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  1. OH hell no! Psssst, Hey buddy, wanna buy a kit?? Cheers Itch
  2. Gary, I cycled out in '68 on my second tour. Total of 186 1/2 missions North. Both tours I lost a lot of friends. First tour there were 8 of us in our hooch in the beginning when I left there were only 5 of us left. Second was a bit better we lost 2. We tried not to get to close to each other. I remember one guy "Digger" O'dell who was on his 5th mission (first 4 were in Route Pack 1 & 2 and the 5th was RP 6 and he got hit just north of Hanoi and was a POW for the duration. He was one of the guys betrayed by Hanoi Jane when she met with the POW's on her "fact finding mission".
  3. Gary, And Cambodia also, but we weren't their remember? I had to eject over Laos just south of the NV boarder, fortunately pick up was fairly timely. The brown anchor tanker track covered that area. If you were ever able to listen to a "broken arrow" (US ground troops in trouble) call they definitely had the entire US inventory gathering in one spot. At one time we were in a wagon wheel of a/c that started at 7,000 feet and went up to 37,000 feet. Those and CAS were the most satisfying missions to do. Cheers Itch
  4. Thanks Gary, much appreciated. Returned. Itch
  5. Having flown the 105 with the 354th TFS in the late sixties out of Takhli it's a great tribute and it's a Republic product too. Know to many of the guys on the side panel. Will try to get to Moody to see it in person. Itch
  6. I am not that concerned about it. I highly doubt it will taint the Mustang name. Remember the Mustang 2 fiasco? I have had 2 in my life, a '64 1/2 and a '86 GT, SWIMBO currently drives her '13 convertible (triple black) that she absolutely loves. Also to her and my mind the best style year since the '60's. I would also be okay with Ford bringing out a "real" electric powered Mustang in the current body style. Agree with Ken regarding the current move to SUV's and pickups it does make some sense to do a mid size electric vehicle as it appears that is eventually going to be the new norm. Saw the
  7. Snowbird3a, Thanks for the photos. Really sharp looking a/c. The leading edges appear to be polished natural metal, the upper and lower surfaces are not very visible and do you know if they are white with the same red panels as the other a/c pictured above, or silver paint, or . . . . . Now have to get a 1/48th Tutor kit, or a 1/32nd if any makes one, and see if decals are available. If not I'll have to sharpen up my painting skills. Thanks, Cheers Itch
  8. A F M. Great pic. Would love to see another pic of the black, white and red one. Looks really sharp. Thanks for posting it. Cheers, Itch
  9. A lot of the full color 14's I have seen were "semi-gloss" or "satin" finish, 50% gloss + 50% flat mix. Also 100% high gloss on a model, even 1/32nd, looks out of scale (just my opinion). Cheers, Itch
  10. jbryan911, No joy on the last 2 links. Keeps asking for a Google Photos log in. Cheers Itch
  11. Jim, You might try putting a dryer vent in a piece of plywood then cutting it to the size of a partially open window in the house or garage and using flex ducting to go from the booth to the window. When painting is complete it all packs away until next time. Just a thought. Cheers Itch
  12. Da SWO, We were on the Norwegian Bliss. It was her first year of operation. Really nice ship. My first cruise, took a day to get used to the small cabin but having a balcony helped. I grew up in a small town that didn't have a population as big as what that ship carried. SWMBO is a veteran cruiser albeit trans Atlantic, once on the Queen Mary (the original one now in LA) and twice on the QE 2. Itch
  13. Loooooove it! I don't usually build multi engine but this I would definitely build. Itch
  14. Reminds me of the movie "The Last Indian" with Anthony Hopkins but with 2 wheels instead of 4. Cheers Itch
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