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  1. Because Tamiya has a kit? AMK is not in the market and the last kit was 10 years ago by hobby boss (I won’t comment on their issues with the kit) Obviously GWH thinks there’s room to bring out a new new. I say the more the merrier. Wasn’t there an HB and Italeri A-10 in recent years? 😉
  2. Kinetic has the all the old vents option as well. But does only have NACES. They weren’t trying to do an early SJU seat version. Almost forgot, it also has the bird slicers forward of the canopy. Neither is perfect but for a D/C with the later options, I prefer Kinetic. But that windscreen fit issue does suck.
  3. The Kinetic D has detail benefit of NACES seats, mesh vents on the fuselage and wishbone vents on the LEX, the correct antennas, and correct nose gear door - none of which Hasegawa has. But no one has boxed the rear cockpit instrument coaming correctly. Kinetic wins in a big way for a D and a Late C. Brian
  4. 007 was an awesome jet. I loved the 3 tone variation that you found the pictures of. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite VFC-13 schemes. But unfortunately the markings were substantially different from the 2-tone version and we couldn’t find space to include the full set needed. Yes, the 3-tone version was a later repaint from the 2-tone. The CO had the 3-tone version done up. Brian
  5. Btw - the belly fits perfect if you remove most of the locating tabs 😬. A little late now, but for the next one. 👍🏻
  6. Nice! Missed you by a day. I was in on the 3rd. And 2nd. 😉 I live in downtown Napa now. Roy is a great guy and they stock some good stuff for a small shop.
  7. There were no standard racks for when CAG9 went to fallon. All the jets that had racks on the Det carried the old BRU-10.
  8. Send an email with where you bought it from please Fightertowndecals@yahoo.com
  9. Missing AA tailcodes for 48086. Transparent windscreen (printer mistakenly printed an opaque color) and pieces for 48087 we sent them automatically to all customers who ordered those sheets. I probably should have put the sheet number on the insert... brian
  10. Fightertown Decals 48031 has it. in Stock at Sprue Brothers. https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ftd48031.htm
  11. Were they putting Tomcat bomb rails in the kit too? Don’t remember but thought it had 4 or 6 of them.
  12. Kinetic decals are printed by Cartograf and artwork is done by reputable decal companies 👍🏻
  13. I remember when that kit was fairly new in your stash!! Bet it felt great to finally get it built and to do it so well!! Congrats and good job. Scratch built canopy?! Nice!! brian
  14. 2 rectangle decals are 36375. Top colors are AK acrylic far left, AK RC Air on the left, MM on the right. Decal across both. FYI, MM 35237 is dead on fs match. Still the best match I’ve seen. Middle bunch of colors is 2 sets of AK RC Air. The triangle is 35237 from Fightertown 48083 or 48086. It is noticeably darker than the AKRCA 35237 paint. You can see very little contrast in the 36375 decal on top of AKRCA 35237. And the 36375 decal is darker than the paint for both 36375 and 36320. FYI, the small blotch on top of the AK/MM 35237 is the Tamiya mix given in the F-14D kit. I think it’s a touch too purple and dark. I’d add a bit more of the x19 and a touch of X18 blue to bring it in match with the MM color. Trying to upload the Tamiya Fs paint test with decals...
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