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  1. You can use chrome if you want a shine base. Great work by the way
  2. I have information that a new set for the su-35 will be ready from AKAN in a month or so both in laquer and acrylic
  3. Wow what a great start. I wouldn't expect anything less from you Janissary of course. How did you do the glass effect on screens?
  4. The final result justifies your efforts. Your build is exceptional and will be my future reference. Great job
  5. Janissary your build is amazing ans will be my guidw for my build. Only one think that is wrong is that your missilea with stripes are inert and all thw other are live...
  6. This is one of the most amazing builds I have seen. Well done. I can't wait for the finished kit
  7. https://the48ers.com/resins?manufacturer=1172 Try here their service is excellent
  8. Very nice job so far. The outcome will be great as usual
  9. This is not lacquer but acrylic paint. The series 7xxxx is acrylic and the 6xxxx is lacquer. Also the lacquer sets start the code with 46xx not 47xx.
  10. https://the48ers.com/su-35s-engine-nozzles-kittyhawk.html You can order here. By the way the quality is amazing
  11. The pylons are missile specific. I remember that it is 5G but I will tell you for all the pylons in a couple of hours that I will be home and check my refs... By the way your job is amazing. Your build and kike 's will be my reference to build the exact same plane.
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