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  1. Also to make it more "believable" would be Indiana Jones hanging onto the front! Cheers Itch
  2. Tunes of glory and the Campbell's are coming both on the bag pipes. "We'll meet again" and "Land of Hope & Glory" both by Vera Lynn. The opening theme from the 1st Superman movie with Christopher Reeves, and just about anything from John Williams. Cheers Itch
  3. Triple digits??????? I better check the back of the stash 'cause if memory serves I still have 1, maybe 2 ! ! ! Cheers Itch
  4. Agree, seems like it to me, inserting the pins in the face curtain initiators. Cheers Itch
  5. If you haven't read Clancy's Red Storm Rising it's worth the read. Cheers Itch
  6. Nino, I concur with Joe H that the checkered wingtip was painted over the red and yellow striping and the nose art was removed when the aircraft was transferred to another pilot. So go with your original scheme including the red line at the national insignia and yellow line on the nose. Good luck. Cheers Itch
  7. Nino, The scheme is correct. The aircraft in question was with the 318th Fighter Squadron, squadron color was red, of the 325th Fighter Group (The Checkertails) operating in the Med. In the Squadron Signal book on the unit it has a few B/W photos of -D and -B model Mustangs with dark painted wingtips which seem to match the dark painted nose. I assume it to be red. Also the yellow on the wings are the theater markings and again can be seen in photos painted as above, The only thing I could not discern was the red fuselage stripe aft of the national insignia and the yellow stripe after the red nose. I would go with the scheme as shown as there is enough info to verify the scheme. Hope it helps, looking forward to seeing the finished project. Cheers, Itch
  8. Lovely model. Cheers Itch
  9. Sean, Nice work! Especially like the Defiant. Cheers Itch
  10. Sean, Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to your work and presence here. Enjoy the ride. Cheers then Itch
  11. Mario, The only thing I have is a photo of the forward gun modification on "The Last Straw" aircraft. PM me your email and I will send it to you if you would like. It's not much but it's all I got, Cheers, Itch
  12. In the last pic above, looks like Capt Jack Sparrow in the pit. He may even be the DCAG! 😏 Cheers then, Itch
  13. The ARC home page is being displayed from Fri May 19, 2017 ! Have we solved that whole time / space continuum thing and gone back in time, or is it just me?? Cheers Itch
  14. 11bee, That was Project Yahoody, it was basically known as sympathetic illumination. It was done on a Avenger with lights in the leading edges of the wings and engine cowling. A, for want of a better word, light meter was aimed backwards at the tail of the a/c and read the light intensity behind the aircraft and the forward lights were adjusted to match the background light rendering the aircraft somewhat invisible. The main problem was that if you were 15 - 20 degrees off the line of flight you could see the aircraft plainly. A tid bit from my vault of trivial knowledge. Cheers Itch
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