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  1. Ah well, according to wiki no Kormorans with the Dutch Air Force. Only Marineflieger and Marina Militare got them.
  2. Report of a bail out: "A very dense flock of geese brought the engine of "my" 104 to an end with banging and puffing. A few seconds later, the speed was so low that the only motto I could think of was: Let's get out now. Thought - done. A loud bang, a sharp draft, a few turns around, I don't know which axis, stabilization, slow, steady descent. Ah - it works. This realization is heart-warming in the truest sense. Above me the parachute bulging and round, breathing mask off, activate life jacket, down there burns black and red "my" plane, feet together, knees bend, look at the horizon and
  3. Nope. Video (Luftwaffe, but still...). ... and don't forget the pin! 😁
  4. AS.34 Kormoran: First flight tests took place in 1969 with the F-104G and series production started in 1973. So very likely Kormoran went with Martin-Baker.
  5. @serendip: I've got some Open Office tables containing the planes employed by MFG 2. Lots of dead links, because they're internal to our forum, but the external ones should work. They lead to pics of "our" starfighters on the net (at least to those I found). You can contact me via PM or check flugzeugforum.de. Since one of the mods' nik there is TF-104G, you could place your question regarding Kormorans on TFs there as well (https://www.flugzeugforum.de/forums/vom-original-zum-modell.208/). We're even able to decipher messages encoded by google translate. On the other hand: those who served wi
  6. The pic of 26+67 by Joop de Groot (1992) was taken well after the plane had been decommissioned in 1989 (explains the sorry state), the one by Mark an der Fliet even later. For its history look here. For training purposes the pilots went out on two-ship missions: element Alpha carrying the Kormoran, making a bee line after deployment, element Bravo guiding the missile towards the target until it homed in, then taking to its heels. I was allowed to try out element Bravos's task myself in the squadron's AS.34 simulator. Not without success, I might add 😁. Jens
  7. RAL 9006 by Hataka or Weinert. No need to change the topic, MFG is short for Marinefliegergeschwader. In my days (mid-70s) there were MFG 1, MFG 2, MFG 3 and MFG 5. MFG 1 + 2 were equipped with Starfighters (Fighter/Bomber, RF and TF), MFG 3 chasing subs with Breguet Atlantic and MFG 5 had Seakings and Do 28-D2. Regarding the Kormoran issue you could ask some old codger in the MFG 2 facebook group: there should be someone there in the know. 🙂 Jens
  8. Since ve are Germans zere is a norm, of course: Top RAL 7012 Basaltgrau Belly RAL 9006 Weissaluminium Inlet RAL 9005 Tiefschwarz More info you'll find here, but according to the old Doncolor-files the colors mentioned above should be correct. RAL ~ "Reichsausschuss für Lieferbedingungen“ (founded 23.04.1925), today it's called "RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V." Neither have I, but I only spent a year in 2./MFG2... Saw a Kormoran sitting on the runway once, though, appearently came loose just before take off. O
  9. "Bundesmarine" in those (my) days. For the history of German starfighters check 916-starfighter. Jens
  10. Unfortunately out of stock and not to be reprinted, as they've told me... EDIT: ... wrong scale. What about 1/72?
  11. There is the authentic airliners BAC1-11 (currently out of stock), which can be jazzed up with a set of wings with extended flaps (available).
  12. There are summer holidays till September 11th in Bavaria...
  13. I'm always interested in the stories behind the birds: 21+25 22+70 Especially the Danish one looks really good - I only came across one of their F-100Ds once: same state of art (paintwise) :D/>. Taking off from our base I thought it might get caught in the perimeter fence! :thumbsup:/> Jens
  14. At Vingtor decals website you'll find decals available, and old decals, which "are unfortunately not longer available from Vingtor." Starfighter decals are among the latter. I mailed them (for 1/72 scale) and got a negative reply. :crying2:/>
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