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  1. Ben, As shown in dehowie's post early on there were exterior straps fixed to the outside of the fuselage along with internal bracing. Then the internal bracing was beefed up and the external straps were eliminated. The 390 gal bomb bay fuel tank was fillable from the single point and the area was rarely opened. The piston, we referred to it as the "kicker" (because it would kick the device out of the a/c) was disabled when they installed the tank so you couldn't accidently mash it into the closed door. Also with a full load of 6 Mk117 750 pounders we were G limited to 4. Cheers
  2. 11bee, When I was there, 66 thru 68, we carried the ALQ 87 -1 & -2's. The F-4's I saw all seemed to carry the same pod as us in the port forward missile well and a special adapter to carry it in the well. Granted it was 50+ years ago but some memories are still sharp. Cheers Itch
  3. The attachment point was different as the MER was attached, basically, to the bomb bay door. Cheers Itch
  4. That's definitely going to leave a mark! Cheers Itch
  5. Appears to be a Edwards test a/c. Cheers, Itch
  6. Never say never, both the A-10 nd F-105 were limited markets and they are pretty well covered in all scales. Just a thought. Cheers Itch
  7. What! ! ! ! No love for the Thud? Cheers Itch
  8. Only the B models were NMF but eventually painted aluminum under Project Look Alike. The D's were painted at the factory before delivery. The color difference is due to the underlying material causing tonal differences. Another interesting photo is the one is the USAF DeHaviland Beaver next to a French Bf 108 Taufin (sp). To best of my knowledge no EF-105F's or F-105G's were ever stationed in Europe. Cheers Itch
  9. Looks like he is exposing himself to the crowd! Cheers Itch
  10. Per chance, is the house next to yours for sale? Cheers mate Itch
  11. I would like to see a 1/32nd Hamp by Hasegawa or Tamiya. Very under represented aircraft. Cheers Itch
  12. Holy Sheit Batman ! ! ! That's beyond fantastic! I wouldn't put the fuselage halves together, that's a helluva model by it's self. Cheers Itch
  13. This new large scale F-35 kit from Tamyagawatrumvell is great but some of the smaller after market photo etch stuff is a bit over the top for detail! Cheers Itch
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