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  1. Voodoo in CFB Suffield. Seeking Number

  2. Hey peeps Looking to build a Blackhawk that would have served in Afghanistan in 2007. I would like to build something with a story, either personal or something really neat. Thanks for the look
  3. WOW, that is amazing. watching this one closly.
  4. I love the Scheme, well done!
  5. Love it, now I would like to have this beside the F-111
  6. Very nice, congrads. I have this on my wish list! Just need to build a few to thin the unbuilt stack first...ya its been on my wish list for a while...lol'
  7. I would suggest a B-1 chase plane, they were colorful.
  8. Thanks guys, I placed gold on this model at CAMS.
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