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  1. I can't even imagine what you're going through. As a father, I don't even have the words.... Deepest condolences from our family on your loss.
  2. Hi Kevin, I can help you out with the two one-piece Phantom canopies! Also, if you need full kits for your planned builds, I have a Hasegawa F-4G and Hasegawa F-4J that will likely sit in the stash for eternity. The canopies you can definitely have for free and we can talk about the kits, if you're interested! I'm also in Ottawa, so don't worry about shipping! Cheers, Don
  3. The DUTCH Tornado pilot averted the AUTOMATIC launch of his HEAT-seeking Sidewinder against a police RADAR gun? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark methinks.... <_</> edit: can ECM actually damage a radar-emitting source?
  4. Looks awesome Vivek!!! I'm glad the decals worked out for you! Don
  5. Email sent for "AirDOC, Luftwaffe Phantoms (revised, limited collector’s edition)" Don
  6. First-time Dong-er here and quite happy so far! Good price and kit was as-advertised with no surprises.
  7. I have a spare AV-8B II+ canopy from Hasegawa's 1/48 kit. No windscreen though :( Let me know if you want to give it a shot! As Fulcrum said though, Revell are amazing about extra/damaged sprues if you write to them. Revell: Defective or Missing Parts Best of luck! Don
  8. "Too little, too late."? By the time you decide to take action, it's past the point of recovery and any effort/effect you can bring to bear on the situation is horribly underpowered. To "hope against hope" is to force yourself to believe something good will come out of a bad situation, even though you know the odds are ridiculously low. "Wilful denial" is where you KNOW that something bad will very likely happen, but for whatever reason you force yourself to ignore that fact and proceed to do something every fiber of your being is telling you not to do. However you phrase it, your balloon buddy is on deck for a Darwin award.....
  9. Oh I LOVE those things.......They make a great sight flying towards the nearest wall. The trick I've found through much trial and breakage is a pair of flat-nosed pliers/tongs. There's no folding line on the PE in the middle, perpendicular to the natural direction of the scissor link, so if you pinch the piece in the middle (with the flat nose of the pliers/tongs perpendicular to the direction of the scissor) and then bend the other half backwards the make the scissor form itself, you should have a fairly straight joint across the apex of the scissor (where the pin is on the real thing). From there, just carefully bend the spread of the scissor into whatever angle you need! Hope this helps! Don
  10. Glad to see you made it through in one piece and are fast on the road to recovery Graham! My dad went through almost the exact same thing two years ago - in Ottawa ironically. Heart attack-like symptoms that were diagnosed as a minor cardiac event. An angiogram revealed three blockages (95%, 80% and 75%) as well which led to a triple bypass. I'd like to mirror Graham's praise of the Ottawa heart Institute and its staff - AMAZING people who did some VERY solid work on short notice! It turned out to be a life-changer for both of us. In my father's case, he dropped a few pounds, radically changed his diet and has become much more active ever since the event. In my own case, I appreciate the time we get to spend together a LOT more. We're only 59 and 27 respectively, but it's definitely an eye-opener for everyone involved. ALL THE BEST in the coming days and take nothing for granted my friend - you dodged a big one there! Don
  11. OR.....!!!! You could just give them a quick coat of orange, a little burn damage and make a display entitled "Used Drones". All in all though, give Murphy a right hook and hobby shop it up. Onwards and upwards!
  12. All the best Eugene! Keep your eyes open and stay safe. Despite being way up here in Canada, thank you for your service! Be well! I should have your Tornado finished by the time you get back - it's about 90% there now :) Don
  13. Just a heads-up: It could just be the brand I'm using, but I've found it REALLY helps to swab down the two surfaces to be glued with some rubbing alcohol first (70% should be fine, 99% if you want a buzz). Both sides need to be super-clean for the pieces to adhere properly. I've done more than my fair share of holding and waiting.....and swearing.....before figuring this somewhat obvious little detail out. :bandhead2: Hopefully this saves you the time! Don
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