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  1. I just got the kit Friday, and am very interested in your work.
  2. Collin I think you did a bang up job with those decals. With all the trouble you had with them I'm not sure if I'd have given it a cat shot. LOL Who'd know better than you where those numbers went anyhow. The more you do on this bird the more you are inspiring me, keep up the awesome work.
  3. I am surprised no one mentioned Galaxy Quest. I love the part where the NSEA Protector was leaving space dock. It was a model no bigger than this. LOL
  4. This will be a MUST HAVE for me. When I was shot off the Ranger, myself and the guy next to me had orders. We were told to cross our arms, and hold onto our straps with our thumbs, and put our feet all the way under the seat in front of us. When we were shot off the ship his orders came out of his arms, and stuck to the seat back in front of us like it was magnetized. It stayed there for what seemed like a long time, before it slowly slid to the floor. Great times.
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