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So this is the about me page?! Err..yeah so like i am supposed to put down something here(glue sniffing effect slowly residing;-) I don`t get why i have to scroll down to find the prop forum. It must reside at the very peak on the ARC forum. Been modelling warbirds for the last two decades, and collecting them is also something i find very timeconsuming. If it is a bird of less importance, i throw it in there..should it be a generally known bird, i get a pair..and is it a well known bird, i contemplate getting a few more. I just think 1:72 is the scale for me. It is the scale i think is the most feasable in regards to having an acceptable or higher level of detail and at the same time maintaining a reasonable presentable size of the model itself. A few well known types may be sourced and built to represent an even better level of detail as this also will serve as a template for the smaller scale type later. I am very conscious in regards to superdetailing my models, but i also know how much work this requires, so i try my very best to look at the bigger picture. i also collect many aftermarket sets, and i build some relevant resin kits. Nice to be a part of this forum! Never really used the net in this manner before. Hopefully it will assist me. Later;-)

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