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    Yes, it is a standard Kriegsmarine flag (although the provided decal is not very accurate). Interesting idea. Is there any way with a natural material that would fall losely, and not be stiff afterwards?
  2. prophet


    I would like to make a flag for a u-boat, U 96, 1:144. I would like to display it as if it was simply hanging down, boat in the dockyard, no wind. Any ideas how to do that? I was thinking of using tissue paper, but that seems too stiff. So I guess some thin cotton might do the trick, but how could I print that myself from both sides?
  3. I've started to build Revell's 1/144 German U-Boot Type VII C. I guess it would look a lot better with the flood valves opened, not just imitated. The smaller round ones are no problem, I simply drilled them out. But I am a bit at a loss with the oval shaped ones; any advice on how to drill/cut them open?
  4. Which version of the Aim-9 and Aim7 were used for the F-14s in the Top Gun movie? I am assuming the Aim-9L, correct? Which version for the Aim-7?
  5. I was wondering if these two are still the same kit, or if the Revell Black Bunny has been upgraded regarding fit and details or whatever?
  6. I am totally new to modelling, and still fighting with airbrushing. I spend a lot more time cleaning and maitaining my airbrush than acutally airbrushing. Is that normal? Which procedure to you guys undergo when changing colours on the airbrush? Which for cleaning the airbrush after a session? => I use Revell Aqua colours, if that helps. Thanks.
  7. I have been using Revel aqua colours on my first model. Most colour specifications I got from this forum or some build threads; most colours were given in Model Master numbers/names, so I used this conversion table to find the corresponding Revell colours. However, it seems to me there are some differences between the colours, since they seem to turn out differently on my model than I saw on pictures of other modellers. Is that possible/normal, or just a matter of colours being shown differentyl on pictures?
  8. thanks MoFo, that helped a lot!
  9. My apologies, I should have done that. Reading between the lines, would you suggest getting a better airbrush/compressor?
  10. Being new to modelling, I have some problems with airbrushing. I have this airbrush set: Revell Basic Set 1. When filling paint into the can and starting to airbrush, the colour starts to bubble a lot and flows over the top of the can. 2. I am not able to spray thin lines; the thinnest I could get is about 1cm broad (even at close range). I just wanted to do some preshading on a F-14, but this totally does not work. I just assume I am handling things incorrectly, so I would appreciate any help on how to do this properly.
  11. I need some help finding the right colours for the seat cushions and belts of F-14A seats (having tried various and failed so far). Some footage I found shows that cushions to be dark green, though all models I have seen here use some kind of brown/khaki. (e.g. here: http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2001/images/F-14_CP2-07.jpg). So which colours would you use for seat cushions and belts? Thanks.
  12. ok, so this is what I got. any comments or advice on how to improve it?
  13. For a Top Gun movie F-14A (1/48) I am looking for lo vis decals - I just realized the Revell kit only has hi vis decals. I got Jared's Top Gun decals, so I only need basic airplane markings. Any tipps which would be the easiest solution? I've got decal paper here; is it realistic to make my own markings, or find some pdf online to simply print them?
  14. wow, your engines look killer!
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