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  1. Not necessarily, they dropped on "soft" targets also. Cheers Itch
  2. Went to both those when I moved into the area with wife 1.0. There was also a Squadron Shop for awhile too, mid 70's time frame. My first hobby shop was Franklin's five and dime where I got some wood aircraft kits and saw my first plastic kit (Starfix I believe) can't remember exact one but it was a bi-plane. Cheers Itch
  3. I look at this and my models seem to be built by a chimpanzee by comparison! I may have to rethink my choice of hobbies. WOW just 'effn WOW. Exceptional work Rotorman, a real labor of love. Cheers Itch
  4. WOW just WOW. Makes me think that I may want to reconsider my choice in hobbies. Cheers Itch
  5. Gary, Great shots as usual. I admire your talent at photography. Would love to see some decals for the anniversary bird in 48th or 32nd. Cheers Itch
  6. Sad news indeed. I actually preferred her voice over Stevie Nicks. And thought she was a better singer also. Rest in Peace Christine, you made millions happy with your voice. Itch
  7. It was, I have one in the stash. Along with 2 of their Mk.I Hurricanes. Cheers Itch
  8. I remember the old Jo-Han kits (I believe that was the manufacturer) that had the recessed panel lines which could only be referred to as "trenches". Scaled up they would have been about 6" wide and deep! Jo-Han did mostly cars but they did a few aircraft also. Cheers Itch
  9. Perhaps a burnt offering to the plastic gods? A paint mule maybe? Cheers Itch
  10. John, You do great work, I like the "realism" you put into your art, takes me back a few years (more like decades). I'll have to leave some hints for Santa on these. Do you do commission work? Cheers Itch
  11. We just jump from one shinning thing to the next shiny thing. Cheers Itch
  12. MY EYES MY EYES ! Once seen can not be unseen. Cheers Itch
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