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  1. The Kinetic kit includes features the Hasegawa kit doesn't, like engine intakes, refuelling probe and the option to model the wings folded. Those features, plus the way the nose and windscreen connect, caused some headaches for me. There are solutions out there for making those steps easier, I just didn't find them before I built mine. Otherwise I would say the construction of the two is pretty similar. Both build into nice finished models. If I build another Hornet it will be Kinetic though.
  2. While it's true the rural and remote parts of Canada (a huge part of the land) do have challenges getting infrastructure because of the high costs building infrastructure of any kind to those regions, the vast majority of the population - 80% according to the most recent Statistics Canada info - live in urban areas. Even of that remaining 20% I would guess only a small percentage are not near a larger urban centre where connection to high speed internet is possible, though perhaps expensive The internet situation is not a mess nor rotten ... perhaps more expensive compared to other cou
  3. Second this.... ordered a kit from him Feb. 5 and it arrived Feb. 11. Super!
  4. Mis-read the request.. I have some USAF F-15 decals I don't need, but not JASDF. Sorry,
  5. Consolidating my stash .... Everything is 1/48. Prices listed do not include shipping form Canada. Willing to ship anywhere at buyer's cost. Not looking for trades at this time. Due to Covid restrictions I might only be able to get to the post office once a week - but I will ensure clear communication on what happens. Please PM me for questions or other info. Many thanks. Kits: 1. Kinetic F-16E Desert Falcon Block 60. (with conformal tanks) Markings for a UAE jet. All parts in original bags. $35USD 2. Eduard Spitfire Mk.iXc (late
  6. I have finished a HB Hornet previously and yes when it's done it looks good. It's just a lot more work than the other brands to get it there.
  7. I’m nearing the end of a Hobby Boss F-18 a that I used some extras on to make a CF-18a, even with folded wings. For the trouble I’ve had trying to make it look good and add the extras I wish I was working on a Kinetic model. Too much fiddling and sanding and putty for my tastes with the HB kit. I’ve built Hornets from all three and I think Kinetic gives the best options and more details with slightly trickier build process than the Hasegawa version.
  8. Wheels and Wings in Toronto https://www.wheelswingshobbies.com/ not sure if they have what you’re looking for exactly - their aftermarket section in the shop is full to being overwhelming to search through. So is the kit selection for that matter. good luck.
  9. I have a partial sheet. Did one jet (su-34 red-26). If you want the remainder let me know.
  10. I’ve got a nearly complete set. Made one jet and I think you could do maybe 3 more. PM me if you’re interested
  11. X-1 is my go to for Alclad NMF. Works very nice. Not sure about other NMF brands.
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