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  1. It a shame we have to rely on a 60 year old kit....
  2. Just ordered the gallery 1/48 h-34 kit.... $38usd shipping included from Modelhobbies uk Sprue bros is $44usd not included shipping... :o/> Thanks for the britexit. Even though the pound took a beating, this kit would be still around $45usd via modelhobbies uk.
  3. Canadians are definitely missing out. F-35 looks great.
  4. Yes. I agree that 1/72 is cheaper, but many of the helos I want are too small in 1/72. :(
  5. I like the Academy 1/48 glacier girl. Needs some new wheels and an eduard pe cockpit set.
  6. Pity. Just spent 100 usd on a Tamiya 1/100 b-52F.
  7. 1/48. Although for larger helos, I prefer 1/72, but only for space purposes.
  8. It would be easy for Italeri to upsize their H-19. Why they don't do this is beyond me.
  9. It depends on which year. Earlier, say early 60s they used the AIR2 and standard falcons, super falcon in the 70s and 80s. Gunpod in the 80s. They also used the nuclear falcon.
  10. No customs. I use paypal. I save about $5 usd on average. Compare yourself.
  11. Sprue Bros are getting ridiculous with shipping costs...it is,cheaper to order from Modelhobbies in the UK than Sprue Bros.
  12. That's BS. That bothers me. I too like boxes in good condition.
  13. Italeri and revell are the most likely sources for the 1/48 H-19.
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