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  1. HI, I want to announce that we are discontinuing this set for the 1/32 scale Trumpeter F-105 G kit. There are only two of them left at Sprue Brothers. Many here have contacted me about these so I want to get the word out. thx, Gary
  2. We will have the ALQ-101 series pods out this summer in 1/48 as we have in 1/32. FYI, none of the F-4C WW used the 101 pod. IN Vietnam they carried the 87's and later no pod at all. According to the WW crew I have interviewed from Linebacker, the pods were only carried under orders, but never used. The crews would have much rather carried an additional Sparrow in the slot. Apparently, unless you had 4+ aircraft each carrying a pod to blind an large area of airspace, they functioned like a homing beacon in singles or pairs the WW's flew, beacons for the SAMS rather than provide any sort of ECM protection for the WW. SO the answer is no to the set, but yes as a later item for post war builds.
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry to be behind on the info but we have been just super busy with orders for SB. Being in small shop has taxed us and we are finally getting caught up and making parts fo new product kits. In tow weeks we move form a 800sq ft shop to a 2000 sq ft shop with an office space. More room to work and get things done !!!! The F-4C WW kit parts are being made for the ZM and Academy kits and will be introduced at Phoenix. I plan on bringing a small number of set to the show, as SB will have them after the NATS. The Academy Wik will feature a completely new under forward fuselage complete with the strike camera. The Zoukei-Mura set will contain a separate Camera insert replacing the left side of the forward fuselage bottom. Both sets will have all of the Weasel Antennas, WSO instrument panel, two LAU-34 missile rails, two AGM-45 Shrike Missiles, ALQ-87 ECM pod, and Sparrow Bay Mount. Sorry it took so long but I want it to be a right as possible and some of the parts, like the Academy fuselage section, were real challenges to not only cast, but repeatedly cast at a high quality. We will be in the new shop the week in June, and I will try to get some pictures up at that time. Price of the set is being targeted around $30. Thanks all for your patience!! VTR, Gary
  4. ghatherly


    these will be added to SB at sometime this summer.
  5. HI, Just a note to say that all 1/48 scale F-4 items are in stock and the following 1/32 items: Restocked: GTR32034 1/32 AGM-45 Missile set w/ LAUA-34 Launcher USAF GTR32035 1/32 AGM-45 Missile set w/ LAU-118 Launcher USN GTR320381/32ALQ-71 F-4 short pod, GTR 32025 F-15SG Conversion set New Items for SB: GTR32014 1/32 F-15C/E/J Antenna/Vent Set GTR32015 1/32 F-15C/E/J LAU-127/LAU552 Missile Rail/Adaptor set of 4 Thx
  6. ghatherly

    Quality control issue with Modelcollect B-2

    I have one from SB and mine is fine. Gary
  7. ghatherly

    F-105B decals?

    What is needed is Decals for the B in 1/32 scale, so maybe a 1/32-1/48 combo sheet with some ANG birds.
  8. 32049 1/32 A-6 Intruder intakes for Trumpeter. - NEW ITEM 32033 1/32 AGM-45 Shrike Missile Set for F-105 THUD. - RESTOCK 32056 1/32 F-4E/G Belly Strap Revell or Tamiya. - RESTOCK 32049. Our new intakes for the 1/32 Trumpeter A-6 kits are finally ready for full release. We held up to make sure the interior details are correct with the intake trunk clearly shown as in the real aircraft. Others have smoothed out their part making it smooth, while looking nice is not how the real ones are. As an added club, the GT Resin A-6 intake is at a lower price and than competing models......Better product and lower price.......what more can an Intruder builder ask for! 32033 - AGM-45 shrike missile set with no launchers such as used on the F-105's with decals and instructions. New molding has the rear fins molded to the missile body for ease of build and the main fins are new printed items. We reworked the CAD files so we are consistent with this 1/32 scale offering and the 1/48 scale version in the upcoming 1/48 F-4C WW conversion set. Thanks for all of the suggestions and support!
  9. 32055. 1/32 F-4G Nose Correction/ Complete Antenna Set for Revell 32056. 1/32 F-4 E/G Belly straps 32025. 1/32 F-15SG CONVERSION SET FOR TAMIYA F-15E /BUNKER BUSTER KIT 48002. 1/48 F-4 Intakes for ZM 32049. 1/32. A-6 Intruder Intake Sets IN stock or on the way to SB. The F-15SG will have decals available in the next few months. The initial batch of SG conversion sets are almost sold out after only a few days. 32001 1/32 f-4 Intakes for USN Tamiya and 32004 1/32 F-4/RF-4 intakes for Revell are being made this week. thx
  10. ghatherly

    Another product suggestion or two

    Hypersonic makes canopy frames for the Hasegawa and the Academy kits. Very nice!
  11. HI all, The patterns are done and we are making the production molds this month. Look for the first kits will be released at the 2018 IPMS NATS for both ZM and Academy along with a Pave Knike for the ZM F-4D and the engines for the Hobby Boss A-10. Sorry for the delay but we are just that busy with current products in our line. thx for all of the support, Gary
  12. ghatherly

    Another product suggestion or two

    Hey Ben, All of that stuff will come in various versions form ZM. As for the side wall details, you cannot see what it there to begin with. The only thing to add in my opinion is the Canopy locking details and that is to fine to make in resin. We need a PE supplier to make those for us. I hav thought of a new top part to replace the kit part, but in 1/48 it is a way away. High now I ma making 100 sets of intakes and exhausts a week and cannot keep up with sales......a great problem to have for sure. Many thanks to all of you guys. Are you going to the Phantom Phurball on April 7th in Aniston, AL?? if so I will bring your short exhausts to you.
  13. soon, very soon!!
  14. Restock on 1/32 ALQ-184 PODS & 1/32 F-4E/G Belly straps. New items 32007 - 1/32 F-4 E/F?G J-79 exhaust for Revell and 48005, short exhaust nozzles for ZM
  15. Hi, the intakes fit all of the Academy kits and the Eduard kits regardless of the F-4 mark. The intake sets come with both USAF & USN intakes fans.