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  1. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!
  2. I'm sure this has been asked, answered and mentioned here before, but I just can't seem to find anything on it. Can the Super Hornet carry MERs/IMERs like the legacy bugs when carrying LGTRs? If so, what stations are cleared for it? Also are the LGTRs also mounted straight to pylon as well without a MER/IMER? Thanks for any info.
  3. Anyone know of any aftermarket 1/48 F-14 drop tanks that are available? I know Royale Resins made a set, but during my modeling sabbatical over the last couple years, it appears they've disappeared (along with a nice corrected Revell Super Hornet center pylon, weighted wheels, and burner can replacements I need too). Trying to finish up an older Revell 1/48 F-14 that's been on hiatus for a few years and realized I had no drop tanks for it.
  4. This probably already been covered, but for the time period you are going for, ranks E-2 (Airman) thru E-4 (Senior Airman) may have a subdued star in place of the normal star, subdued meaning the star color was the same as the background color. From about mid 1976 to 1993 when I joined up, the official ranks only had NCO ranks (E-4 Sergeant to E-9 Chiefs) with non-subdued stars, although the new stripes from 1993 onwards weren't mandatory until 1996, so there was transition period of almost 3 years where you could see both the old subdued star and non-subdued star on junior enlisted airman. Th
  5. Thanks much for the info. I guess I'll have wait on the nose to be in stock again. Looking at the prices.. looks like I can get everything I need for 3 models for just under or about the price of a Tamiya cat.. sweet. I took a break from modelling for a bit and it didn't occur to me ask the guru when comes to the monogram kit.
  6. I'm currently building a 1/48 R/M F-14A with two more in the pipeline. Suprisingly, I've never gotten around to building one. I know that everyone is getting their hands on the Tamiya kit of the 1/48 Tomcat right now, but unfortunately due to financial restrictions I have to make due with the kits I have on hand for my next few builds. The first one I'm building is a VX-4 Vandy One, but I'm rather unimpressed with how it will turn out if I go straight out of the box. My issues are: - looking at the plastic, the nose is badly molded. Not sure if I can sand/fill it b
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Just what I needed to know. I dont usually enter contests so I needed to be sure. Might as well break out that photo-etching now...
  8. So I'm currently working on an old 1/48 Monogram F-5F from 1985 that I've had stashed away for awhile, and seemed like a good excuse to use the Adversary Ghosts sheet that Fightertown released a few years back. I've been kinda impressed with the work I've done with it, and thought about entering in an upcoming show, but I've run into a bit of quandry. I've essentially built this kit from what I've always viewed as OOB. However, the shows rules on OOB are rather vague and up for interpretation. I haven't gotten much a response from the organizers which has not helped to alleviate the confusion.
  9. I assume you are looking for the actual Revell mold with raised lines and not the RoG Tigermeet boxing which is a reboxing of the Italeri mold with recessed lines in black plastic, correct?
  10. I'll have to have a look. Earlier hasegawa boxings just looked liked -15D's to me like their 1/48 line which is why I wanted to avoid that. Guess I could just use the newer mold and and try to match it up with what a Revell 1/48 -15E looks like out of the box, since that is closer to the period I'm looking to recreate. Not worried about decals as I have the superscale sheet with the rollout markings which is what I'm going for anyway. Thanks for the input!
  11. I want to build a 1/72 f-15e as the first production Strike Eagle (86-0183), but not sure which kit to use as a starting point. The newer hasegawa kits seem to be accurate for a recent F-15e, but not sure what changes would be needed for backdating. Thoughts?
  12. Does anyone have a canopy from an old revell F-111 kit? Mine is scuffed and scratched beyond repair.
  13. Makes more sense now. Buddy of mine agreed to trade me a set of quickboost early block stabs so won't need to cut the kit ones. When Jake mentioned the panel lines, it kind put me off from wanting to do it, but if all i have do is add/remove antenna and lights.. Panel lines won't probably be all that visible anyway.. Thanks for the info.
  14. Hmm. Wasn't really looking to do a lot of surgery on the kit. Was wanting to do a 174th TFW block 10 bird if it wasn't going to be too much work. Not even sure what block the 'A Plus' is supposed to be anyway. Figured it might be a block 15, but I thought I read somewhere that block 10 had smaller tails than block 15s too.
  15. Just curious since i saw one fairly cheap. Besides new horizontal stabs, is there anything else that is needed to turn this kit into a block 10 aircraft?
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