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  1. Yeah. I know. I should really learn how to read, or at least look at pictures. I missed a bunch of posts. Went back last night and read through the whole thread again. We have a decent mix of subjects. I'm surprised that tosouthern66 is the only brown water navy entry so far with the PBR.
  2. Hey, no problem. Happy to help out. And wow, VF-151 you say? Couldn't see that one coming from a mile away! :P/> The PBR on the otherhand....great choice! I know this is an airplane forum, but I think building an armored vehicle, truck, artillery piece or boat can really help develop and tune your modelling abilities. It gives us different opportunities to try new techniques and procedures that we might not have considered while working on aircraft. Don't get me wrong, I looove airplanes, and I'll probably build one in this GB, but I'm taking the opportunity to do something a little different, and you should consider it too.
  3. Way to plug the group build, Thadeus! Keep up the good work!
  4. Welcome down my terrestrial brother! Thanks for being part of team Terra-firma. We need all the dirtballs we can get!
  5. Wow. That rifle sounds like it was one bad mother. Wouldn't want to get in front of the 40mm though either! I don't mean to knock all the aircraft (if I finish the Patton, I have Italeri's 1/32 F-104C to build so....) I just think the GB provides so much of an opportunity to build a huge variety of land and seagoing craft. Why let it pass us up doing what we always do. Step outside your comfort zone. Try something new! Diversifyyyyyy mmmmmaaannnn....
  6. I didn't see those in the previous pages. My apologies. Must have inadvertently double tapped on the page next button. I'm just glad that I'm not down here all alone. Welcome to the hit, .....with an s.
  7. Yes! That's the ticket! The recoilless rifle looks like it could mess some stuff up, bad..
  8. Really? No one else is going to build something that doesn't fly? This GB has got to be hands down the most broad topic I have seen on ARC and everyone's still keeping their heads in the clouds. How about at least one modeler joins me on the ground (or water) where the real action is!
  9. Whoever got it, If you want to get rid of one or all three I had listed, let me know. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone want to go in on this with me? I was looking at: 1/32 Trumpeter F-105G Wild Weasel THUD Sealed 1/32 Trumpeter F-8J Crusader Sealed 1/32 Trumpeter F-100D Super Sabre
  11. Earl, Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass on the zero.
  12. Ahhh...April first. Gall Dang it!
  13. Thanks Mick. Really appreciate the kind words. Enjoy the Harrier.
  14. FYI, there's a period at the end of the link that messes it up. Ok, that being said, Icefire! That's got to be one of the coolest(no pun intended) Spit's I have seen. Nice find!
  15. I agree with Les to a point. Example: Built a 1/72 Trumpeter F-100D with every aftermarket part I could throw at it. Did it look awesome? Yes. Did I haven fun with the build? Definitely.Was the final product worth the gobs of money I spent on it? Not sure.... I think scale matters. If you need to look at you models with a jewellers loupe to see the extra details, I'm not sure it is really worth it. The F-100D in the display case doesn't look too much different than the oob builds of Trumpeter's other variants of the 1/72 Hun sitting next to it. I have now moved to 1/32 exclusively and I find that the exta effort and expense of am parts are definitely worth it in a larger scale. I can certainly tell the difference between my 1/32 super detailed and oob builds in the dispay.
  16. Looking to pick up a Trumpeter 1/32 F-105G or D. Message me if you have one you want to get rid of. Thanks.Found
  17. Yea, I kinda agree about Cybermodeler. It seams every kit review gets a "Highly Recommended" and then I come here or to LSP and it's a different story completely. Like the reviewer at Cybermodeler forgot the "NOT" before"Highly Recommended". The reviews go: the kit has fit/finish/accuracy issues, but it's still a must buy. Come on.
  18. I just ordered mine from Sprue Bros. They had an additional 10% off for any kits bought over the weekend. I would have posted something about it,but I got my order in just at the last minute. Can't wait to get it after reading the review on LSP.
  19. Yep. Same plane. And you're right about the Stuka. Supposedly it is one of the most original stukas in existence. The spitfire is also pretty much unmolested. Don't forget about Craig Breedlove's Spirit of America land speed record holder jet car. It's almost an airplane. Powered by a GE J47 from an f-86. This was the first car to break 500 mph at Bonneville. MSI is second only to the Smithsonian in my opinion.
  20. See, that's ok because it's referenced. I think it should look like the original plane. If your references show a dirt caked mess, then by all means, make it that way.
  21. Sorry, to be more specific, if you've seen it, how does it look? I heard it supposed to be really nice. Any truth to the rumors I've been hearing?
  22. Yep. Like sardines. The tour guide said it could house upwards of 59 men. I think there were 23 beds. They called it hot bunking. When you woke up, someone was right there to take your smelly,sweaty,dirty,hot, and possibly mite infested cot. And there was two heads. One fore and one aft. Only problem with that was that for the first half of the sea tour, it was packed full of food and other important provisions. One crapper for over 50 guys. Wow. I can tell you, with or tour group of about 20 there wasnt much room to just move around. I can't imagine having to work or perform any tasks in those conditions. Oh, the guide also informed us that the average temperature in the control room, which was the coolest area in the sub, was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. And in the engine room temps would be 20 to 30 degrees hotter. Yikes!
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