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  1. X-1 is my go to for Alclad NMF. Works very nice. Not sure about other NMF brands.
  2. Just be sure to keep the parts for each kit organized and in order. It can be easy lose them or to mix them up..... ask me how I know 🤨
  3. I've used AK Real Colors on 3 or 4 models now. On all of them I used Tamiya primer (grey or white) and had no experiences with peeling paint after pulling up any masking, which has varied between Tamiya masking tape, Tamiya, flexible tape, and general Home Depot masking tape. Sounds like no primer is the issue. K
  4. I also have remains of a set - I did "Darkness Falls" but have the decals for the others. Let me know if you would like them. K
  5. Sorry guys. Not trying to jump the line or anything. Saw it not crossed off as sold and just thought I’d ask. Thought maybe a previous sale fell through. I’ll step to the back of the line 🙂
  6. Is the Chinook available? I thought it was sold already but it's not crossed off.... If yes, I'm interested. Thanks.
  7. They're very good.. I've done 3 or 4 JASDF planes using them and they go on well. Only downside is sometimes the instructions are printed very small so are difficult to read and properly identify where to place the decals. And if you do a Japanese jet, be prepared for lots and lots of tiny stencils!
  8. Looks good. I built 2 Kinetic kits and came away with the same preference for the Hasegawa. Does the Has kit come with the Canadian landing gear? Last one I did I used extra parts from the Kinetic kit to modify the main gear.
  9. Here's what I got left over. I did one jet - 84-027, and don't plan to do another. So if you're interested let me know and we can figure out how to get the decals to you. K
  10. I’m pretty sure i have at least half a set left. I did a Bitburg Eagle a couple years ago and I think the sheet has enough decals for at least one more. Its a a long weekend here in Canada and I’m not going to be able to look until Monday. If you don’t mind waiting til then I can check for you.
  11. Faceboook SU-34 Support https://www.facebook.com/groups/284617025599276/?ref=bookmarks
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