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    conflit au vietnam de 63/75 .
    mais surtout les hueys .

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  1. Hi hawkwrench . yes , I khown them but having seen in person and held in my hand ne of the realizations of norbert , I believe that I am going to wait that it makes them in 1/24 , saddened for Flyod . phil .
  2. Hi norbert . it's possible create them in 1/24 , would be great of them to have in the cockpit of the Revell huey and with door gunners . good work . phil .
  3. Hi mister Jacobs . Yes, chris, flying frog, is going to create a board of imitations for the great hornet, I boosted(relaunched) him personally because he was in touch with trap-door spider which makes some comment here but there was not at once(in a row) in their collaboration, damage because trap-door spider had to realize some good things in PE and impression3D.Chris will make it because he adores the great hornet, the board is in works, and I am pressed as well as you, apparement it is very long has to realize, has the time(period), a board had to cover all registration of every great
  4. Hello has all. I have to find the photos of the transformation of the exit of the turbine, me shares it with you, we never know, it can inspire you. phil .
  5. It is on if I put no photos you know not about what I speak and about what I want to make. Miles excuses. phil .
  6. Hi , every bodies . I would like to realize this exit of turbine to make this huey of 20 th SOS because I possess the kit from CC of XM-93 Weapons gun system 35019. I had to find an assembly in scratch but I do not arrive any more has to find it , it was good to explain and I regret not having to keep the subject in memory. And another question, I have this kit also from CC, uh-1n green hornets cc35018, what is the huey for the transformation needs - it? thank you in advance for your answer . best regards . phil .
  7. hello sirs . Thank you for this other precision, but I am disappointed that figurines are not good, the set pleased me well, saying that it is necessary to inquire.Thank you in any case, heavy arty, these présiçions on uniforms, that makes ten years of gap, it is on that they evolved.The group built begins only in September and lasts till the end of December but it still is not to decide because our organizers make us do a vote to choose one of the five options, I hide you not that there is a choice Vietnam which would please me of advantage . I put you the link towards the forum in ques
  8. Hello sirs . Thank you for your answers, no pedro in Iraq for desert storm, I can paint them in 2 tones of camo.I put you photos of the boxes which I think of using and the box of 2 eme black that I possess with kits from COBRA COMPANY . and the second blackhwak : Which one 2 is the most just for 1 era war of the golf?On which one 2 helo, I can use kits from cobra?I like this copter but I do not know it well, I do not want to make anything and if I make a diorama with false things, there will be well a French model maker who will know b
  9. Hi as all . I am going to begin a group built in September and it is possible that the subject is on the Middle East, I would like to realize a blackhawk during the operation desert storm and whether it is of the group of PEDRO, I have a copter from ACADEMY / MRC ref 2192, UH-60L.What color it were? Was a unit of pedro present? And which one? The inside of the pedro are they without seats? My idea of dio is a black which is put on a road and a group of GI transports a wounded person towards the copter, are this realist for the desert place? thank in advance for yours answers .
  10. Hi . If you decide has to produce these boards in 1/35, Floyd , I think that I am going to command it and they will be to send to France, it is on. Phil.
  11. Hello has all.I am disappointed to learn that chris has of to close his company, I had been sad has to have these kits for huey for me, French and eventually had them, I am happy to have them now, I just missed the backdate of the huey.Really saddened for him, he makes some good work.Phil.
  12. Hello norbert, thank you for this small word, yes, no problem for my assemblies of huey, I am not any more lacking much as kits of détaillage has to buy to finish my stock. I intend to realize a huey of sharks put in the grass and what it is provided with gas but it is not to be born with all the kits already begun. Thank you also has you, heavy arty, to have answered me, it pleases me because you are sharp on the subject, I appreciate(estimate) your explanations in the various subjects. Phil.
  13. Hello has all. I do not know how to or appear on this forum, I allow to make it here because at the moment I have that a question has to put(rest,pose). My name is philippe, I am French, I am 52 years old August 18th and my favorite period is the conflict in Vietnam of 1963 has 1975. I realize as well of the ground material(equipment), as the boats, as helicopters, my preferred, huey, good on. My question is " how many versions is there of the black hawk from(since) the beginning of production? I ask you for it because I look at a series on the soldiers - first-aid workers afgha, which pl
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