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  1. Hi all, Our customer Bruno Gire entered the competition at the SMW2015 Telford with the LVM Studios’ R7 Soyuz Baikonur Launch pad diorama and won “Best in Show” First time ever that a space model wins the competition! Congratulations to Bruno Gire for the excellent job! Regards, Leon van Munster www.LVM-Studios.com
  2. Hi all, Last weekend we presented our latest model at Scale ModelWorld in Telford UK. Soyuz Spacecraft TMA(-M) 1/48 Soyuz is a series of spacecraft designed for the Soviet space programme by the Korolyov Design Bureau (now RKK Energia) in the 1960s that remains in service today. The Soyuz spacecraft is launched on a Soyuz rocket, the most frequently used and most reliable launch vehicle in the world to date. This model kit represent the TMA (2003-2012) and the early TMA-M version (2010-2012). Kit features:  Resin and photo etch parts  Decals  Total parts: 102  Scale: 1/48
  3. New product from AMK-kits and LVM Studios The HTV (H-II Transfer Vehicle), designed and built in Japan, is JAXA’s unmanned cargo transfer spacecraft that delivers supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). The HTV delivers more than 12,000 pounds of cargo, both pressurized and unpressurized, to the ISS. HTV performs a rendezvous with the space station and holds position several meters away. The crew uses the station’s robotic arm to capture HTV and install it on the bottom side of the station’s Harmony node. Kit features: - Resin parts - Total parts: 98 - Scale: 1/72 - Size: 13
  4. We are still working on the project's website, it will be launched soon. To keep you all updated we have put the renders of kit 1 below: ML Base ML Mounting Mechanism Feel free to comment! We will keep you updated! Regards, LVM Studios
  5. Hi all, The project got succesfully funded! A big thanks you to all our backers for making this project possible! Soon more updates about the website and the project. Regards, LVM Studios
  6. Hi all, Because the limited edition kits sold out so quickly LVM and its distributors and dealers have decided to add extra rewards to the Kickstarter campaign. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/325925916/mobile-launcher-apollo-saturn-model-kit The rewards are part 1 of the Mobile Launcher Apollo Saturn kit in the scale 1/144, 1/96 and 1/72 to get started with the kit We want to thank all our backer for their support, without you guys it would not be possible!!! LVM Studios
  7. Hi, LVM Studios proudly presents their latest release: Angara-1.2pp Rocket "First Flight" in scale 1/144 More info at here Regards, LVM Studios
  8. Hi, LVM Studios released the 5th detail kit for the Revell Shuttle Launch Tower (04911, 1/144). The detail kits are available in 2 combokits: LC39S123 LC39S45 Also have a look at our redesigned website www.LVM-Studios.com Regards, LVM Studios
  9. Hi, LVM Studios has just released the ATV model kit in 1/72 scale from AMK-kits. Aurelio Maffia made the patterns for this beautiful model. The kit is available via LVM Studios and selected retailers Click below to go to the product page: http://tinyurl.com/k3bysqv Have a good day! Leon
  10. Hi, @space tiger hobbes: If you are in the USA or at least not living in the EU you do noy have to pay the 21% VAT for EU residents. Without taxes it is about 66 USD. I finished the business end of my own dragon kit to show you all how it looks. Quite impressive I guess.... The products of LVM Studios are not 3D printed but handsculpted. Regards, Leon van Munster www.lvm-studios.com
  11. Hi all, Working on it for a few months now and we can officially annouce our latest release: Batted F1 engines kit for the Dragon Saturn V 1-72 Click the link below for more details: Link to the product page Regards, Leon van Munster www.LVM-Studios.com
  12. Thanks for your compliment! We are considering a 1/72 version but it is not simply scaling up the current design. Check our website or facebook page for updates. For now I am concentrating myself on the sputnik and vostok versions of the pad and other new projects. A few weeks ago I read a topic (not sure which one)about if LVM Studios could do a 1/144 shuttle launch pad. How many people would like such model kit and how much would you like to pay for it? Just a quick ballpark quotation but the salesprices would be somewhere around 750 USD? I am taking the oppertunity to do some market resea
  13. Hi all, I am happy to announce that we have started shipping of the pre-orders of our Soyuz and Soyuz ST model kits and are accepting new orders. More info on the Soyuz and Soyuz ST model kit please click below: Soyuz Baikonur Soyuz ST CSG The assembly manual can be downloaded here Enjoy! Regards, LVM Studios www.facebook.com/lvmstudiosnl http://store.lvm-studios.com
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