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  1. RCAF*100 Your modeller's timing is impeccable sir... I just bit the bullet last night and decided to mask the main markings and spray them on (Tim M. helped me out with the unit badge and the letter) - but many thanks for the offer as the smaller decals and wing walk markings could still come in handy... What do you have over there that may be of assistance and what are you looking for in trade..? Cheers, David
  2. Spectre711, Took me right down to the bottom of the spare decals, but there they were, a pair of JG.1 red and white unit emblems in 1/48. I believe they are actually from a Fw190 kit however they are yours if you want them. Let me know - Cheers, David
  3. Jonah, I believe I have those ladders you are looking for... do these look about right? Let me know if you still need them. David
  4. Hello, I am trying to finish off my 1/48th scale Monogram He111H and the decals shattered on me. Does anyone out there have the H-4 of KG 55 Night Intruder version of the kit decals..? or just the letter A and the squadron badge will do. This one is on hold until I can find a replacement set. Thanks, David
  5. Steven, I have the AMT ERTL kit instructions (8646) for the P-70 if you are interested I can scan them for you. ***Note this version just has the kit construction and not the Aircraft History*** so it may not be of interest to you. Cheers, David
  6. Looks good - a great duo of A-4s. I haven't built a Skyhawk in a while and will definitely have to do another one for my collection. Glad to see the decals put to good use. Cheers, David
  7. CAG_200 Decals sent out to you this morning (Tuesday). They are coming all the way from Canada so it could take a few days... Cheers, David
  8. I have the 1/48th scale A-37 Dragonfly instructions if you want to send me your email I can scan them and get you a copy - Cheers David
  9. CAG_200, OK I ran a test on the decals (on the Aussie roundels and some lettering) and everything held up well - no problems. Send me your address and I will ship you out these decals so you can get that Skyhawk completed. Cheers, David
  10. CAG 200, If you are still looking for these TA-4J decals I have a set of the H & MS-11 from the old Fujimi kit. I haven't confirmed that they are any good however could test out the Australian roundel to see if it stays intact. I am located in Canada. - Let me know - Cheers David
  11. Yeah, Dean let's see Pretty Penny.... mine is at work hanging around the shelfworks :)
  12. Some nice work on that CF-18 ALF - Thanks for posting the Canadianization of the HobbyBoss kit. Cheers,
  13. Wow, Nicely done. Beautiful Spangdahlem bird of the 52nd Cheers, David
  14. Like they said... Outstanding build - bravo on the weathering job. - Did the A-6 Community proud. Cheers, David
  15. Looks good Devo, Weathering looks effective. I have one of these is the stash so it is nice to see one completed. Cheers, David
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