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  1. FS 1/72 & 1/48 kits

    added a few items. Armor and a ship Zach
  2. Ship to CONUS only. 1/72 Airfix B-17G with KitsWorld Sheet for B-17G Tondalayo (all black with yellow codes and pinup on nose). - $45 Anigrand M2F2/3 - $30 shipped 1/48 Revell TBD-1 Devastator with Starfighter Decals covering Prewar/Pearl Harbor light grey through Midway - $30 A-26C with Albatros Modelworks Decal sheet(with resin nose for one option) and resin 8 gun nose salvaged from old resin conv. - $40 Airfix Spitfire XII - $20 Airfix Seafire 47 - $30 Special Hobby Seafire III - Irish/French - $25 Kinetic Mirage III/5 Latin America Hobby Boss F/A-18C 4 decal sheets and Wolfpack JSOWs - $50 Armor and Ships: 1/35 AFV Club M-36 Jackson - $30 Dragon M2A2 Half Track - $35 Meng AMX-30B2 - Desert Storm - $45 Meng M3A3 Bradley (some wheels assembled) - $45 1/144 Revell HMCS Snowberry -Flower Class Corvette - $50 PM me if interested Zach
  3. WIP - 1/32 WNW Sopwith Camel - BR 1

    Work progresses on the camel. Thanks for the kind feedback. Not sure I can live up to Rembrandt but we'll see :) Little more work done on the Bentley: Used a number of washes to make this look like it's had some hours on the engine. I deviated from the WNW painting instructions a bit as it was just a tonal crush of silver so I added some blacks grays and rusts to give it some interest in the cowling. Iginition wiring was done using beading wire which I bought at Michael's for such purposes. As it comes off the spool it's a little too stiff to be truly useful or lifelike but I find that if I anneal it in a tea light it is quite malleable and in this case the annealing process gave the wire a nice finish so I did not need to paint it. I have decided to use this scheme: I realized I have a little theme going within my biplane collection of immediate post war service and I think it will be interesting. I have Soviet AF decals for the My Nie 17, Irish for the Bristol, RAF for the Ninak, Freikorps for the Roland D VIb and Yugoslav for the HPH Aviatik Berg D1. So a Polish Camel fits right in. I could probably find something I have actually made more progress than the engine but I am a little frustrated. I joined the fuselage halves but something must have been misaligned because they bottom seem was a real PIA to close up and I actually needed a little filler. Leave it to me to need filler on a WNW kit. The bottom wing was a very snug fit but I got it seated properly. This was difficult as there very little you can put pressure on to get it seated. I got it set but in the process one of my internal rigging lines came loose and I haven't a prayer of getting at it to fix it. I feel like this is grounds for being put in Wingnut Jail. Nothing seemed to be misaligned but not matter what i did this was a tough seem. Here is a shot of the interior in the fuselage here the top deck is just dry fit onto the fuselage assembly Zach
  4. I have a little start on this one already but figured why not start a WIP thread. I have done mostly interior work on this so far and I am currently working on the interior rigging. for that I have used EZ-ilne and Gaspatch Models turnbuckles. I jumped the gun on adding interior bits to the sides though as I should have done the rigging prior to this as it goes over some bits and behind others. This led to some fancy threading that I could otherwise have avoided. I still need to rig the rearmost bay on the port side and do the control cables running aft from the rudder control bar. Here is a shot of the control panel: I have also done some work on the Bentley engine. Zach
  5. F-106!!!

    Looking forward to this sheet. Any news? zach
  6. F-82G, Modelcraft, 1/48

    Gotta love the F-82. Had this kit long ago but it intimidated me lol zach
  7. Airfix F.2B Fighter

    Looking great. Built this kit years and years ago. Considering it’s age it’s pretty nice. Zach
  8. As my compressor slowly weeps (need advice)

    Well played sir.....well played indeed. Zach
  9. So recently I have noticed that my compressor (brand X bought at the hobby store when my last one died) is no longer shutting off when I am not spraying which would seem to suggest that it is either not meeting the upper PSI to shut down or the shut off is wonky. In addition to this issue the compressor which once ran quiet runs loud and clangy for maybe 5 minutes after switching it on and in this state produces no air pressure whatsoever. After the initial clangy run it reverts to a quieter running and starts producing air pressure. In addition to these two problems I have had moisture in the line and inconsistent airflow and an inability to regulate pressure below 20 psi or so. Fair to say I am not a happy camper.....especially as I found a comparable model on Amazon for around $60 while I had the bright orange SALE sticker on my unit starting at me with it's $159 price....... Compressor is three years old and I think it is time to replace it...... I do not currently have a budget for a nice grex or iwata compressor in the $300-$400 range so I was hoping to get some recommendations on compressors at a good price point. Also would you recommend a tankless compressor or one with a tank? I have only ever used the former. My first compressor I used from when I was a teenager to pretty recently (With a big modeling hiatus in there). It was bought from MicroMark and had no regulator. It ran around 25 psi and this made detail work challenging. My second compressor is the current Sir Clangsalot and it is regulated and that was certainly a step up but both are tankless. Is there a benefit in airflow or compressor life for going with a compressor with a tank? Thanks in advance Zach
  10. De Havilland Dove decals

  11. New Revell P-51?

    Early feedback on this kit is good with good accuracy and a nice kit at an affordable price. Any chance we might see some of your ANG P-51's in 1/32? I'd be a buyer for sure if the TX and TN options were included. Any other Post War P-51 options ether US based, Japan/Germany occupation birds or Korean war era birds would be fun. So far the Korean war era has one sheet for P-51's in this scale and that is the AIMs sheet with Two SAAF and 4 USAF options and I am not super happy with it as they want me to paint the red for the sharkmouths instead providing a red backing to the teeth (pet peeve maybe). Anyway likewise the only ANG option out there is the very old Ventura sheet offering a NM ANG aircraft. An Aussie Korean war or Occupation plane would be cool too. :) Just a thought but I think this kit is likely to sell like hotcakes and I would be buyer for more than one sheet seeing as we will finally have a lower priced Mustang so I can justify doing my favorite plane in multiple markings. That has been hard with the Tam and ZM options both around $100. Zach
  12. 1/32 Revell (Matchbox) DH 82a

    Those AModel Moth's always looked like pretty nice kits. I've wanted to grab one but they are a little pricey. If you''ve not snatched one of the new Revell Stearrman then you ought to they are beautiful kits and there are some really nice decal sheets for them available. Thanks for the compliments on the Tiger Moth. It was a fun build and I would say if you have a chance to grab either the Revell Boxing or an original Matchbox one then go for it. It's npot all that big in large scale and it builds pretty easily. Zach
  13. 1/32 Revell (Matchbox) DH 82a

    This is the old Matchbox kit as boxed by Revell. Markings are No 5 Glider Training School RAF in 1943. I added some wire & tubing bits to the engine to make it more believable so I could display the cowling open. The kit offers a very basic engine but it is a good starting point and generally accurate in shape and look for the Gypsy Major. I added lead foil belts with eduard buckles to the interior and made an upper cushion/headrest from millput. I added some random PE bits to the interior to busy it up a little and some EZ line to show some of the internal rigging. I thinned down the edges of all the cowling pieces so they appeared more in scale. Kit decals were used. They worked fine. It's funny though there are a bunch of DH 82 decals available in 1/48 scale but the only kit I know of is Merit/Smer and it's horrible but the Matchbox kit is pretty nice and their is nothing available in 1/32....go figure right. Fun fact, the yellow is actually decanted Rustoleum spray paint from Home Depot. I was going to use Tamiya yellow but it was no where near orangey enough compared to the decal for the fuselage. I had a can of Sunset Orange paint in the basement from a project int he yard and it seemed a perfect match and the New Hampshire Yankee in me decided that the cheap was THE way to go. It actually worked just fine aside from smelling horrid. Rigging is done with EZ-line. Ok here is the point where I give mad cred to the hardcore bipliners on the boards. I bought some Albion alloys tubing, .6mm diameter/.4mm internal diameter, which is actually a size up from what is recommended and It was my intention to rig with this and monofiliment. I dutifully set my eyes (made from beading wire) and then went to thread my tubing and I NEARLY WENT BLIND.....haha. I could barely thread the mono through once much less double back and thread it again. This was going to be the biplane where I moved away from EZ-line but my sanity was tested and failed trying to use the tube and monofiliment. Clearly I need to work on this more....... Zach
  14. Kitty Hawk T-6G Texan with Zotz Decals Aircraft is a Mercenary operated machine from Kamina in the breakaway Katangan province of the Congo during the Congo Crisis of 1960-62. These aircraft attacked government troops and UN forces trying to prevent mineral rich Katanga from declaring independence from the recently independent Republic of Congo. The Katangan's led by Moise Tshombe had western support as they had mining interests in the region including some of the worlds best uranium mines. The T-6's were drawn from French stocks and were largely flown by Belgian, French and South African pilots. The wing roundels are conjecture as I could not find photos proving they were carried but Zotz provided them and I thought they would add some color. Truth be told I could find very little photos of Katangan T-6's for reference. This kit was OK but not great. The T-6 is not a complex airframe but this kit made for a fiddly build and the plethora of ejector pin marks were frustrating as they were literally everywhere. Overall I am happy with the result and the Zotz decals performed very nicely. I may build another of these at some point and use one of the other schemes. Zach
  15. Real Space Items

    I am looking for a home for the following items. I know buy and sell is a better home but as these items have a specific audience I thought I would start it here and if the mods want to move it then ok with me. Atomic City 1/12 Mercury Capsule - $75 plus shipping Revell 1/24 Gemini Capsule with Extras - $65 plus shipping - LVM Studios Interior Set - Real Space Models Resin Upgrade - Alps Printed Decals - I forget the vendor for these but they are better than that Revell ones but not as nice as Space Model Systems Sheet. PM if you are interested. I will ship to the CONUS. I am open to reasonable offers. I would be willing to trade in whole or in part for 1/48 or 1/32 Props or Jets. Zach