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    Has to do something with styrene I guess..
  1. Great news! Lost my dad to cancer years ago so whenever I hear that someone wins over that nasty disease I makes me very happy indeed. Edward
  2. My best wishes to you both and as you say.. family and loved ones comes always first!
  3. I wish your daughter and family all the best an hope that a treatment that works will be found soon. With regards From Norway Edward
  4. I wish your daughter all the best! And hope for full recovery!
  5. Prints arrived yesterday. Great ones! Now all I need to do is to talk the boss in the house to accept one of them on the living room wall.. (Might be harder than buing them me thinks) Ed
  6. Recieved my Zacto-parts in Oslo, Norway after only five days transitday. And parts are pristine and looking great! All hails to the Zactoman!! Ed
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