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  1. JA Holy Cow .. absolutely awesome work on the Cosworth. Plumbing and wiring looks dead on the the money and the intake trumpets look the part as well. Some mighty fine detail work Keep 'em comin Bro
  2. Need a 1/32 Lone Star 1/32 Boeing F4B-4 Cockpit set. Hoping someone has the resin set and is will to sell it. If need be, I will replace the set with one from Lone Star which will take a good 4-6 weeks. Thank You Peter
  3. JA WOW, now that's progress for sure. Front end looks great now and all the imperfections we found have been fixed and look great. The huge combination cowl and clear plexi windscreen are going to look great and Ebbro easily took a page out of Tamiya's book with this assembly as thtis is how they do in on their 32nd scale aircraft kit and also on their 48th scale F-14A. Looking mighty good Keep 'em comin Bro
  4. Thanks Steve Making progress a lot slower right now as some of the juices are wearing thin Peter
  5. Thanks John, much appreciated Completely agree, it seems they have a budget in dollars and time and that's it .. just shouldn't be that way with these sty;e of kits Peter
  6. John Nice work on the F4 ... looking so good Keep 'em comin Peter
  7. Markus Terrific work on the conversion .. loking so good Keep 'em comin Peter
  8. Fantastic weathering - delicate and so realistic. Keep 'em comin Peter
  9. Terrific detail work and attention to the small details that really add up Keep 'em comin Peter
  10. John Some mighty fine Sherlock Holmes detective work, as the subtle difference your are uncovering is amazing. Keep 'em comin Peter
  11. Steve Loadouts look fantastic and will be using this technique on some of my loads for my up coming 32nd scale F4 build Keep 'em comin Peter
  12. Steve Looks absolutely impressive and way to go! Keep 'em comin Peter
  13. 11bee Looking forward to following your Tamiya 32nd Corsair build. Absolutely agree that once you enter the world of Tamiya large scale, you're spoiled for life. I've enjoyed building quite a few of Papa Tamiya’s 32nd scale kits and they are in a class by themselves; So far over the years I've completed the following kits: DH Mosquito F-4U-1 Birdcage Corsair 3 - P-51D Mustangs 2 - Spitfires and of course, F-16 CJ Viper Be very careful, it's a highly contagious disease Peter
  14. John Nothing like taking a shot at a deal - you never know and you still have the Thud. Looking forward to following your upcoming A6 build thread Keep 'em comin Peter
  15. Gianni Just finished catching up and the work is simply amazing. I am having a hard time understanding how you are able to create such exquist detail in 72nd scale - I couldn’t come close in 32nd scale; wait, close is patting myself on the back - I couldn’t come with in miles of your detail work. Thoroughly enjoying your build Keep ‘em comin Peter
  16. I’m in the camp of a few wing angles will be offered but the wings will not be movable, which is fine with me. Peter
  17. Simply amazing work - fit and finish is awesome. Peter
  18. Swashplate Thank you for the very kind comments on my Mossie. I would have to say it was one of the most rewarding and fun builds I have ever done and sits front and center in my display case Peter
  19. Thank you for posting the update and images of your soon to be released F-14D, which I am looking forward to. Peter
  20. Dutch Fully understand. As progress is being made, just post as you have and update and I'm sure I'm not the only member who will enjoy following the link and enjoying your build Peter
  21. Steve Holy Cow, the MK 83's look spectacular Keep 'em comin Peter
  22. Janne Some mighty fine air brush work - cammo and splinter pattern lokks spot on. Keep 'em comin Peter
  23. Dutch Very impressive work and will be following with interest. 1/144th scale is perfect for the Bluff when space is a problem as she is BIG!. Why not post your build photos here on ARC as well? Scrapers also look very interesting and quite useful Keep 'em comin Peter
  24. Dutch Working perfectly and heading back there now Peter
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