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  1. Hi AllI have just started new project with F-15C Tamiya in 1:48 .. I have missing last bit in my inventory.. try to find decals in 1:48 for Lakenheath birds .. I really appreciate for any help with search. Best RegardsArtur
  2. Awesome project and scratched detailing I can't wait more....
  3. Crackerjazz ...great works on this A-7 ...and Solidworks job done same way... I can not wait next steps
  4. Thank you very much guys for informations ...than I will keep then a medium green spots on camo color...and keep tail section as it same... Have good day everybody
  5. Hi Everybody! I would like to ask if anybody know what color need to be use in Memphis Belle paint scheme...especially for irregular spots sprayed along tail and in top of places on a wing...base color is US Olive Drab, tail section is Medium Green... the spots seems to be a lot darker but what color is? in Revell instruction is mysterious "N" color what has no any description...I think is some mistake to forgot about this letter in color list here are spots unfortunately in black and white picture
  6. Goodbye our friend...you always stay in our hearts...
  7. Thanks Nick! this should be absolutely enough...because my planned VF-103 Tomcat is very rare on a pictures with open avionics i take as a scheme open Cats from other squadrons in this time... Have a nice day...
  8. Fantastic detailing Manuel with this big Kitty ...stunning progress ...want more...please more
  9. Hi everybody... I would like to ask about color of interiors with avionic bays in Tomcats...I know already as all segment with Vulcan ,ammunition drum and ladder bays was white inside...what with the avionic bays...it is looks like a yellow color...is it standard yellow zinc chromatic interior color ?? Is it was any scheme which bays what colors and if is only these two were ?? Thanks for any info Regards Artur "Turecki" Pucyk
  10. Outstanding job John ! ...a lot of work done and effect is great...scratching is so easy for you I can not to wait final effect
  11. Thank you very much John...and great thanks Floyd...now I know what will go there...
  12. Hi Everybody As a spectator of all builds on forum this small and interesting helicopter...especially to watching Alexander and his project...get the motivation to carry on with my one...but before I will go to next steps..I would like to make some research... My model..is with this painting scheme...thanks to Fireball Modelworks I have got decals and they will be used in project My first question is about same cockpit...which I should use a equipment...with or without Air Bags System ?? The second question is about electronic access bay...which equipment I should use too with two radi
  13. Filipe...awesome...I thought my 48 project is "small" size...but here is madness...great scratch built..well done
  14. Alexander...Kiowa growing up in phenomenal style...I just try member all your steps...as a try to do maybe a half of this magnificent details at my project...brilliant work!!!
  15. Turecki


    I think this can help..taken in 2006 at ILA Berlin
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