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  1. 1/32 Aircraft and 1/35 Armor for sale or trade. Shipping at cost from USA ZIP 60014. *********************************************************************************** Trade Wants: Looking for 1/35 Diorama Products, plants, buildings, rubble, bricks, etc..specifically Vietnam jungle plants, but need WWI/WWII Europe stuff too..... 1/35 Vietnam Figure sets. 1/16 Armor and Figures ********************************************************************************** 1/32 AIRCRAFT--------- Revell F-4G w/ GT Resin Cockpit, Exhaust nozzles, Antenna Set and HobbyDecal turned metal pilot tube and AOA sensor --$95-PENDING- Spitfire Mk.IIa (new tool) --$25 Spitfire Mk.I/II (Hasegawa mold) --$15 Fw190 F-8 (new tool) w/ HGW fabric Luftwaffe Belt set --$35 Hawker Hunter FGA.9/Mk.58 w/ Master Models Aluminum Pilot Tube--$30 Battle Axe Fokker E.III w/ Eduard WWI German Seatbelt Set--$35 Special Hobby P-39D w/ SAC Metal Landing Gear, Eduard Interior, Exterior, and Undercarriage PE sets--$70 Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B--$90 Academy F/A-18C Hornet “Chippy Ho!”--$110 Tamiya F-15C Eagle--$85-PENDING- Tamiya F-4E Phantom II Early w/Eduard Formation lights, CAM Pro Decal set, Avionics Resin Cockpit, GT Resin J-79 Long Exhaust Nozzles for Tamiya, Master Model Turned metal Pilot Tube, AOA sensor and Ram Air Inlet, Reheat MB Mk. H7 Ejection Seats, and resin wheels of an unknown origin.--$165 ------------------------------------------------------- 1/35 ARMOR Academy USMC M50A1 Ontos Recoil-less rifle platform--$20-PENDING- Academy Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer "Prague 1945" w/ resin parts and decals from DefModel--$30 Zvezda Sd.kfz. 251/10 w/ 37mm Gun-with Friul metal tracks and Panzer Art Resin sagged front wheels (Gelande Pattern-B-)--$55 Italeri Semovente L40 da 47/32 with Friul metal tracks--$45 Trumpeter M1129 Stryker Mortar Carrier Vehicle MC-B--$30 Meng T-90A with Friul Metal tracks, Eureka XXL Tow cable and Aerial set, and Tera Models Rubber and Photo Etch Side-Skirt Set--$90-PENDING- Dragon Flak 38(t) Ausf. M Late with Fruil Metal Tracks, Eureka XXL Tow cable set, and Eduard wheel mask set--$65 Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog and Panzer II Ausf. F/G--$10 Tamiya Israeli Tiran 5 with Friul metal tracks, Eureka XXL T-55 tow cable set and ABER 35-K23 EXCLUSIVE EDITION TRAN 5 DETAIL SUPER SET W/ TONS OF PE AND METAL BARREL--$150-PENDING-
  2. I would say OK,.....they were there....
  3. Yep. Those are my thoughts also. I wouldn't have a problem with Black Ops or Air America/CIA stuff. But since this is open to ANYTHING in the ENTIRE span of post WWII French Indochina (excellent time to build your French Bearcat ) to the American pull-out, it would have to be a pretty fantastic what-if to get my vote. Seriously, you can build planes, armor, wheeled vehicles, figures, boats, and I believe we even OK'd scale firearms used in the conflict. If you cant find something in that pile.....
  4. Marketing, web stuff, social media......
  5. Seriously though, really cool pics ikar.
  6. Oh man! I have a 1/32 Trumpeter D & G. I'm doing my M48A3 first, and I really want to do my Italeri 1/32 F-104C after that, but after all these pics......THANKS A LOT GUYS! THIS IS NOT HELPFUL!
  7. PAGE 3! Shark Mouth Bump! Maybe some inspiration????
  8. Oooo...! That is some mighty fine, big city lawyering right there! I guess it has to be real to qualify.
  9. AVGBob

    Merkava I

    Love the pose on the base. Very dynamic.
  10. Very cool. What did you use for the aerials?
  11. It is a one man show. I just saw John a few weeks ago at the Great Lakes NIMCON show in Crystal Lake,IL. He had tons of stuff there (he took all my money ;) ). Definitely still in the game.
  12. Alright! Great land based addition to the GB.
  13. Trumpeter's 1/32 Skyraiders come with a toilet. (At least the a-1d has one)
  14. I vote for completed individual link track sets. ( I'm going to need a head start on the Friul's ;) )
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