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  1. Bit late to the party, but thanks for the tip. Just ordered the Yak-1 & Luftwaffe attackers sheets. This purchase was a nobrainer for me.
  2. After being active on ebay for the past 10 years or so, in late december i had to open a case against a seller in Poland. Guy shipped four kits overseas in nothing but bubblewrap and they came to me damaged. Needless to say i was not thrilled. Not gonna name any names for matters of privacy. I ended up returning the merchandise (tracked) and afterwards filed for a return ship reimbursement which i received after a week or so. I had to present PP with a picture of the return shipment and a copy of the shipping label. Paypal does not cover return shipping costs any higher than roughly $25 which really isn`t very much intl. speaking. Don`t ask me how i managed to stay below $25, but i made it work. I got the impression PP was not on top of the situation and every time i communicated with them i got the distinct feeling it was a different person answering. When buying the return ship label online i managed to skip a $5 post office handling fee, but there was a drawback. After delivering the return shipment over the counter at the post office on january 20th, there has been no tracking updates whatsoever and since i bought the label online i have no proof of handing it over to the post office. I have filed with the post office maybe 10 days back and hoping to get an answer what has happened, and maybe even a compensation for the lost shipment. Meanwhile, the email i got from PP yesterday came with news of this case being closed and PP ruling in my favour presenting me with the "promised" money back guarantee within a 5 day timeframe ($60) I left the seller some well deserved negative feedback and i could see more buyers doing the same due to similar problems. I have to say it was a headache dealing with this over several months but i`m happy PP finally decided to rule this case in my favour. I don`t know how the post office will deal with this but i wouldn`t mind receiving another full compensation for making the shipment magically disapper. Anyway this was my rant, hope you found it interesting.
  3. If you live in the rural countryside, i have seen some ebay sellers make a note in their description "i only ship out this or that day/only mondays and fridays" etc. etc. Some sellers really lay it all out in the description in bold & red letters while others like to keep it short "Got this kit for sale, thanks for looking". Personally, i`m somewhere in the middle. Selling should be fun so don`t make it sound dramatic like the buyer is signing a prenuptial agreement. Get used to simple phrases to describe the condition and what you have for sale. Also, good quality pictures are key elements when selling. For someone with 100 kits and trying to sell them i probably would get together some lots for the less interesting ones, again since time is money ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  4. Just don`t expect to get a ton of money for your kits. Try to give the buyer a sweet deal say if he buys more. The longer you sit on your unwanted kits the more time it will take to free yourself of them and time is more important when you`re retired. I remember i once got an Academy B-29 parts sealed from an ebayer somewhere in Texas for $22 plus shipping. I knew this guy just wanted to move on and not sit on his kits for ages trying to get an acceptable price. What is more worth, your time or your kits? Seasons Greetings from Norway !
  5. Careful not to let the scriber eat into that soft metal ruler. You could dull the backside of the scriber tip and only use it for pulling back (reverse) since this is what comes natural for the hand motion. I have that scriber tool but i believe it is one of the more basic scribers out there. I only use mine for cutting pieces from plastic sheet. Glad to see you sanded down the raised edges. Welcome to the forums.
  6. Seen that kit floating around ebay for a couple months now, not that boxing though. Looks very very impressive. Arma hobby is the same as Attack Squadron which again is Brengun which again is very confusing. Would be interesting to put it next to a Matchbox Hurricane and see how they compare.
  7. If you`re not working, your hobby becomes work. A labour of love we can all relate to. Indeed semantics are fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ WORK: "Activities involving mental or physical effort in order to achieve a purpose or result"
  8. Anyone have one of those fancy elevating desks where the smaller the scale the higher you go? I`ve seen some used ones floating around and can`t help thinking i need one. That way i could implement different policies for different levels ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. What is your 3 unwritten rules of engagement before taking a seat at your hobby bench? Here`s mine, # Make sure access to room is under strict control/lockdown. # Next months electric bill has been paid. # Keep all open containers out of arms reach.
  10. Your only chance if you should be unfortunate enough to buy any of the new stuff. It may hold up to some home improvement project. Maybe they tried to reach the broader audience while giving the modeling folks a cold shoulder. I`m sitting here with two green and two white tubes and not even sure i `m gonna bother trying to sell them off to some other unfortunate chap. Indeed, Tamiya seems to have their shitzu in one piece so i say go for the Tamiya fillers.
  11. Another day, another finding. Probably my last one for a while. This time, the 1:72 scale SB2C Helldiver from CyberHobby. Again the numbers are striking. Kit box: 168 grams Instr/dec/p.e: 42 grams Empty sprues: 73 grams Actual kit parts: 40 grams Total weight: 323 grams/11.39 Oz. Just wanted to shed some light on this fellers and put things into perspective. There`s money in those numbers.
  12. Hah, i need to tell this to my modeling friend who isn`t into arc or any other modeling forums. He turned 40 on november 15th, 2019, lol.
  13. While keeping to the subject, i had a closer look at my S.M. 82 Italeri kit. What i found was very surprising. Kit box: 230 grams. Booklet/decals: 88 grams. Empty sprues: 137 grams. Actual kit parts: 142 grams. Total weight: 597 grams. That huge Italeri box would most likely have enough space inside it to accomodate for 10 S.M. 82 kits. There`s a LOT of dimensional weight hiding in there.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9do5DWA_hnI
  15. Labour would not be much higher. I think i would accept an increase of $1-2 for clean parts. If they change their production line technology it will be just as slick as it is today. Some companies offer prepainted canopies, why not offer precut parts? Getting the styrene into the mold has nothing to do with this. The sprue gates remain at the factory to be reused.
  16. Maybe they could clean up the parts at the factory or cast them without any attachment points. Maybe i am i a dreamer but it sure would be neato not having to clean up the parts and these days there isn`t any flash anyway. Shipping weight would be lower as well and maybe the boxes would be too! Just think about how much money you spent paying to ship plastic sprue gates/dimensional weight around the world. Think about that for a second or two and maybe there is some sense in my reasoning afterall?
  17. Future of humanity, ban plastic models? IDK about that. Technical aspects, it`s not exactly rocket science packing them in another fashion so don`t really follow you on that lead. One positive aspect would be the parts would be without any attachment points needing to be sanded/cut flush saving some time. Save thy planet ! ๐Ÿ˜‡
  18. Lately i`ve been reflecting on the amounts of plastic inside a kit box and how much of it actually makes up the kit parts and how much is residual sprue gates to be thrown away. I bet in some kits these values are as high as 50/50 but a more realistic number is maybe 25%? Just for the fun of it i am going to weigh some of my model kits and see what`s up. And no i was not bitten by Greta Thunberg. 10 years from now, will we see model kits with the actual parts only and no sprue gates from environmental requirements?
  19. I`m still waiting for their russian pilot set (#72543) I don`t have my hopes up though. No good trying to communicate with Preiser, they may respond but they probably don`t like 1:72 scale people but rather H/O scale is my only reasoning. At this day and age we are lucky to choose from a broad specter of really high quality figures so i can live without Preiser, but yes they have some really nice figures.
  20. I`m not even gonna read the comments. Some things are worth waiting for.
  21. Looking for scale brass ammo that would be correct for 1:24 scale. More specifically Browning .303. I would like to make a belt with brass .303 ammo in 1:24 scale. I`m thinking i need to look into the smaller scales and buy a bigger caliber ammo that just so happens to be the proper size for 1:24 scale .303. It doesn`t have to be an exact match, and no resin won`t do guys. I realize Gaspatch has a resin set. Any fast heads out there, please help !
  22. Was this a replica or an authetic WWII warbird? What a shame to see a B-17 cause so much heartbreak. Looks like this is the exact same subject from Meng Kids. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MENG-KIDS-mPLANE-001-B-17G-FLYING-FORTRESS-BOMBER-Q-Edition/351800298297?hash=item51e8ee8b39:g:xcsAAOSwtnpXoSDQ
  23. Manual mode eh? What about a software editing program? I`m sure that`s where the real magic lies ๐Ÿ˜‰
  24. I have a modeling friend. He has maybe 20 kits in his stash. He keeps telling me he needs to build the ones in his stash before buying any more. To be honest i don`t know what planet he comes from. As for me i have around 2000 kits. It`s nice to be able to stick my hand in there and pull out the plastic model i was looking for instead of consulting ebay all the time. Collectors come in many shapes and forms and plastic modelers are one of them. Do i have an addiction? Absolutely not !
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