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  1. Well, I had to start RUNNING because there was an element in the crowd who were going NUTSY.
  2. Fabric dye, Rit brand in Oz, work well for tinting plastic. G
  3. Regularly use for serial numbers. I apply the dry transfer letters onto clear decal film, then apply as usual. Large letters/numbers such as underwing markings may be applied direct or by using the dry transfer as a mask over the letter colour. Tape to remove. I have leftover sheets from my manual drafting days, they still work, as The Keeper says, warm before use. G
  4. The sound of CROWING woke the hens in the HATCH shed, a ROOMY shed with MORE nest boxes for broody hens to nestle like society MADAMS.
  5. I'd ASSUME so. There was a GROWLER flying patrol most of the time, so the WATCHROOM was on full alert.
  6. The President had the USE of a LODGE when in the district seeking MUSHROOMS.
  7. Hi Dave, I have a Delta spray painting booth. While it isn't silent, it's fairly quiet. Say like quiet music in the next room. It is very effective in reducing overspray and fumes. I currently vent mine to a box with an outlet that fits into a sliding window frame. No noticeable odours out there when I'm painting enamels. Alclad is different. :) At the moment, I'm investigating activated carbon air filters, intended as plumbing educt vent odour removers, for a closed room situation. This may be the path you need to take. Good luck in your investigations. G
  8. A couple of CODGERS in an Irish band told of her as we CRUISED the Swan River one night. An ornamental SHRUB or two spaced just so, MAY balance the ANGUISH of the mis- MATCHING pillars.
  9. I believe author Geo. ODGERS was a native too. The midlands accents make the place sound the same as both spellings. :) I hope no one feels CRUSHED by my critique.
  10. Figs were passed, smokes were smoked, tea was taken before mosque. Upon return, tables were LADEN with dishes, REDOLENT and delicious in moderate variety. Families and neighbours PODDED together.
  11. Yes, we remain HOSTAGE to some ODDER human traits. A visit to the PADRE probably won't help if you are longing for SQUAB to EAT once the fasting is done. A BRASH move here is to fly in an Imam to witness the new moon above the overcast so RESUME normality by giving a NOD to end the fast.
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