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  1. Looking for 1/48 Revellogram EF-2000 Typhoon.
  2. The pictures I've seen of the S1C heatshield show it to be white.
  3. Received my H model over a month ago.......came with two port cockpit halves. No stbd side!
  4. I have to agree with Chris 7607 on this. The cockpit coaming on the Kinetic kit is way to long as is the dimensionall erros on the speed brake. The nose is a real bad girl to build...check out Doogs models build. He gives a great build sequence for it. The vertical stabs on both kits are identical. There're alot of great options with the kit, and it does look like a Hornet when done but for ease of build and a more accurate shape I'd stick with Hasegawa.
  5. Shape Ways printed the entire S-1C bottom with the fairings?
  6. No one made a "state " of the art when Tamiya released those kits. Eduards 109"s are the ultimate kit. I'm sure you, as well as alot of other modellers< will piss your money away just because it's Tamiya.
  7. Just what we need another 109! NOT
  8. I had heard that 2020 was OKC, guess not!
  9. racerman


    They were NOT test firing the 105! They were shooting flares out the 105 when one got hung up in the barrel without their knowledge. A 105 round was chambered and fired. The 105 round detonated in the barrel fracturing it and throwing shrapnel into the left wing. In reallity they shot themselves down. I lost a good friend that day! I was a member of the 16th SOS 78-81.
  10. racerman


    Splitting hairs but Ok. Btw the gun wasn't being test fired. If you ain't Spectre!
  11. racerman


    I believe the last one lost, Spirit 76, off of Somalia.
  12. That's what happens when someone jams a package in there that's too large!
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