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  1. ok, thanks, um where do you get the red tags on the missiles and stuff. and the covers for the engines?
  2. I am getting CF-18s but i can only find them in 1/72, so i want to convert an 1/32 F-18C-Hornet "Chippy Ho" into an CF-18. where can i find the parts to do this?
  3. oh thanks, and amazing job on your hornet.you painted the whole thing one color and then put on decals right? and what did you use for the Greece under the plane? what did you paint the the after burners and engine?
  4. does anyone know the colors for the Tiger tank winter camo? http://www.scalehobbyist.com/images/products/AFV/AFV00035079/AFV00035079_0_l.jpg http://www.scalehobbyist.com/images/products/ACD/ACD00001327/ACD00001327_0_l.jpg http://www.scalehobbyist.com/images/products/ACD/ACD00001327/ACD00001327_0_l.jpg
  5. ok, will do, i will give you the link if i get an answer
  6. and this camo to http://www.scalehobbyist.com/images/products/AFV/AFV00035079/AFV00035079_0_l.jpg
  7. does any one know the colors for the Tiger tank winter camo? (http://www.scalehobbyist.com/images/products/DML/DML00006556/DML00006556_0_l.jpg http://www.scalehobbyist.com/images/products/ACD/ACD00001327/ACD00001327_0_l.jpg)
  8. ok, thanks for the help, and the link.
  9. Thanks for the link, the LEM decals are really nice,I may order from them. do you know if they have the markings for the CAF CF-18 188712 416 Squadron 60 Years. (http://www.lemdecal.com/Images/Photos/48.43%20photos/48.43%20photo%205.jpg)
  10. Oh, now i see,(sorry im kind of new to modeling) so are you saying that if i want to do the Tiger Meet the 91 and 92 are for different variants?
  11. Um,i cant see the difference between what Av8fan showed me and what you showed me, except for a couple markings. and i like the ones Av8fan showed me more. and Canmilair is more expensive than LEM i don't see why it should. http://decals.kitreview.com/decals/images/CF-18_LE-Decals_48-037a.gif
  12. thank you very much, do happen to know what color the nose tip is?
  13. hi, i am getting 2 Canadian CF-18's i want to paint one the usual Canadian paint scheme (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gkkx2YUsoIM/TYK57U-p2II/AAAAAAAAAhc/lflag-ONnyY/s1600/cf-18-g.jpg),and the other one this (http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-photos/middle/3/1/2/2000213.jpg) paint scheme does anyone know the name of the colors?
  14. hi, i am getting an Tu-22M2, and was wondering if any one knew the color of the out side and in side of the after burners and AB nozzle. http://www.scalehobbyist.com/images/products/TRP/TRP00001656/TRP00001656_4_l.jpg http://www.ausairpower.net/000-Backfire-Barbette-1CS.jpg http://farm1.staticflickr.com/183/484201373_2b26edc29d_z.jpg
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