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  1. I agree with ChippyWho. After I switched to using Future as a gloss coat and decal setting solution my decals look more like they were painted on instead of being decals. I stopped using the Testor's gloss and dull coat products...years later the models that had these finishing products on them started turning into a dingy looking brown tint. It will take a few years from now to find out if the Future I now use for gloss coats and the Xtracolor clear flat will work any better than the Testor clear coats but so far so good. Matrixone
  2. Taking a break from my usual aircraft models I built this older Hasegawa 1/72 scale kit of the Ostwind. This model was built SFTB and painted with Model Master enamels, the entire camo scheme was airbrushed freehanded and is not based on any known Ostwind's so this makes this model more of a what-if than anything. Matrixone
  3. Ryan, I am in the same situation you are in, there are no hobby shops where I live and the nearest one to me deals mostly with RC planes and has limited supplies for plastic scale models. Where is your nearest hobby shop? There was (or still is) at least two hobby shops in the Bend/Redmond area and at one time there was a shop in Ontario I used to go to in the 1970's but it might not be there anymore. Matrixone
  4. Netz, Nice painting on your models, if the cheaper thinner works for you and the type of models you build than that's great. On smaller scale models with WWII Luftwaffe paint schemes I have found the Testor's thinner works the best. Larger scale models with single or two color paint schemes its not as critical to use higher quality thinners. Here is what you can do with Model Master paints and the Testor's thinner: 1/72 scale 1/48 scale 1/32 scale All of the above models the camouflage schemes were painted freehanded, no masking unless a sharp line was needed. If the cheaper hardware store type thinners would work for thinning my paints I would be using them right now but they don't perform as well for the precise painting I do. Matrixone
  5. The Testor's thinner sure sound expensive but the good thing is one of those red cans will usually last me a whole year so I don't worry about it too much. The cheaper WalMart thinner is what I use for clean up. In the past I tried some painting experiments with using thinners other than Testor's with Model Master paints, there were no major problems except for trying to paint fine details and getting a slightly rougher finish, the cheap thinners did not work as well as the Testor's. If you are not concerned with the quality of your paint jobs go ahead and use cheap thinner, but considering how much most model kits cost these days I would rather spend a little more money on quality products to get a good finish on my models. Matrixone
  6. Thanks Bigasshammm, This kit was released by Revell about 8 or 10 years ago, its been in my stash for a very long time. The airbrush I use is perfect for painting models but at the same time cost very little. I think a lot of modelers really do think they need to spend hundreds of dollars to get an airbrush that can spray fine details but that's not really true, the Revolution BR can spray model paints just as good as any of the high priced airbrushes I own and that's why they are now my backups in case something should happen to my BR. Matrixone
  7. Thanks Tony! I appreciate the comments. Matrixone
  8. Here is my recently completed Revell 1/72 scale Me 262 Zerstorer, the model was built SFTB and painted with Model Master enamels. The camouflage pattern was airbrushed freehanded with my Iwata Revolution BR, for those of you looking for an airbrush that is very capable of precision airbrushing the Revolution BR should not be overlooked. Don't let the lower price of it put you off, this airbrush is ideal for painting Luftwaffe camo schemes or for adding weathering effects. Matrixone
  9. Thanks guys! I am not that pleased with the photography of this model. All my pictures of finished models are taken outdoors and when this model was finished we were getting a lot of wet weather here and I had to wait a few days for the rain/drizzle to stop before I could get my pictures, while it did dry out for a brief time it was still a dark overcast day with no direct sunlight which made it difficult to get the kind of pictures I wanted, what you see here is only the best of a bad group of images. I can do better than this and hope to show you when I post pics of my other Me 262. Matrixone
  10. Thanks USMC6094, Yes it sure is different looking, this Special Hobby kit is the only one of this aircraft design so I had to make the best of it or never have it in my collection. For an older limited run kit this one went together well, only the too long main landing gear legs spoiled the appearance of the finished model. In a few days I will post pics of another Me 262 I just finished, its built and painted to a higher standard than the model in this thread. Matrixone
  11. Here is my recently finished Three Seat Me 262 Nightfighter built from the 1/72 scale Special Hobby kit. This model was built SFTB and painted with Model Master enamels sprayed freehanded through my Iwata Revolution BR airbrush. Matrixone
  12. Thanks so much for the comments! I have two other models that are about 99% finished, they are a couple of 1/72 scale what-if Me 262's. Matrixone
  13. I own seven airbrushes and the Iwata Revolution BR is the best that I have tried yet for airbrushing freehand camouflage schemes even though its the cheapest airbrush I have, you don't need to buy the expensive airbrush types to get good performance, some of the cheaper airbrushes can do the job just as well. Yes my other more expensive airbrushes can also spray camo patterns freehanded, the biggest difference here is the Revolution BR does the same job but is easier to use. Another Iwata that works quite well is the Eclipse but I think its more expensive than the Revolution BR. Below are two 1/72 scale models with the camo schemes airbrushed freehanded with the Revolution BR. Matrixone
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