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  1. Sprue Brothers Stocking update

    HI Arek, Sometime later this month. Making them now. Thanks for asking. Gary
  2. HI, Just a note to say that 1/48 scale F-4 Intake sets 48002 and exhaust Nozzles 48001 are back in stock and available. I also sent SB the 1/32 HTS 213 pod sets, Academy PW exhaust sets, and Tamiya f-16CJ NSI/PW conversion sets. They should be listed shortly. Thx http://store.spruebrothers.com/category_s/2703.htm
  3. AN/AXQ-14 Data Link Pod

    I will add it to the list, great suggestion. Merry Christmas!
  4. AN/AXQ-14 Data Link Pod

    We made some two years ago. I am make more if there is enough interest.
  5. Welcome!!!

    Hi Corey, Great question, and a this time I don't have plans to do one but I am not apposed to doing one either. I will add this to the possible future item list. thanks for the suggestion and Merry Christmas, Gary
  6. McDonnell F-4C Phantom II, USAF (1/48, Eduard)

    Very,Very nice!!!!!!!!
  7. 32nd F-4J/S exhaust cans

    Hi Fred, The short answer is yes, ours are the correct scale size in the long and the short can for the Tamiya kits. For Revell the fuselage hole is smaller, so our exhaust is made to fit those kits. Look for Sprue Brothers to have the Exhausts in stock early in the new year. Here are some pics. of the long Nozzle. The gray nozzle is our Tamiya replacement, and the cream is stock diameter, so you can see the diff. Here is the Short nozzle from two completed builds: Thanks for asking, hope this helps.
  8. Welcome!!!

    Thanks for the welcome Steve. For those interested in our products visit our web site : www.gtresinproducts.com. We are going through many changes as we grow. Up until recently we were exclusive to the 1/32 scale community and sold product through direct sales. We are now bringing our line to the 1/48 scale community. Our line serves the A-10, F-4, F-15, F-16, F-105, and A-6 kits from the various manufacturers. Another huge change is we have discontinued direct sale to focus on product. We are so pleased to have Sprue Brothers...the best in the business....carry the line offering you ease in ordering, lower shipping/handling charges, and in many cases lower prices. We area small shop so it will take a few months the 1/32 line and new 1/48 line will be added at SB. Please be patient with us and stay tuned to our new forum here for info on new items and conversation about what you would like to see from us down the road. Some examples of the new 1/48 scale line are F-4 intakes for ZM, Academy/Eduard, and Hasegawa, detailed long and short exhaust nozzles, just to get started. Planned for next year is an F-4C Wild Weasel conversion set for ZM and Academy in partnership with Speed Hunter Decals. A-10 Engine set for Hobby Boss kit ALQ-101 family of ECM Pods F-105 exhaust for Hobby Boss F-4B conversion set for ZM To convert the F-4J kit to any version B/N Canopy frame detail sets for ZM & Academy ZM missing parts for the F-4S & F-4C.....Little items to add more detail to your build A-6 HB and A-6/EA-6B Kinetic intakes Just to name a Few. Please fire away with any questions and we look forward to serving your modeling needs Merry Christmas!
  9. F-15E Strike Eagle "Tiger Lead" Revell 1/48

    just gorgeous!!
  10. Tamiya F-14A 1/48

    A very, vert nice job in my favorite colors!
  11. Zouki Mura 1/48 F-4J Phantom VF-84

    I was not happy with the pictures for this post, so I adding a few more to test out the Photobucket fix. Thanks for looking!
  12. 1/32 A-6 Intake Set for Trumpeter by GT Resin

    To order just PM me or email wiht your pay pal email address and country of delivery and I will invoice you for the items. Thx
  13. 1/32 A-6 Intake Set for Trumpeter by GT Resin

    Look under “New Items”, it is the first one shown.
  14. invoice sent for FR-15E and F/A-18D thx
  15. There I is sold, and the e has your name on it. the rest is for sale. Please email me you pay pal email address and any other items you want.