing our last collection (t-50,J20,F-22) and waiting for the model we really wanted to do next (Eduard Mig21bis) , my brother got tempted to salvage an old EEL model so it could once again take its place on display. At first I wasn't keen on the idea but The EEL was something we had planned for the future. Before we knew it we now had a bashed
  9. nice!! look forward to the finish, attention to detail is 10/10
  10. Thanks ! Havin a break now until new trumpeter su24 or mig29a comes out
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