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  1. MarcDuhon

    USMC Study on Females in the infantry

    THere have been studies that have shown women do better in close quarter environments than men... IE submarines specifically. The sexes are just very different. Women can do some things far better than men and vice versa... You cant deny that men and woemn are just wired differently... Isreal have used women in infantry and special forces for a long time with good results... But I think the US military takes a misogynistic approach.
  2. MarcDuhon

    New Fightertown Adversary Collection

    It would be nice if the fightertown website worked
  3. Hello .. DO you still have the SU-22 group of stuff.... or the Su-15

  4. MarcDuhon

    Buying metal landing gears.

    I find that I have had better results when I strengthened the plastic gear using a metal rod. I usually use plastic in kits that have both metal and plastic... mainly because they are better for painting and finishing.... but there are always exceptions... every now and again, the metal gear looks better... Like mentioned about the GWH F-15... those SAC gear are really nice. I just find plastic is much more forgiving and easier when it comes to glue... I rather use cememt on plastic than glueing CA metal to styrene...... as far as other AM..... I hate pre printed cockpits on anything lrger than 1/72..... but I usually spring for jet nozzles in resin
  5. MarcDuhon

    will there ever be new versions or corrected KH MiG 25

    I wish KH would slow down on their releases and take a little more time getting their projects completed and checked before release..... Accuracy is one thing.... but when the kit you release doesnt even fit together thats just sloppy shotty work..... In this day and age with the technology these companies have at their disposal their is no excuse for the horrific fit issues. They spend all that effort retooling something as boring as an F-35, but they cant even fix the atrocious problems with the Mig-25. I al starting to lose my interest in KH..... Too many kits have been junk.... The plastic they use is not very easy to work either.... PS the Eduard cockpit for the MIg-25 is also a joke..... LOL....
  6. MarcDuhon

    Mig 21 engine AB colors?

    irds hav The green paint used on the Radiotransparent panels varies. Czec birds have an almost Kelly green. Soviet AC have this faded dark green. Akan has the best match for this IMO. This is not the same shade as the wheel color, and also a different shade than the heat resistant paint used in the engine.. just look as resources.. Noone makes a perfect color for the engines.... I usually mix custom. I use Japanese Imperial Green with a bit of white for the Rims on the wheels.
  7. MarcDuhon

    M.E.K. or Methylene Chloride

    DOnt get either of them on your skin.... they absorb super fast into the bloodstream.... Both are really bad for you... but frim what Ive read Methylene Chloride is alot more toxic and a stronger carcinogen.... Keep these away from youngsters as they can cause a plethora of developmental problems
  8. MarcDuhon

    Model Master Light Gull Gray is too brown?

    Yeah pictures are horrible for matching paint.... especially older pics... then you also have to consider something as variable as monitor calibration..
  9. MarcDuhon

    Model Master Light Gull Gray is too brown?

    Yeah pictures are horrible for matching paint.... especially older pics... then you also have to consider something as variable as monitor calibration..
  10. MarcDuhon

    Thoughts on low fuel prices

    Im in the Oil and Gas Industry... and Living in South Louisiana where much of our Economy is Petrochemical based and our city, Lafayette is a Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Hub.... low gas prices are a sign of rough times ahead. Our state loses millions for every penny the price drops... and it has already hurt my take home pay.... SO I dont mind paying 4.90 a gallon, because it keeps food on the table...
  11. MarcDuhon

    will there ever be new versions or corrected KH MiG 25

    It was a very poorly executed release.... I comment Kittyhawk for releasing interesting subjects... however I think they need to slow things down.... and spend more time refining their releases .... Innacuracy is one thing.... but a poorly engineered kit that is unbuildable without modification is non forgivable... just plain bad engineering... and those wingtips... what was that all about LOL
  12. MarcDuhon

    Eduard PE

    Around 2005 Eduard used to make their color PE with some sort of silk screen method... this old stuff was great.... and crisp... the latter stuff is all fuzzy looking and hjas this rough finish... the colors are never right... I do like the way they did the Mig 21 PM cockpit though.... with just a bare metal IP.... and decals beneath... finally they are on to something
  13. MarcDuhon

    Trumpeter F-106 Quick Review

    Its amazing how people get so worked up by this hobby..... I personally like trumpeter.... While they do make some doozies here and there.... They are the only game in town as far as 1/32 scale is concerned on several diff kits..... Since I built mainly large scale planes... I have learned that part of the fun is researching and improving on wat are generally very solid kits... that go together well. I cant stand kits that's parts dont even fit together.. they use good styrene....and have strong parts.... Tamiya is marginally better on the large scale.... But I can work a trumpy kit up..... Yes kits like GWH have shown how nice kits can be made... but I heard just as much complaining about errors from the usual complainers.... Most of us are doing this for enjoyment.... The majority of people buying these kits arent superdetailers, competitors... etc... they are catering to the majority of their clientele.... to exhaustively research these projects would probably be a poor business decision..... there is a reason why companies like trumpeter are HUGE.... and the ones that overly detail projects arent... its a feasability issue.... Im sure if they spent alot of resources researching and getting a kit right the same people would complian about the kit cost.... LOL
  14. MarcDuhon

    Su-27 auxillary air intakes

    oN THE sU-27, The lower louvers only open when the aircraft is in an extreme AOA maneuver ... THe airflow is actually what forces them open.. A the AOA returns back to normal..... the louvers close ..... THese louvers have nothing to do with FOD protection like with the Mig 29..... The Su-27 could not perform pugachevs cobra without these lover louvers of airflow would stall the engine....
  15. MarcDuhon

    New MiG-29 A cockpit in the works

    I guess I can chunck tha CAM tub in the trash now LOL this new one looks gorgeous..... Im just waiting on you to finish my Mig 29A and Zactoman upgrade