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  1. Cajun21

    The Book Thread

    Did you also read Lucky's Bridge and Tango Uniform? All part of the trilogy by Wilson. Although supposedly fiction I recognize a few of the guys I flew with in the characters he presents. All good reads. Cheers Itch
  2. Cajun21

    Test Pics

    I see a nicely weathered seat. Itch
  3. Cajun21

    P-38 Lightning

    The aircraft on the left is a recce bird and if you notice the port nose panel is open and it can be surmised that all the cameras were removed from the aircraft and the center of gravity has changed. With that weight loss and the aircraft rocked back aft of the main gear due to the weight loss. Just my observation. Cheers Itch
  4. Cajun21

    Favorite Air Museums?

    My all time favorites are the AF museum in Dayton and the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. Two that haven't been mentioned yet aren't big but well worth the visit are the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robbins AFB and the Mighty 8th museum in Savanna. Cheers Itch
  5. Cajun21

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    A quick game of "pocket pool" perhaps? Itch
  6. WOW, what great work. Cheers Itch
  7. Cajun21

    First post. Wooo!

    Igor, Welcome aboard! We are nutty but dedicated bunch and there a lot of whirley gig builders here, though mostly plastic. Looking forward to your SU-35 pics. Have you decided on a scheme yet? Cheers Itch
  8. Cajun21

    Rear firing missiles

    Also the closing speed of the missile and target flying at each other would be greatly increased and your window of opportunity for a missile lock would be reduced significantly.. Cheers Itch
  9. Cajun21

    Postimage test

    They are amazing to see. The larger ones seem to rotate so slowly and serenely, but if you stand close to one you realize it is really rotating quit fast. Tip speeds can exceed 100 MPH in some cases. I was in MI last year for work and driving to Kalamazoo MI from Lansing and saw 2 85 foot wind turbine blades being transpoeted west on the interstate. Itch
  10. Cajun21

    Postimage test

    Biiiiig propeller. Itch
  11. Looks to me like it was hand painted after a repair. Just my observation. Cheers Itch
  12. Cajun21

    F-23A Black Widow II - the rollout

    WOW ! ! Fantastic work. Cheers Itch
  13. Cajun21

    2018 Thunder over Michigan Air Show, Aug 25-26

    I think you mean B-17, I got really confused and excited there for a moment. Cheers, Itch
  14. Cajun21

    Stephen Hawking dies at 76

    Sad news indeed. A genius beyond all others and knowledge lost forever. Read a couple of his books, he wrote very well so that laymen could understand. Interesting that he passed on Albert Einsteins' birthday. He now has all his questions answered. Gabor, the IQ of humanity has most definitely dropped a considerable amount. RIP Mr. Hawking Itch
  15. +1, excellent build. Itch