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  1. A link in another thread took me to a site and one of the other articles was about the record setting Blackbird crew reuniting, in the article the pilot I suppose says that when they set the record they didn't go all out, they only did enough to set the record and let it go at that really?. 2,193 mph and that wasn't with the throttle firewalled....jeeez just how fast could that long sleek awe inspiring sinister looking aircraft (on the ground) really go,I realize there are still secrets to/of the SR-71 that we don't know and will not at least within my lifetime; is it possible that Kelly Joh
  2. Hi guys, I'm finally able to get my fix...I'm back on da forum(s). As reported earlier by Phantomdriver of late my health issues have not been favorable and in the very near future I have an early morning appt with a surgeon and his trusty, hopefully not rusty scalpel , I'm at a standstill with one form of cancer and in a tooth and nail battle with another as told earlier. I don't like discussing medical issues in open forum there's enough sadness and bad news everywhere else no need to bring it here and mess up things with depressing topics; so hopefully this will be it as far as that goes, s
  3. Yup it's all true.....first that Phishing fiasco, then my email goes wacko and after that I ain't gonna talk about it.
  4. Sounds like he read that book in the local library "statutory rape in China by Hop won tu yung"
  5. I hope all who feel this way realizes that SBARC does this for our benefit, and it is not his day job...give the guy a break he does have a life beyond ARC. IIRC he has said he'll address the issue when time permits. I'll not complain about a free website that addresses so many of the questions concerning modeling that we ask; as said before two clicks and voila!!!..you're on ARC's forums. surely you jest, I hope so...this is not the first time this issue has arisen and the mass exodus of which you speak, in actuality, never occurred; IIRC. I doubt seriously if your complaining will get you
  6. Does liquid glues (ex: Tamiya extra thin) burn thru alclad II the same as they do regular enamel based paints?.
  7. That is very good, but Koike Shigeo is still the master :worship:
  8. Godspeed Sgt. Thatcher. Thank you for your service. My condolences to his family, friends, and others who knew him.
  9. Great pix, thanx...great refs for painting and weathering the fans :thumbsup:/> looks like you add a little tan to the white and you can weather the intake tunnel...or one might say that's the dirtiest white ever seen; I mean egg shell, or Navajo white isn't that dark. I wonder if it's the friction of the air being pulled in that heats the paint and in a sense singes it to make it dark.
  10. At least with ZM you have anticipation of a great kit, however another maker announced a Flanker in 1/48 for years, and finally there is a glimmer of hope the kit will finally see the light of day, a glimmer only mind you. (one ping Vasili, one ping only please)
  11. Chuk your masterpieces never seem to do less than amaze and inspire awe, an above masterful job on the LG ...which ones? :D
  12. At one time in my life I was very predictable, just go to the local airport and you'd find me hanging with folks who all were members of AOPA, that is when I wasn't on the TA ramp during off duty hours ( didn't make enough to buy a camera then). OK nuff of that stuff let's talk about that often used, though not enough at times info cache the "airport bum", "hangar rat", and other such sobriquets or monikers used to describe folks who just can't get enough of airports, airplanes and all things related to aviation. I readily admit I was one for a time, though life has a way of changing the thi
  13. Now wouldn't that be great.......but with mankind...*ahem* the highest life form on this rock, gifted with the ability to reason; doesn't always use that gift. IMHO it would serve us well to understand that 90% of what is said written here is like water on a ducks back where the kit makers are concerned, and of the 10% that garners deeper attention, how much is actually used where the final product is concerned. IIRC only two projects; one still in the rumor stages, and the other actually out on the shelves have had major input from ARC members that was used in the development of the kit, th
  14. Now wouldn't that be great.......but with mankind...*ahem* the highest life form on this rock, gifted with the ability to reason; doesn't always use that gift.
  15. Three words that should never be used in the same sentence ejection seat and comfort, unless one had to sit on a seat of nails..then by comparison you will find it a bit more comfortable.
  16. .....and a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY....to all Grand dads, Dads, and even those who will soon be dads...That is all B) :)
  17. Send Hobbico and email, they handle the Hasegawa parts replacement, well at least for the US, AFAIK. They will however charge you for the part, but the lady I emailed at least told me how much it was gonna be,m and how long I had to wait, with it coming from Japan.
  18. I can see it coming from miles away...AMK succumbs to the pressure and puts the kit into production....it hits the shelves and OH OH.....someone opens the box inspects it and screams hey they missed, this and that...they should have got it right; for what I paid. Well IMHO that's what they're trying to do.......GET IT RIGHT!!!! :D ;) . How many times in other threads have we seen things such as the nose is too fat, the canopy is too flat, the fuselage is to wide, the tail is too short, etc...will the kit be perfect, for some probably not, for others it will be a gem. Gents man will never do
  19. Not to point a finger, it's just that scruples and morals these days are simply words in Websters, Funk & Wagnals, etc to describe how folks used to be. I've screwed the pooch on parts, but good ol' Revell has pulled my fat outta the fire, as has MPC, currently I'm waiting for a part from Hobbico/Hasegawa (whole sprue,factually) which I paid for. I just ain't right or honest to do it any other way, I just wouldn't feel good about myself..the parts don't cost that much to have them replaced.
  20. All are great shots......some dredge up memories of not so long ago. Douglas' DC-3; if any aircraft surpasses the service life of this aircraft it has yet to be built, although the BUFF does come close ;) .
  21. Thanx Moose, ain't nothing like a pic of a lightning bolt...frozen in time....great shot!!!
  22. Kinda freaky....it is cool though <-----(used in lieu of a like button)
  23. Outstandingly absotively posilutely fantabulous......and it's good too !!! ;) :D
  24. Rest in eternal peace Mr. Howe; my condolences to all those who loved him, and who knew him well. I'm not a Hockey fan, have only watched 3-4 games in my entire life; "The miracle on ice" in 1980 and a the others when the "Great one" played, BUT even I know who Mr. Howe was...2016 has been devastating on sports figures and celebs, recently icons/ambassadors for their named sports have been lost Mr. Howe, M. Ali; though their legacy went far beyond the confines of the Ice rink or Boxing ring.
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