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  1. I’m in awe of your skills. Having worked with Blender and Fusion 360–I know that 3D modeling is a difficult process (at least for me 😎)
  2. I didn’t know that about the Pro Modeler line. That really boosts their value 😁
  3. Looks awesome! Did you scribe the panel lines?
  4. That’s professional grade work! I haven’t seen that kind of finishing quality on a cockpit in even 1/32nd scale!
  5. I love this! The Trumpeter kit is the only one made of the A3D except for the 1/72 scale Hasegawa offering some years ago. I’ve always felt this was a much under represented subject in the modeling world. I hope that one day, someone will offer a 1/48 injection molded kit of the USAF evil blue twin of the A3D, the B-66...
  6. I’m blown away! There are figures inside that plane! I have no words!!
  7. I remember finding this build online many years ago, and how utterly blown away I was! Im still amazed!!
  8. Outstanding work on the flight deck! This has special significance for me. My dad worked on avionics components for the B-66, the A3’s evil blue twin (USAF) when he was stationed at RAF Sculthorpe (my birth place). I wish Trumpeter would produce the B-66 as well...
  9. Beautiful!! No other words are needed...
  10. I love this! I’m a big fan of scratchbuilding!!
  11. That’s one of the best paint jobs I’ve ever seen! Beautifully done. I’ve never been of a fan of wheels up models, but I might have to make an exception here. i especially love the way you did the red on the nacelles. Ive got two unbuilt. This gives me inspiration!
  12. This is about as good as it gets! I especially love the crisp yet subtle panel lines. Beautiful work!!
  13. The 144th FW based at Fresno CA. I know it well. I’m in the Cal Guard based at Beale AFB. Looking forward to more on this gem.
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