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  1. You might be getting into OPSEC issues with that line of questioning. Don't have a whole lot of BUFF experience with anything other then MK-62/82 and M-117 Internal carriage. Good luck though.
  2. Did you post pics of the finished and painted goofy on a AMMO page today? The wife was showing me pics of one I was like bet i know who that was....
  3. Could not agree more! The USAF is WAY to worried about stupid sh*t vs. productivity/mission/common sense.
  4. Where did you get the PE Low Voltage Formation Lights? BTW she is looking good!
  5. Great build! I love seeing this bird flying around!
  6. Hi! I got to work with the Kitty Hawks Ordies at Andersen. Good guys! They bit*hed about all of our rules though!
  7. AMMO I'll be watching this build! That goofy looks incredible! You should have a bunch of figures standing around waiting on the line drives just to jab at any loaders on here! IYAAYAS!!!!!!
  8. 3 now by my count. There is another guy on here that was AMMO! Always good to see another AMMO troop!!!
  9. Are they going to fix this or am I relegated to the forums only?
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