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  1. The ARC home page is being displayed from Fri May 19, 2017 ! Have we solved that whole time / space continuum thing and gone back in time, or is it just me?? Cheers Itch
  2. 11bee, That was Project Yahoody, it was basically known as sympathetic illumination. It was done on a Avenger with lights in the leading edges of the wings and engine cowling. A, for want of a better word, light meter was aimed backwards at the tail of the a/c and read the light intensity behind the aircraft and the forward lights were adjusted to match the background light rendering the aircraft somewhat invisible. The main problem was that if you were 15 - 20 degrees off the line of flight you could see the aircraft plainly. A tid bit from my vault of trivial knowledge. Cheers Itch
  3. Bill, Looking really great. Your work is a magnificent tour de force of the modelling arts. The Star Destroyer build puts me in awe also. "If this be madness, then let us all suffer it!" Cheers Itch
  4. Rhino53 Great looking model. Really nice presentation too. Cheers Itch
  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Cheers Itch
  6. Working with my 8 yo grandson building a 1/48th A-10. Almost at the point for decals. He wants to do the full color shark mouth version. Found the Supersclale sheet 48-1201 with the markings but I believe it is now OOP. Have looked all over fro it and can't find a set. Would buy partial or whole sheet. Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA. And yes I did post on the Buy and Sell Forum 2 months ago, no joy so I thought I'd try here. Also don't have, or want, a ebay account. Cheers Itch
  7. Also of note is the elaborate wheel lock / chock assembly on the mains. Don't want it breaking loose during run ups. Cheers Itch
  8. My 8 yo grand nephew saw an A-10 at a recent air show with a shark mouth and FT on the tail and wants to build a model of it. I am assuming it's a 23rd FW A-10 from Moody. Super Scale has a sheet (48-1201 I believe) that has these markings and I am having trouble finding them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA. Cheers Itch
  9. DIO, This is looking really great. I admire your skills and talent. Love the Defiant too. Cheers Itch
  10. Yes it is possible, but other published records could sort it out, i.e. production records and histories, which are real numbers and which are faked. The only time of faked serial numbers being successful that I know of were on the SR-71 and the U-2 aircraft as no numbers were published until after mid life. HTH. Itch
  11. Ed, You live in Marietta! I live in McDonough. Drop me a PM if you want to get together for a cold one with an old Thud driver. Cheers Itch
  12. Ed, Great job on the prototype Thud. Excellent work and a exercise in patience. Loved it. Cheers Itch
  13. Did you also read Lucky's Bridge and Tango Uniform? All part of the trilogy by Wilson. Although supposedly fiction I recognize a few of the guys I flew with in the characters he presents. All good reads. Cheers Itch
  14. I see a nicely weathered seat. Itch
  15. Cajun21

    P-38 Lightning

    The aircraft on the left is a recce bird and if you notice the port nose panel is open and it can be surmised that all the cameras were removed from the aircraft and the center of gravity has changed. With that weight loss and the aircraft rocked back aft of the main gear due to the weight loss. Just my observation. Cheers Itch
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