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  1. Outstanding work!
  2. I visited your Facebook page and was very impressed by the outstanding quality of your work!!!!
  3. Beautiful detail work!!
  4. Man, you’re really going to town on this! I love the level of detail! Keep it up!
  5. You’ve kicked super detailing into a level all it’s own!!
  6. I like how you’ve done the blackbasing. I’ve never tried it but you have inspired me. Great job overall on that F-4!
  7. Superb! Especially the awesome job on the console. I thought that they were pre-painted photo etch at first.
  8. I love all your work! I’m still in awe of your C-17! This one is beyond words!!
  9. I remember that and still have the magazine. Awesome. Except I believe it was Lewis Pruneau who was a close associate of Verlinden.
  10. This is definitely a professional level build. It’s better by far than most I’ve seen. I’m amazed, to put it simply. 👍👍
  11. The jet is an amazing work of art as always Yufei. But I’m in love with those figures. These are better done than many I’ve seen in 1/35th or 1/32nd. Figure painting is a skill unto itself that very few have.
  12. I’d love to see more as well
  13. You’ve set the standard for 1/72 scale! Beautiful!
  14. Beautiful job! What did you think of the kit itself?
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