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  1. Thank you Blek Stena. Perfect small fighter with great history
  2. This profile represent small Yugoslav fighter made by Rogozarski factory Belgrade. This plane was very modern and acurrate for it's time. Pilot cpt. Milan Pkorni died in crash of this very plane 1938 on Zemun airfield
  3. Also same airplane in two diferent camo's
  4. This set of profiles show MiG 29 (9-12) served in Yugoslav and Serbian air forces. This is same plane in two diferent camo's and two diferent airforces. Serbian one is painted after overhauling
  5. You are lucky man. IÅ¡tvan was one of best Serbian pilot and we proud of him very much. Thnx man and just for you another one profile This one is Republika srpska air force during 1992 - 1995 period of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. This set of color profiles is dedicated to my father who died last year on 29th april. So i decide to remember him with profiles of aircraft SOKO G-4 Supergaleb. He worked on production of this plane in Soko Mostar aircraft production facility for about 35 years. So, this is for you dad.
  7. I use Photoshop CS and if you want to know how I may create some school step by step
  8. Bravo very nice and accurate
  9. Nice profile of beauty bird Good job
  10. Nice job. Portugese Corsairs have one of best colour sheme allways. This is just stunning
  11. mostar

    Aero L-39

    Respect, I like all of them BRAVO
  12. Respect, true artwork. Allmost i can fell heat from their engine :worship:
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