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  1. And how many good 1/48 F4Us are on the market? Tamiya and....
  2. I'm very lucky to have a world class hobby shop less than 10 minutes away from me in this small town. He lets the club use his back room for meetings and gives club members a 15% discount. I go there and BS with fellow modelers, look at 100s or more boxes of kits, some aftermarket, decals, paint, tools etc... His prices are close to online but paying just a tiny bit more is well worth the price to keep the doors open. The late, great Dan Jayne was a member of our club and I got to see much of his work in person, not just on the cover of Fine Scale Modeller. Our club president, JR Buggren, has
  3. WAAAAY back in the early 70s, when I was a teenager, I followed the advice of Fine Scale Modeler and did the old Monogram 1/72 P-36 using "Rub-N-Buff" over a black base. I remember that I liked it, but jeez, that was 40+ years ago. How would it stand up today? Does anyone still use that stuff?
  4. Lighten up guys. This guy gets back into the bobby and builds a good looking model and the rivet counters tear him up. Do you think he will post here ever again? I hope he does come back and posts a F7F-2N in the markings of a VNAF bird. Or a pink, purple and orange F-14. Has no one here done a "What-if"? He is enthusiastic and brings a breath of fresh air. He is not some joyless modeling Nazi saying there is only one way to do something. He has fun and builds something that looks good on his shelf. Do we really want to chase new guys away? We need to be more welcoming to those who do not sha
  5. I haven't finished a model in YEARS so I'm probably not in, but how about WWII USN subject with a P, S or O in their designator? Patrol, Scout, Observation. Such as the PBY, SBD, OS2U. And no one has mentioned the old biplanes where the GIB wielded a cumbersome box camera out in the slipstream to take pictures of trenches or whatever. The L-4 used for artillery spotting. And this is what my dad was a flight engineer on during the Cuban missle crisis.
  6. Nobody has mentioned the 1/48 from Hobby Boss. Is it that bad?
  7. THIS is where I found it. I will ask him. He says he has more photos. Perhaps you could register and PM him. Other peoples posts HERE. Mostly junk or previously seen but the occasional gem will show up. Edit. Here is his reply: That has proven difficult to pinpoint. I know he was in the 92nd Airdrome Squadron. It's been hard to figure out what Bombardment Group, though. Someone posited they they were attached to a headquarters unit, as they did take care of General Crabbe's bird. But that's all I know...
  8. https://imgur.com/a/iHdfY#j0AqBrO. Some nice nose art but not enough info to model one shown.
  9. Nothing exiting. They hit a swell during takeoff.
  10. Cool, your first link shows a plane from VW-11. His previous assignment. Argentia, Newfoundland. I'm sure he manned this plane. Your second link is not working. Bonus picture: Another crash he was in.
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