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  1. Kit is New and sealed. Asking $40 plus shipping. Will Trade for Korean War and earlier aircraft and armor.
  2. 1/32 Trumpeter MiG-21 MF Fishbed J Model is New, Open Box, Sealed Plastic Bags Many Aftermarket Detail Accessories Eagle Strike 32034 MiG Fighters Of The World Part 3 HADMODELS Stencil Decals 32020 Verlinden Detail Set #1744 w/ Resin & PE HADMODELS PE32002 Wheel Chocks For Russian Plane Model Technologies MT0078 PE MiG-21 Crew Access Lader Master AM32049 Turned Metal Pilot Tube Montex Mini Mask SM32019 Quickboost 32120 MiG 21MF Resin Sensing Units Quickboost 32123 MiG 21MF Air Scoops Pavla Vacuform Canopy True Details 32403 KM-1 Resin Ejection Seats(2) Eduard JX022 Mask Set
  3. Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-23 MF Flogger B Kit is open, bags still sealed. All included is as new. Also Includes: Aires 2136 Resin Exhaust Nozzle Aires 2143 Resin & PE Canopy Frame Aires 2133 Resin Wheel Bays Zactomodels 1/32 Vympel R-60 AA-8 Resin Aphid Missiles (2 Sets) Zactomodels 1/32 APU-60-2 Resin Launch Rails Zactomodels 1/32 MiG-23 Resin Pylon Set Quickboost 32108 1/32 Resin MiG-23 Air Scoops Eduard 32263 1/32 MiG-23MF Exterior PE Set Master 32046 MiG-23 Turned Metal Pilot Tube Montex 32110 Mini Mask Set Eduard JX111 Mask Set HADMODELS 32035 1/32 Hungarian Data & Stenci
  4. Trumpeter 1/32 Republic F-105G Wild Weasel Kit is open, bags still sealed. All included is as new. Also Includes: Avionix BLC32015 Resin Cockpit Set Avionox BLC 32021 Resin Wheel Well Set GT Resin One Piece Resin Burner Can Exhaust GT Resin ALQ-71 Pod For F-105 GT Resin F-105 Fuselage Correction Set w. Nosecone Ventral Fin and Strike Camera GT Resin F-105F/G Rudder Correction Set w/ Full Vertical Stab. Master 32038 Turned Metal Pilot Tube G-Factory 32001 Cast Metal Landing Gear Zotz Decals ZTZ32/055 - The F-105F/G In Vietnam Asking $225 Shipped in the lower 48. Trade Ideas Ente
  5. Time keeps on slip'n into the future.... Still here, just on a delay....hopefully have the GB banner done by Friday. Need to work on the Patton....hopefully get some progress pics posted by the end of the week.....
  6. M113!!!! We're lonely here on the ground!
  7. I can't believe no one has nominated this gem.....
  8. If have a banner to share for the GB, post it here.
  9. YES!!!! Some might say I am a bit of a fan of the sharkmouth.....bordering on an unhealthy obsession....like socks....I have sharkmouth socks....I do...socks...
  10. It's called a "learning opportunity"....based on what I learned in business school... :D
  11. Something with TEETH....I love it....Would you be willing to part with a third of those????
  12. A little comic relief....for when you glue the part to the cutting mat instead of the model....Rockin' ya from the delta to the DMZ....damn jackknifed water buffalo's...that's a joke? Right?!...Maybe...I get it.....Vietnam Police Action Group Build :P
  13. Ah, come on....that's the blood of its enemies! :P
  14. Good reason to put one together.....Screaming Eagles....
  15. Indeed it does....Was it much trouble getting it to fit?
  16. Welcome Stefan! Marine Corp Intruder....nice choice....Ooh Rah!
  17. I should be able to start on this in the next few days.
  18. Let me first say I'm in no way, shape or form affiliated with Masterpiece Models. Masterpiece Models has a bunch of 1/35 Vietnam river boats and watercraft. They are a bit on the expensive side....BUT NEAT! Just thought I'd share. Masterpiece Models Website 1/35th Scale PCF “Swift Boat” – $179.99 1/35th PACV – $189.99 1/35th PGM 5 Command and communication boat “CCB” – $199.99 1/35th PGM 5 ZIPPO – $199.99 1/35th PGM V Armored Troop Carrier “The Tango” – $199.99 1/35th Program 5 MK 49 Monitor – $199.99 1/35th Assault Surface Patrol Boat “ASPB” – $179.99
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