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  1. Dude this shot is absolutely badass. I already saved it. not sure where your finding these but I have to know.
  2. Not to pick on 11bee Watching the F-35 take off at night with full afterburner is pure bliss. I haven't seen an aircraft yet that can touch the length of its exhaust flame. To elaborate on the F-35 like I have said before is that the F-35 was built from the ground up to be an attack aircraft not a fighter. Although it has fighter capabilities as far as defensive weapons and stealth it is still an attack aircraft. 11bee talked about why not cut this and not that but lets talk about why we are cutting all of the other systems. First the F-35 is replacing them with it's 20 plus year newer electronics and aerodynamics. But second it's bringing all of the things its replacing into one airframe. Everyone keeps talking about cost and how much we should be putting into each program like the F-22. The F-22 should be considered 4th Gen without the F-35's electronics helping it. The F-22 is one bad fool aircraft I will not deny that. But the F-22 is a sitting duck when faced off with the electronics the F-35 has. I can't wait for the inevitable F-35 F-22 face off. Reason being is the F-22 will be cut off from all communication with the F-35 throughout the flight and will be helpless. Super cruise. How much gas does an F-22 save using super cruise and why is it even relevant today. How much longer can it stay aloft with using super cruise alone. The F-22 has an internal capacity for fuel of 18,000 pounds. Roughly 2,600 gallons. The F-35A and C model have the same. The F-35B has an internal capacity of 13,500 pounds which is roughly 1,930 gallons. F-35 doesn't have super cruise but lets take both aircraft and let them loose on a target X miles away and find out which one hits first. Remember the F-35 can take off from a ship and the F-22 has to be based at an airforce base and not on a ship. All of a sudden Super cruise looses its momentum because the F-22 has to travel a further distance. F-22 and its electronics suite are very good but even better when the F-35 is there to help with the BVR. 4 F-35's and 4 F-22's take off at the same time all get to target at the same time. What is the F-22 going to do about the ground targets and what will the F-35 do about the Air targets. Remember children we all need to play nice together. What happens to all of the F-22's if per say the F-35's drop out of the sky. Use Super Cruise and get out. What happens if all of the F-22's fall out of the sky do the F-35's turn tail and run. Nope the F-35's stay because they wouldn't be close enough to shoot at in the first place. The F-22's become the weaker link in the equation. Reason being is the F-22 will rely on the F-35 for Close Air Support. While the F-35 will rely on the F-22 for help in the air. There is no such thing as an aircraft that is suitable for every role you can throw at it anymore. This is why the F-35 was designed. Both the F-35 and the F-22 compliment each other hand in hand when its all said and done so I'm not sure why everyone is still dogging the F-35. There are 3 different variants each bringing its own new capability to the table with all of them being built on common ground. I know its expensive but so was the F-22 and the B-2 Spirit we ended along with the F-117. So if there is a price thing going on here why not complain about bringing back our most coveted stealth planes so we can keep everything Vintage. Talk about bone yard and what needs to go to the heap and not. What about the A-6 Intruder. That saw more service than any F-18 on this planet. Why don't you defend it. That thing was a Dump truck of CAS rolled into a subsonic airframe. What about the EA-6B Prowler who helped put bombs on target because of its ability to jam targets. What about the F-14 Tomcat whose standoff ability was second to none. Should we bring all of these aircraft back just because they were great aircraft. No because today is a different day and todays aircraft require different technologies.
  3. What is the wing span on it and what is its total length I am interested I just wish it were larger scale.
  4. Here are 2 of my shelf queens completed just in time for the deadline. It is late so I will have to update the WIP on both of them not sure if they will qualify or not but they are finished mom the less. I know Im about a half hour late on the deadline but I am on a very slow connection so Please forgive me. Thanks for looking guys.
  5. According to the report the test was initiated in January of 2015. Weren't all F-35's put into limited maneuvers and not able to go over even a certain amount of flight hours per day because of the engine problems 3 flight hours per day if I am correct. If I recall they were limited to something like 3 G's as well and nothing past like 75% power output. If that is the case and this test happened with these circumstances then no wonder why the F-35 couldn't hack it. Just seems to me like a bunch of Jargon. And as TT stated Click Bait.
  6. This should help with the slow procurement questions. http://www.dodbuzz.com/2015/06/19/lockheed-seeks-savings-to-land-3-year-f-35-block-buy-by-u-s/
  7. Hey everyone I am looking to aquire a full set of decals as stencils for the Italeri boxing C-130j if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
  8. Basically what I gather is even if i used a pool of future under the decal and let it set for 20 minutes or so before I use the Sol it should help lay the decals down smoother. Last night i hit the decals with the Sol immediately after laying them down so I am wondering if that was my biggest issue. I still have a wrinkle in one of the roundels that I will try to get out later but for the most part they look really good. I am just worried about the bigger decals not wanting to comply. Also if I lay another decal over one already set with the Sol will it pull the first decal up again. The tail of this thing has a couple of decals that have to lay over one another and this is another worry I have.
  9. Ok first time using Micro Sol read the directions and dove in. Im working on an A-1H and the box decals are something to be improved upon. I hit the roundel with future first and it wouldn't succumb. I put a little Micro Sol on it and holy crap I almost soiled my pants. I left it for about an hour and a half and it was still wrinkly so like the instructions said I hit it again. I have a slight deformity I can deal with on the roundel but was wondering on average how many times you have to go over the decal with the Micro Sol in order for it to submit. Also how long after the Micro Sol do you have to wait to handle or even paint said part of model. The decal has finally laid down to rest, must have been fear of me putting a torch to the thing or something. The first decal I tried it on was like putting an office paper to a shredder. Instantly that thing was gone because I tried to move it just a hair but that wasn't going to happen. What do you guys do in detail and what tools help you get the decals to do what you want them to do. I am toying with the possibility of clear coating the model but I have never had decal problems before and just don't want to have to clear before I decal. Even on a flat surface with the method I use I have never had a problem. On big decals how would you attack them. Micro Sol the whole thing at once or work it in stages. I am getting ready to put some pretty big decals on this thing and was hoping someone can help set me straight before I regret trying to lay these decals down. Thanks for your help guys JOSH
  10. A Hospital ship struck the USS Arizona Memorial deck on Wednesday. No damage was done to the Arizona herself but the Dock was moved about 10 feet. Full story here. http://gcaptain.com/u-s-navy-hospital-ship-mercy-strikes-uss-arizona-memorial/
  11. Silver and white is sufficient enough to get by in 1/48 scale. Even at a wing tips glance in person you would never know the difference. You did great in your decision. I will be posting a whole lot of pics soon of the F-35 as soon as I can get access to the Parking lot. If you need any other pics or assistance in further builds feel free to message me. JOSH
  12. How many top ejection seat handles do you need. I have bunches of them from previous builds.
  13. Wow what a fascinating story. I have a B-58 in inventory and was worried about what to do with it. I think I just found my idea. It is incredible to read about what they knew about this accident after it happened. True heroes. I also never knew the B-58 was started in the 40's or that it was a Mach 2 bomber either.
  14. All of the lights on the F-35 are LED. The lens that cover the NAV lights are a very light smokey gray color that almost looks clear. There is a silver and white backing underneath the lenses that you can see in the day light. You dont see any color until the lights come on. The NAV lights are also split in half with the front half of the light being the green or red LED and the rear of the light being the bright white Strobe. I dong have a great picture but it will have to do. Sorry Im so late to the game with this info.
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