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  1. Another product suggestion or two

    Hypersonic makes canopy frames for the Hasegawa and the Academy kits. Very nice!
  2. HI all, The patterns are done and we are making the production molds this month. Look for the first kits will be released at the 2018 IPMS NATS for both ZM and Academy along with a Pave Knike for the ZM F-4D and the engines for the Hobby Boss A-10. Sorry for the delay but we are just that busy with current products in our line. thx for all of the support, Gary
  3. Another product suggestion or two

    Hey Ben, All of that stuff will come in various versions form ZM. As for the side wall details, you cannot see what it there to begin with. The only thing to add in my opinion is the Canopy locking details and that is to fine to make in resin. We need a PE supplier to make those for us. I hav thought of a new top part to replace the kit part, but in 1/48 it is a way away. High now I ma making 100 sets of intakes and exhausts a week and cannot keep up with sales......a great problem to have for sure. Many thanks to all of you guys. Are you going to the Phantom Phurball on April 7th in Aniston, AL?? if so I will bring your short exhausts to you.
  4. 1/48 F-4C WW conversion set update!

    soon, very soon!!
  5. Sprue Brothers Stocking update. 2-27-18

    Restock on 1/32 ALQ-184 PODS & 1/32 F-4E/G Belly straps. New items 32007 - 1/32 F-4 E/F?G J-79 exhaust for Revell and 48005, short exhaust nozzles for ZM
  6. Sprue Brothers Stocking update. 2-27-18

    Hi, the intakes fit all of the Academy kits and the Eduard kits regardless of the F-4 mark. The intake sets come with both USAF & USN intakes fans.
  7. Sprue Brothers Stocking update. 2-27-18

    32054. 1/32 F-4E/F nose correction /cannon for Revell 32055. 1/32. F-4G corrected nose and Antenna set for Revell 32056. 1/32 F-4 Belly Strap for slat wing E's and all G's - Fits Revell and Tamiya Shipped last week, should be on SB'd site today.
  8. 1/48 F-4C WW conversion set update!

    Great news Jake. Looking for release the end of the month of both the Academy and ZM versions. Taken a little longer than I expected but I am sure everyone will like the set. Thanks again Jake for stepping up and helping with this project!
  9. JAXCON 2018

    GT Resin will be at JAXCON February 10th. We will have all of our new 1/48 and 1/32 items and many of the old existing line items for sale. In addition I am bringing many of my extra stash kits to sell at discounted prices. Come by and say hello.
  10. 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 intakes and exhausts

    I really do appreciate al of the comments and participation. We take it all seriously when considering new items. One question I have is what is out there for ADF decals in 1/48? Is there any one making. a cockpit that represents the ADF config? It may be something to look at but not any time soon. Look for the intakes and exhausts in the next six month window, or just after the IPMS. NATS. I am not going this year so we will be introducing new products through the forums to buy afterwards.
  11. Sprue Brothers Stocking update. 2-27-18

    Hi Andy, We still make the Slat wing set and the exhausts, I just have not had time to make an order for SB. Both will happen in the next month. Look for the Exhaust set soon. The cockpits are no longer being made.......My price is to high compared to others and I was loosing money at that. Sorry. The F-4E slat wing set will come with TISEO, UHF mount/Antenna, ARN-101 antenna and cockpit side panel.
  12. 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 intakes and exhausts

    OK, I will add the F-2 to the list. Hasegawa'a will be a full intake if possible. AS for the ADF, Why not do this, Courtesy of Mike @ Cyber modeler: Swapping parts between the Kinetic F-16AM and F-16DG/DJ Block 40/50, you have many more possibilities: F-16A Block 15 (US and European variants) F-16A ADF F-16AM Block 15 (MLU) F-16A Block 20 F-16B Block 15 (US and European variants) F-16BM Block 15 (MLU) F-16B Block 20 F-16C Block 25/30/32 F-16C Block 40/42 F-16C Block 40/42 CCIP F-16C Block 50/52 F-16C Block 50/52 CCIP (including some export variants) F-16D Block 25/30/32 F-16D Block 40/42 F-16D Block 40/42 CCIP F-16D Block 50/52 F-16D Block 50/52 CCIP (including YEs you are buying two kits, but like building another F-16 is a real problem....right!!!
  13. Hi everyone, Thanks for the posts. Look for the intakes this Spring for the 3 brands of F-16 and the F-2. Will post more info as we get closer. Hasegawa will be a full intake and a fan if possible, waiting on the kits to start work.
  14. 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 intakes and exhausts

    How many of you all would like F-2 Intakes and exhaust?
  15. 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 intakes and exhausts

    Thanks for all of the input everyone. I will give it a go for intakes in both sizes. We already planned to do exhausts.