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  1. Buyer pays shipping. Will entertain reasonable offers sales to continental US only. 1/32 HK Model B-25J Glass Nose with KitsWord decals for MMR and Big Jamoke. montex masks, PE for top and tail turrrets, Eduard PE Pilot seats, PE cockpit details, brassin wheels and nose weight - $185 WNW DFW C V Mid Prod - $85 Roland DVIb with Aviatic Lozenge Decal - $85 Sopwith Dolphin- $65 Fokker D VII (Fok) Early - $65 HPH Aviatik Berg D.1 with Lozebge Decal - $90 Revell P-51D early with lifelike decals and Radub Bresnan Seat belts - $40 Revell Panavia Tornado with Flightpath Desert Storm Decals and CAM resin Seats. - $45 PM me if interested.
  2. Air Tankers for fire fighting in 1/48? could include options for new ICM Invader, Monogram B-25, Kinetic S-2 Tracker, TBM, Tigercat abd Guardian, PBY abd even B-17 although heavily modified. I know you have covered the Tigercat and Guardian on past sheets but there are some cool schemes out there.
  3. Willing to trade or buy. Have jets and props for trade. Mostly 1/48, limited amount of 1/72. PM me if interested. Zach
  4. Kursad I love your sheets in general, but if you release a comprehensive NASA F-104 sheet I will be forever in your debt. Really though almost anything in NASA livery in 1/48 will really excite me. Zach
  5. Would buy or trade. Pm me if you have one and are willing to part with it. Thanks, Zach
  6. Never mind. This was predicated on grabbing the Hypersonic Models resin upgrades which are apparently OOP....
  7. - Sales within the CONUS only. No foreign sales or overseas wires etc. I am sorry but it gets to be too complex. - buyer pays shipping - Reasonable offers are fine. - Payment by check or MO PM me if you’re interested in something. 1/32 Revell Tornado with CAM seats and Flightpath decals - $40 Trumpeter P-47N - $45 Special Hobby P-400 - $25 Doyusha K5Y1 Willow - $25 Hasegawa BF2C - $20 Revell F-4G with Legend Resin interior (F-4E) and Icarus Decals - $45 Czech Model F-80C with AMS Resin Cockpit - $;30 1/48 Monogram RF-101B - $20 Hobbycraft French Hawk 75 - $12 1/72 Airfix B-17G with KitsWorld sheet - $25 1/350 Bronco Imperial Chinese Protected Cruiser Chi Yuen - $25 Aftermarket 1/144 Real Space Models Shuttlen Engine and OMS nozzles and shuttle decals - $25
  8. Just finished this guy. Great Kit! Go buy three of them. Represents a trainer from late 1942-43 at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi TX. Decals are the kits and Starfighter Decals and rigging is ez-line. Zach
  9. Yeah I know never thought you’d see someone looking for this kit :) please PM if you have one and are willing to part with it. Thanks Zach
  10. Very nice work! Really cook scheme. Zach
  11. Here is my latest. It's the Revell 1/48 F-18E Super Hornet, VFA-115 from the 2002-2003 Cruise that encompassed operations for OEF, Southern Watch, & OIF aboard USS Abraham Lincoln. It was the Super Bug's first cruise and it's first combat. And I believe it was the longest combat cruise undertaken by any air wing since Vietnam. This model depicts a line bird from the OIF portion of the cruise. Arming this bird (accurately) was a bit of a challenge as the Super Hornet was not yet cleared for the full range of ordinance it can carry now at the time of this cruise. During OEF and SW they were cleared for GBU-31's and GBU-12's and as the cruise continued they were green lighted for GBU-10's. Though the Super bug is seen with next gen AIM-9X's now, it was only cleared for AIM-9M's in this period. So basically I sourced all of the weapons for this build from the spares box with the single exception of the AMRAAM on station 10. The load is asymetric as was typical with a center line gas bag and another on the starboard side and none on the port to allow the sensor pod on the intake station full view. I used a ton of aftermarket on this one with Two Bob's decals, Wolfpack Design Flaps down/wingfold set (also included snake rails and centerline pylon), Olimp burner cans and nozzles and eduard PE set for the cockpit. I cut and reposition the rudders as well. My advice on this kit is to buy the Hasegaea kit. Revell's is not awful per se but for the $$ you spend on extras you would have had the Hasegawa kit twice over. I thought I was saving money but really I would not have needed so much aftermarket on the Hase kit and the time element would have been more favorable as I doubt it would have Shelf of doomed for quite so long. If you want to build it out of the box then it is a decent deal but I saw the Revell F-18F listed for $33 the other day and for $20 more you can have the Hase F and its a much better starting point. Pay your, take your choice I guess. Zach
  12. Interested in your:

    Revell Panavia Tornado with CAM Resin ejection seats and Flightpath Desert Storm Tornado GR.1 decals - $65






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