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  1. Thank you, I did not know it was a rebox of the hasegawa!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm about to do the A-10A kit in 1/72 from Academy, not the greatest kit btw, and I was wondering what aftermarket goodies I could get for the kit, I'm most interested on a cockpit and decals for it. Any help will be appreciated, :) also, the reason why I'm doing this is to practice so that I can get a 1/48 scale kit, but I want to do it justice, I have never built an A-10 before and I was wondering what kit should be the best in that scale? I already have the monogram kit, but to be honest, I don't want to deal with scribing and re riveting the entire kit.... I mean, c'mon!! who d
  3. great work bro!! I have a question: the pictures, did you take them or was it the magazine's photographer? just wondering. Anyway the A-10 is in my video that I'm uploading on Youtube as I type this, go to YouTube and type coladito1 or OrangeCon 2012........ this plane is a work of art, nuff said. :)
  4. What a beauty!! looks even better in person!!
  5. Looking good Mike! Gonna be following the progress for sure! :D
  6. I love mine but I only use it for base coats, I have an iwata that I use for finer detail...... I would recommend the Neo to a beginner, its a good AB.
  7. My bad Neo, I didn't know ur in Canada....... but it seems kei might already have the help u need.
  8. Yeah I get you Neo, my apologies if I got a lil bit jumpy there, but I agree with u. If you want, call coastairbrush out here in California, they are pretty much it when it comes to airbrush needs, tell them what you want it for and they'll help you out. Don't forget to mention ir budget tho.
  9. Best results: MM acrylic thinner, I would go with rubbing alcohol second, but drying time is extremely fast.
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