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  1. I have a modeling friend. He has maybe 20 kits in his stash. He keeps telling me he needs to build the ones in his stash before buying any more. To be honest i don`t know what planet he comes from. As for me i have around 2000 kits. It`s nice to be able to stick my hand in there and pull out the plastic model i was looking for instead of consulting ebay all the time. Collectors come in many shapes and forms and plastic modelers are one of them. Do i have an addiction? Absolutely not !
  2. Anyone else in here riding the action cam hype? I must admit i`m sort of hyped up as of lately. Never had any action cams before but i am about to buy the new Osmo Action one from DJI, those people who make them drones. I never did get on the GoPro wave (never!) but for some reason now i want the new DJI action camera. Lots of talk about which one is the superior one, but i figure they both have their ups and downs. I`m no drone guy but i do some r/c flying during the summer season and i know i`m not the only one ,-)
  3. In honour of Notre Dame it should be pronounced the 8th wonder of the world.
  4. breadneck


    Didn`t know this was a thing... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dora-Wings-1-48-Granville-P-45B-Bee-Killer-plastic-kit/293028420865?hash=item4439dadd01:g:IYAAAOSwR8pbyjE7
  5. breadneck

    P-38 Lightning

    Regarding "parked" P-38`s, do their body posture/attitude vary much from various factors? (bomb load, topped up/empty/tire pressure etc..) How would a "correct" parked P-38 kit look like? Perfectly horizontal with the ground or slightly nose up/tail heavy and how do you as a modeler go about and measure this factor? Uploading pics sure is a pain and i`m not getting younger.
  6. Dimensional weight, ain`t nothing but a thing..
  7. I thought i heard Heller went bankrupt. Too bad you don`t have a link for that episode.
  8. When it comes to such popular species, some times you can find a book that will cater for the specific squadron or even subject matter. If you`re just looking for general information on these types go buy a new book shelf first. Only god knows how many you`ll end up with once you`re done buying the lot. What do you mean by reference? Again with such popular types it would be easier if you chose a subject and gathered info on that specific aircraft. Decal manufacturers have a great many choices so man up and commit to one or two of them. A simple paint scheme can prove a very motivational piece of paper 😉
  9. What i mean is to wash the panel lines and wipe off the excess around the panel lines, then paint the kit with the metalizer. I wasn`t thinking about the mottle type black basing or preshading techniques. This is a little bit different. By wash i mean so that the only wash left is residing in the grooves of the panel lines if this makes ANY sense, lol. I`m not afraid of making a fool of myself. If i`m in the wrong, i`ll rest my case.
  10. Say, anyone ever tried applying a dark wash to the kit before painting with Testors metalizers? I am about to apply the stainless steel Buffalo Bill one and i believe a dark wash will show through the finish after buffing since the coat is so thin. Also i am a bit apprehensive about ruining the buffing job if i apply the wash afterwards. I suppose such a wash would have to hold up to more than say what a water colour wash would. Setting solutions recommended for the Testors Metalizers? Thanks !
  11. Yeah, err...i`m selling my whole collection as well. Just transfer me $10.000 via paypal friends & family and it`s yours 🤓
  12. So tell me this, what was the main motivation behind Tamiyas decision to release an all new tooled Spitfire mk1 in 1:48 scale? Was it because they weren`t happy with the 1993 kit or are they embarking upon a new generation of kits to make them all that much sweeter when to this day the "old" ones really are more than good enough?!
  13. Did you ask the missus for clearance for this intrepid project? She just may object but then again she also may be understanding your needs 😄
  14. I`m sure the box art will look ten times better once the factory seal comes off. But is it art ? New term, box fart 😎
  15. Woohoo, scored an Alliance Rogozarski XIV on ebay today. $15 shipped ! My X-otic Fiat R.S.14 kit finally has an aquatic playmate ! Old thread? Who cares, lol.
  16. Are these not HVAR rockets ? https://www.eduard.com/store/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-72/b-24-bomb-bay-rocket-projector-1-72.html?cur=2
  17. How about the CMK Set ?! https://www.ebay.com/itm/CMK-1-72-Resin-HVAR-Rockets-5-inch-12-pcs-CMK7217/172744475021?epid=1439293097&hash=item28385f818d:g:L~sAAOSwrQ5b4GtK:rk:3:pf:0 I`ve managed to scavenge some of the old Aeromaster sets but those are very hard to find. I believe Eduard has some hvar rockets as an accessory kit for their B-24 release. I think CMK will be your best bet.
  18. I sincerely hope you have a decent amount of plastic cement at hand, and good luck with such a daunting kit.
  19. Upgrade parts for airbrushes. Never seen that before.
  20. I`ve often wondered how many bottles of glue it would take to establish such a stash. I`ve never once been able to come to a conclusion.
  21. Found it... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arma-Hobby-Hurricane-Mk-I-Expert-Set-in-1-72-NEW/264067805848?hash=item3d7baaf298:g:65gAAOSwESRcAoTO:rk:35:pf:0
  22. Don`t really know what to expect but the pics look good. So do we need another Hurricane? http://www.hurricane303.pl/en/
  23. I`m not seeing any info about this on your site. Resin kit ?
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