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  1. G'Day all! I returned from a trip to Japan & Sth Korea 4 days ago, and have been inspired to make a Monogram 1/48 B-29 in honour of my holiday! My plan is to make an example of 'Top of the Mark' with the black undersides from Kits World, as I really think that it fits the theme very nicely :-) My question is kind of twofold... A. I promised that I'd never ever tackle a large area NMF finish using Alclad ever, ever, ever again... I'm a reasonably skilled and competent (IMHO) modeler, but I've just experienced experienced too much heartbreak with Alclad in the past - and it has worn out its welcome with me! lol. I'm not really patient or masochistic enough to do an adhesive BMF foil finish either, so I'm really looking for a good recommendation on high quality airbrushable enamels (like Mr Paint from Slovakia etc?). ANY advice is welcome with thanks! B. Secondly, was the black finish on the bottom of the Superforts gloss, satin or matt?? I can't really find a definitive opinion on the topic. Happy modelling from Australia! AK
  2. G'Day Pete, Do you know if your article has been moved? The URL doesn't seem to work any more... I'd love to have a look - I make a lot of in flight models, and thought I'd like to pop some pilots in them :-) Cheers!
  3. G'Day, Probably more builders of unbuilt kits than buyers of finished kits here BUT you never know... I've currently got listed on eBay: 1 x Built Italeri 1/48 A-4G Skyhawk in Royal Australian Navy livery for the HMAS Melbourne, circa 1982 RAN Skyhawk And... 1 x Built LTD CAC Boomerang in 4 Sqn Royal Australian Air Force livery CAC Boomerang Please feel free to check 'em out! Cheers, Aaron - Australia
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