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  1. Jinro

    Any helicopter pilots here?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, college is the one that keeps our heads in the sand and leads us to believe that we can start a six figure job from day one. It's how they attract students and how they make money off of them. Ever see the commercials for ITT Tech? I don't even know why I'm wasting my time reiterating it, since most of the people here are well versed in reality and will not and can not understand the current situation at my college, or even in my city. Nor can they understand the current situation with myself and my life. Now I'm tired of armchair psychiatrists who don't even know me attacking my attitude. You don't know me. You don't know my "attitude". You don't know what my college teaches (and I'll tell you one thing, it ain't "reality"). You're making assumptions based on bread crumbs of someone's life posted on the internet.I'm tired of it. Sorry for being me. Maybe it is my fault for not having a good grasp of reality now that I've been away from my parents for all of 8 months. But it sure as hell isn't my fault for being raised in a sheltered family, being lied to by high school advisors, college advisors, and by the education system in general. It isn't my fault my body is so damn defective I've had more colonoscopies than a 50 year old with colon cancer and my opportunities are limited. So get off my back. To those who provided much information and insight, I thank you, and will keep this information in mind for the future, should I ever make enough money to pursue this, and sorry for wasting everyone else's time with my "attitude". I bid adieu to this thread.
  2. Jinro

    Any helicopter pilots here?

    College should be giving students "a little reality", but they don't because then they lose students and then money. I have major issues with education in America, and I'm just going to leave it at that.
  3. Jinro

    Any helicopter pilots here?

    I've actually had that happen, despite the fact that I'm fairly certain there are laws against it. If only the cost of buying the bat were cheaper. I have all the time in the world to pursue a career like this, I just don't have the money. Well in that case, probably not. That's the fastest way to me getting a liver transplant.
  4. Jinro

    Any helicopter pilots here?

    There's also a difference between being blunt with useful information that I inquired about, and being blunt with useless attacks on my view of working in the business sector.
  5. Jinro

    Any helicopter pilots here?

    And this is one issue I have with college. They get you in the door saying "this degree will get you this job" or some other nonsense, then when you're about to graduate you find out it was all bulls__t. When I ask for help, and I receive abrasive, not so helpful, somewhat rude comments that don't answer my question at all, I can't help but to reply in kind. Taiidan's comments had no valuable information whatsoever and were pure put-downs. I really don't have much interest in commercial fixed wing. I can't really explain why, I just don't. The only thing I can explain is that the cockpit setup is awkward for me. Yolk instead of stick, throttle quadrant on the right, which means I have to control the aircraft with my left when making power adjustments (I'm right hand dominant and prefer the throttle be on the left). Those plunger-style throttles you see in piston aircraft drive me nuts.
  6. Jinro

    Any helicopter pilots here?

    At this point it looks like it's not worth the effort unless I had prior military experience. Chalk another lost dream up to getting the short-end of genetics.
  7. Jinro

    Any helicopter pilots here?

    What are some good resources for finding schools? Like a school list or something? I epically fail at Google for some strange reason and couldn't find anything that wasn't littered with ads. Thanks for the pessimistic, less-than-helpful side of things. You make me feel oh so much better. <_< FYI, I've seen my local EMS heliport. It's nothing like what you say.
  8. Jinro

    Any helicopter pilots here?

    You misunderstand. I don't like wearing a monkey suit. I don't like economics. I don't like marketing. I don't like management (unless I'm managing a machine). I don't like accounting. I don't like cubicles. I don't like the idea of "karoshi" (death from overwork). I don't like the idea of kissing up to some hack who makes six figures. I don't like the idea of living a miserable life. That's what I don't like about business and corporations. I do like the idea of flying some kind of aircraft, no matter how many hours of study and ground-time it takes before I even get to fly the bloody thing. In the end, everything goes hand-in-hand with corporations, so your point is moot.
  9. Are there any civilian/commercial helicopter pilots lurking around ARC? I'm stuck in college with a dead-end major, and a passion for aviation but no clue where to go, and I'd like to talk to some helicopter pilots to see if there's a snowball's chance in hell I could pursue that route. I'm unfortunately not able to join the military due to one physical condition (which can be relieved by weight lifting, stretching, etc.) and two chronic illnesses, both of which are controlled by medication, one of which is inactive. Those being the two key words that the military doesn't give a rat's arse about. Right now I'm majoring in the Japanese language, but that's a dead-end as far as I'm concerned. China is the rising power, for one thing. That and my only three career options are business (I refuse to be a corporate slave), teaching (I don't want to deal with kids) or translating (which no doubt will go back to business). Don't even get me started on the weakness of the language program here and the total lack of native Japanese speakers to help maintain my language skills. So I'm thinking helicopters. I'm just worried that my medical conditions, however stable they are, will hold me back. I'm also trying to figure out where a helicopter flight school might be, and how much it will cost--also about financial aid. I Google'd and only got an endless circle of ad sites. So anyway, any commercial helicopter pilots out here?
  10. Jinro

    Desert Dioramas?

    I'm wanting to do a desert diorama at some point in the near future, just a small section of road with a bit of desert, but I'm wondering how to do the desert. I've seen plenty of trees, grass, bushes and other greenery at my local shops, but none of the brown stuff. So how do you get that realistic dusty desert look? I'm also wondering how to get the vehicles a good coating of dirt and dust as well.
  11. Jinro

    Op Telic Merlin.

    That dust and dirt looks so real.....how did you do it? :o
  12. Jinro


    That is incredible! May I ask, where's the best place to source 21st Century models? These look like just what I'm looking for, inexpensive 1/32 kits to test the waters, but all I've found are old Hobby Boss and Hasegawa kits. I looked for the 21st Century stuff but only found pre-built die-cast toys.
  13. Jinro

    Thanksgiving Turkeys

    When I saw "turkeys" in the title I was expecting Phatoms Nice Tomcats! The 'cat is starting to grow on me.
  14. Jinro

    Exhaust stains with airbrush?

    I was hoping to avoid buying a new airbrush :P What about the pastel chalk method? Are these standard pastel chalks from your average art store?
  15. Jinro

    ROKAF KF-16C

    Thanks guys. I guess I had a healthy dose of beginner's luck. I wish I could have gotten the wash a little cleaner--the entire aircraft looks like it's coated in a burnt umber dust. I also learned why seamless intakes are so popular I actually didn't do a wash on the landing gear bays--I just did a few light coats of white and let the gray of the plastic show through for kind of a pre-shading effect. Hopefully on my next build I can try pre-shading.