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  1. Head the warnings and stay away!  Case opened with PayPal.  I contact PayPal via IM shortly after the order was placed and the authorization was still pending to point out some discrepancies and my concerns but they didn't seem to concerned about it.  I would have thought they would have been a little more proactive on their side but it was more of a if things don't work out contact us.  Well they have been contacted

  2. Based on the photos that I have seen I'm pretty sure the tank colors are F.S.34102 Medium green. F.S.34092 has a much greener appearance to it and the tanks are more the olive toned medium green. The pics on Habu2's site show some good examples of this.

  3. Which FL ANG bird are you doing? I have shots from their participation in Red Flag this summer...not sure if any will help but if you let me know the number of the particular one you're doing I can take a look... :bandhead2:

    I was planing on doing 76033 from the Twobobs sheet, but if you have pictures that include crew names and tail numbers that would certainly open the possiblity of doing a differnt aircraft. Thanks in advance.

  4. I may have some more top-shots (maybe even close ups of the top fuselage) at home - let me know if you'd like me to dig them out.

    Also, if interested, here are more shots of 125th FW F-15s, though the Jaguars F-15B had been repainted to standard markings


    Those top shots would be very helpful if you could find them. The link you provided is very helpful. I noticed that the picture of 75072 in the hanger has the ECM antenna on the tail boom. Do you know if this is an exception or did any other 125th aircraft receive this upgrade?

  5. The fairing on the aft end of the Speedbrake remained the same on A/B even after MISIP, it did not change to the C/D fairing. Take a look at the Monogram 1/48 kit, it has the A/B fairing. Also if you are doing an early A/B make the main and nose wheel wells the metalic green color, the same as the bay 5 color. You can also check of Jakes book, best referance out their.



    Thanks for the info. I am building a Florida ANG bird form the Hasegawa kit and the TwoBobs decals and was not sure if I needed to modify this area or not. Pictures of this part of the aircraft seem to be difficult to come by. This one, although not totally clear, seems to back up your information since it still has the original fairing. I have Jake's book and it is excellent, but it doesn't really address this area.

    Thanks again to everyone who assisted with this.


  6. Michael, do you mean that raised area? Not the best pic by any stretch, but you can see it here


    Yes, the raised area just behind the speed brake. Originally the A/Bs had a more square like section with rounded corners at the rear versus what is shown in the picture.

  7. In addition to the changes already mentioned can anyone tell me if the area directly behind the speed brake changed to match the C/Ds when the A/Bs went throught MISP or did this area remain the same throughout the life of version?



  8. Hi all,

    I'm starting an USAF F-15 aggressor and I was hoping someone could tell me if it is very common for these aircraft to fly with the TEWS boxes installed. Do they fly with them all the time, sometimes, or never?



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