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  1. Hi guys, I am looking for Trumpeter 1/32 F-14 canopy parts GP1 and GP2. If you have these parts and don't need them, please contact me at service at deepbluemodel dot com or PM me. Thank you, Anzo
  2. Hi guys, I am looking for a Hasegawa 1/48 F-14B/D closed nozzle part K-6. If you have one and no longer need it, please contact me with deepbluemodel at gmail dot com. Thank you, Anzo
  3. I am looking for an AeroMaster Decals set 1/48 S-3B / ES-3A Lo Vis Stencils #148-031. Please contact me if you have one for sale. Thank you, Anzo
  4. I am looking for two No.11 Tie Fighter decals from the Fine Molds 1/72 Y-Wing kit. There are four No.11 Tie Fighter decals on that decals sheet, building the Y-Wing only needs one. If you have these decals and don’t need them, please send message to me. Thank you, Anzo
  5. Thank you tumezz. "brave"?? Ha...ha... It is really worth a try.
  6. Thank you, Sebastijan. It was fun to build her, you should try. But the PE was too soft and the fitting was not very well, I didn't finish her easily.
  7. This is 1/72 Eduard Fokker D.VIII. Most parts are PE, only need few plastic parts. It is kind of small and not easy to build. I also added a couple of control cables. Thanks for watching. WIP : http://www.deepbluemodel.com/work-in-progress/airplane/1-72-fokker-d-viii
  8. Thanks for your comments. I am glad that you like it. The terminator movies are always classic. I have special memories about this movies too. :)/>
  9. Hi Ken. Thanks for your nice comments. Hope you enjoy to browse my website. I have some resin and white metal figures too. But too many models I want to build, not sure when I can finish these figures. :P Please finish your figures and share with us.
  10. The details of this kit were really nice, but some small gaps were found between each parts and I needed to fill these gaps or rebuild the shape. Most areas were painted by oil paint. Thanks for your watching. WIP is here. http://www.deepbluemodel.com/work-in-progress/figure/54mm-louis-xiv-the-sun-king/
  11. This is Horizon Terminator 2 T-800 vinyl kit. I sawed it into half and made it as a bust. Most areas were painted by oil paint, jacket was airbrushed. Thanks for your watching. WIP and more photos are in here. http://www.deepbluemodel.com/work-in-progress/figure/1-5-terminator-2-t-800/ http://www.deepbluemodel.com/model-gallery/figure/1-5-terminator-2-t-800/
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