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  1. A few years ago I was building a 1/72 Russian bi plane. Did lots of detail work, built up the wings and everything. Went to put the fuselage together and realized I had two port sides. That one went into the trash.
  2. Mostly visit on facebook now. But yeah I too have met many paste eating glue sniffing friends here!
  3. Her hobby is handcrafted purses. Yeah I'm pretty safe. She is pretty supportive, she even purchased my Mustang
  4. Been 10+ years since doing any building. Figure all my model master enamels are toast by now. Looking at going acrylic, any suggestions. I had poor luck with model master acryls, and they are spendy. I was paying $2.99 a bottle back then, look to be around $5.99 a bottle now. So need quality, but also need a decent price. Mostly brush painting, some Aztec airbrush painting. Suggestions?
  5. Sorry I missed it everyone. I spent the day at the emergency room with the wife while fighting a cold of my own. Came home and went right to bed. I really missed the fun from the years past. Next year let's hope for a huge turnout and that I can actually be there.
  6. Ill join in this year, missed last Life has been very busy and convoluted as of late
  7. I don't have the extra part, but I sent a email to revell on this very kit because I lost my clear sprue. I inquired about purchasing a replacement, About 6 weeks later, I opened my mailbox and there was the entire sprue, free of charge.
  8. I have it bookmarked to buy when funds open up a bit. If your research is only half as good as the effort put into your models, then it is a must have.
  9. Watching tv with the spousal unit and they featured a British fellow on the show that was a model builder, and wanted to start his own business centered around models, Just wondering if he is one of us.
  10. Phantom, they have just re-released the Enterprise, I got mine at culttvman.com. Service beyond unbelievable.
  11. Today was the first day in two weeks where I have not been hacking and dying. Still not having full lung capacity, but I can somewhat draw oxygen again.
  12. Just looked on Amazon, the kit alone goes for more than you are asking for the package. I would pull the trigger, but I only build in 1/200 due to eyesight. I hope you get what you want for it, it's a great deal.
  13. Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all the crew here at ARC, the community of fellow modelers, and airplane nuts like myself. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all and may Santa bring you all you ask for and things you don't even know you need! --Ric
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